95.58% The Saga of A Mage Family / Chapter 65: ALERTNESS (2)

Chapter 65: ALERTNESS (2)

Few minutes later,

Jack brought out something with him. There were three broken spears with an average long about three-quarter adult's height.

" Commander, I believe it will greatly a help to your gunner team. This is a tripod, lets you shot the target accurately. Look, I'll show you to use it." Jack put a musket gun on top point of the tripod.

" You should put your musket on a tripod like this. If you use this method, the tripod will able to prevent the tip of the gun movement and provide stability. This stability is especially necessary in shooting the target."

" You really know how to use a musket, Jack. " Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

" Well, I used to be a fan of shooting game."

" What ?"

" Nevermind, forget it commander. Now, let's talk about gunners basic's strategy. to hail the enemies with the non-stop bullets rain. The question is, how do we achieve that ?"

" It will be impossible, Jack. I know that musket can not shoot no stop. It will take a few seconds the prepare another round."

" That's it ! Let's divide your gunner troops into four shift. They will shoot according your command. When you said one, only the first group will shoot, the others group were reloading, and the next group are seeking new target and aim. When you said two, only the second group will shoot, the others group were reloading, and the third group are seeking new target and aim. And so on. So this method will provide the bullet storm into our enemies."

Sahya eyes flashed full with excitement. "That's a great strategy, Jack. This method will indirectly compensate the lack of shooting skill within my forces .."

" Now, You got it !"

" Now let's make a shelter for our soldiers. Considering the very limited time, building a high-thick wall is out of question..."

" What's your suggestions, Jack?"

" You have two alternate methods. First, you may ask your mages to erect stone walls around our gunners. This could prevent them from getting shot by the enemies. And the second option is, have your soldiers make sacks from used clothes, fill them with soil or rocks, use them to construct simple bunker for your gunners." Jack gave him simple examples.

Jack suggested Sahya to create another defence from barbed wire, duct, and trench. Utilizing power from the earth and metal magic, within half an hour every set need were ready in radius four hundred meters or more.

Jack also helped him with the electricity, coming from the previously installed hydro generator, creating an electric-based booby-trap.

Then two hundred meters from outer perimeters were changed into an artificial swamp made by the help or earth and water magic. This swamp was connected with the crocs territory with the help of the crocs handler squad of White Tiger Battalion. They spread some animal blood that will lead the swarm of hungry crocs overwhelmed the artificial swamp. Thus, in twenty minutes, the crocs had arrived one by one.

Jack told Sahya about this multiple trap, that while they will be forced to struggle to passing the swarm of hungry crocs, the enemies will be targeted by Sahya's musket soldiers and the archers.

Sahya put his palm below his chin. His eyes shone. " I see. Using long range weaponries stabilized by the tripod, shooting from inside the bunkers or shelters, protected by barb wires, ditches and sacks.. the game of war really had changes.."

" Yes.. yes... You really had caught the general ideas. This way we can force the enemies to fight into three dimensional mode war, where the great number is no more become the absolute defining factor to win the war.. " Sahya said his conclusion, after a moment of thought.

"Even if they succeed bypassing the swarm of the crocs, they will be forced to pass the barbed wire and be target easily by the marksman."

Sahya laugh wickedly after hearing Jack's evil plan. Basically Jack wanted to be force the war from two dimensional war into three dimensional wars.

" I do not dare to imagine if we were on their shoes and be targeted to fight in their position.. It will be a peril situation.."

" I don't want too, commander.."

Sahya call his lieutenants to delegate these jobs. Soon, all of his soldiers were gathered and frantically do his orders.

" Your men really something, Commander."

" Well, we are well trained."

" Here... I give that to you." Jack hand over something to him.

" What is this?"

" It was a night vision device, a tool to see within the darkness.."

Sahya's brows lifted up. " You really had so many wicked things for war, Jack! Tell me how to use it.."

Jack laughed. " I'm not that wicked, commander. I just want to survive, that's all... Now, follow me. I'll tell you how to use that thing.."

They took a stroll for a while in the backyard and found a suitable place to test the night vision devices.

" Hey, Jack, Is it possible for a human to have night vision?" Sahya asked him.

" We, Humans have poor night vision compared to many animals, in part because the human eye lacks a tapetum lucidum."

" Tapetum what ? " Sahya dumbfounded.

Why do I always feels like a country boy whenever I'm talking to you ?

" Emh.. The tapetum lucidum is a layer of tissue in the eye of many vertebrates. Lying immediately behind the retina, it is a retroreflector. It reflects visible light back through the retina, increasing the light available to the photoreceptors. The tapetum lucidum contributes to the superior night vision of some animals.."

" I give up Jack.. I did not understand a word from you. Just teach me how to use this !" Sahya laughed.

Jack scratched his neck eventhough it was not itchy. He felt a bit shame.

" This is a night vision devices of Goggles type, which is modelled as two eye-pieces lens and may have a single lens or stereo lens, depending on the model. Goggles type are excellent for constant viewing, such as moving around in a dark building.

Even in the darkest of conditions, there are tiny bits of light present. Some of this light may be infrared light that isn't visible to the naked eye. Night vision goggles using image enhancement technology collect all the available light, including infrared light, and amplify it so that you can easily see what's going on in the dark.

Now, you should try this, commander.. "

Jack helped Sahya to wear those googles.

Once that tools put into action, Sahya shouted in excitement.

" Amazing ! Hahaha.... now I feel more confidence to wage this war..."

His overjoyed was attracted another to join in. Some were very interested to utilize it. Thus, Jack decided to distribute the remaining devices.

In the end, two devices were shared to assault team while the last three will be utilized in the defence team. Actually Jack, Tyas and Myerlion would never needed due to the existence of nano-machines within their bodies had an ability to provide such night vision feature. Therefore these device only be use by Nindya and Flamas. While the all defence team leader will have one each, Sahya, Naya and one other Sahya's lieutenant.

WedhusSlayer WedhusSlayer

Sorry for the delay

I got busy with my jobs, especially in this month due ramadhan's activity

I tried so hard to catched up soon ..!

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