61.53% Vampire Hunters / Chapter 8: S2 E3: The Mystery

Chapter 8: S2 E3: The Mystery

Redwood Highschool, 2009

Vampire Investigation Agency is searching Vampire's in the abandoned school due of the crisis it's happened two years ago.

Name: Erik Gunther

Power: Strength

Age: 29

Current Occupation: Detective

Nickname: Officer Gunther

While the others are searching in the first floor, Erik is searching in the second floor. He kicks a rotten door hoping to break it but no. Something is blocking the door. He tries to shoot it instead and the door is finally opened. He finds a innocent human trying to hide from the Vampire. The Innocent's last word is promising...

"L-look at be-behind y-y-you."

Detective Erik looks behind and sees a Vampire rushing on Erik. So he shoots his final bullet.



Name: John Cooper

Power: Professional Marksman

Age: ???

Current Occupation: Detective

Nickname: Detective John

John goes to convince Erik to let it go. Erik is sad about the Innocent's death. He checks on his wallet and he finally knows his name, "Phineas Von Osan". Erik knows him as a team mate years ago.


Palm City, 1990

"Erik, go check on that door. It seems strange."

"Well, okay but don't play abysmal joke on me. You know this is an important mission."

"Why am I going to be hypocritical to my best friend?"

Erik goes to the door and see a lot of blood in the bed sheets. As he goes to check, a note was pinned in the wall and said "you're too late". The victim is right because he / she is already death by the Vampires. Erik goes to check on the bedroom and smells something horrible. When he opens the door, he sees the victim's body all mangled over the room. They are disappointed for themselves. They should've save him / her immediately.

"I'm sorry. We're too late."

"Erik, I hear footsteps."

John checks on the hallway and finds a Vampire sprinting on John and takes him away in an abandoned city. While he shouts and the Vampire, the agency came and found no more people in the house.

Present Day, New York

"Alex, someone is waiting for you outside. It's Professor Fenn from Maxima Industry."

"I've been waiting for him all along! Tell him to come here."

Professor Fenn finally appears on Alex's Office.

"Mr. Kirby, your actions have to stop!"

"What are you talking about, Fenny?"

"Your "Vampire" protection costs us more than my agent's revenue. I need you to stop this madness. There are no Vampire at America."

"What are you talking about? I heard there was a guy recorded a Vampire flying in the street."

"That was a fraud video, Mr. Kirby. Do not be this gullible. All of this bunkers, paid armies, high-tech weapons are useless."

"Fine, but don't expect me to think that there are no Vampire in this world."

"I won't, sir. There are no Vampires at America but I think some of them live in different territories."

Back in Redwood City...

Erik was driving his way towards to his home. He drives while sees a man trying to rob the old man's money. Erik stops the car and trying to prevent the man that's trying to rob the old man's money. The man isn't scared of Erik until he grabs his gun and shoots in the air. The man runs away from Detective Erik. The old man thanked Detective Erik of his bravery and humility. He goes back to his car and returns to his home where no one is there. There is a tape for Erik to play in the TV. His wife and daughter are kidnapped in an abandoned mansion full of traps and Vampire.

"Hello, Erik. I am so impressed of your heroic action. I'm here to talk about John Cooper. Yes, your best friend that always trust you. I am confused why he did that to you. The truth is John and I had a deal 19 years ago. If he could kill you in time, he'll be free from our hunger. He survived us after failing trying to kill you. Did you remember the time after the day of John is missing? He was there as an assassin trying to kill you with a sniper. You remember that, don't you? Let's make a deal. Try to find our location, fight me in one hand and your wife and daughter will be set free. Let's see if you and John are different."

Meanwhile at "Survivor Hideaway"...

Kristen is sleeping but interrupted when the girls are doing "duel". She didn't know that some of them are Vampires. She starts to open the door and trying to convince Sasha to stop this nonsense not but they won't stop so yeah. Kristen will have a hard time sleeping. She saw Camila holding a bloody butcher knife. Kristen is a knife obsession. Everytime she holds any knife, she starts using it dangerously. Camila fades away and the only thing that's left is the knife. She holds it and her eye turns bloody red. She was looking for people to kill but when she gets one and trying to slash the people, she wakes up and jumped from the bed. It was just a silly dream.

Kate comes to her room and greet herself. She was a really nice girl. She sits in the bed and tell Kristen about her.

"Actually, I was a Vampire Hunter. I had a lot of good friends. They are sweet and kind. I bet you are too!"

"Thanks, I'm a loner and so I don't do a lot of conversation with other people."

"It's okay. Everytime i meet new people, I'm a little bit shy but I don't think I won't be shy to greet you."

"Have you ever lost someone you've ever loved?"

"I'm an orphan. I have no family."

"That's not true. You have us! Come on, let's go outside."

Kate and Kristen goes outside and finally, Kristen talks to someone she haven't met before. She rarely do that to people each year. She's a little bit happy for Kate and her final word for all of them is...

"I'm hungry."

"Oops. I'm sorry! I forgot! Let's grab you some of those cinnamon buns."

Back in Himalaya...

Gwen tries to aim her hand on the river. She focus really hard until she finally moves the water as it makes a large wave. She did a great job until suddenly the wave are hitting Gwen's body. She was really wet.

"My child, I assume you need to take a shower before our secondary training begins."

"Okay, Master. I already want to do it before Master's suggestion."

Gwen goes to shower in the "Pool of Wisdom". She is relieved of it's warm water. She even swims in the Pool. When she swims, she tries to control the water again while showering in the Pool. She finally moves the water again to make a big wave. When she closes her hand, the water stopped moving and splashes all over the Pool.

Gwen finished showering and she's ready for her next training. Her period is earth power. She starts stomping her feet in the floor and sands are starting to levitate. She also moves a big rock and throw it in the wall. After that her last step is to move a lot of big rocks and sands and aim it at the sea. She finally throws it and it suddenly turns into a sandstorm. The sandstorm is gigantic and really dangerous. When she starts closing her hands again, the big rocks and sands is falling in the sea. She had a really incredible power. She can control all of the element without limits but she's not ready.

Meanwhile at Erik's House...

"Hello, Erik. This is the FBI."

"Hello, Jonathan. I need your help right now. You need to assist me to help my wife and daughter. they are in a serious trouble. If I don't make it in time, they will die. You are the only person I can trust. Please, help me."

"Oh, Erik. How could I say no to you? You are also my best friend, dude. Let's go save your family, dude."

"Thanks, Jonathan. I really appreciate your help. I don't know what to do without you."

Erik grabs the photo of his family.

"Martha, Erica, I'll be there. I won't let you down."

To be continued...

By Kris Penn

Based on ZacAttackk's Vampire Hunters

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