99.6% God succession system / Chapter 248: Reinforcements

Chapter 248: Reinforcements

Noints momentary confusion only lasted for a few seconds, before she turned towards Alex and rushed him once more in a rage. Though she didn't know what words like "camera" and "broadcast" meant, she did indeed understand from his other words that he somehow used her against her own master and creator, something her designs refused to tolerate. While they resumed their fight, in the other parts of the world people's minds were chaotic at what they just learned. Horlad, Brooke, Furhen, Ul, Ankaji, and Erisen; the people from each of these cities were currently staring dumbfoundedly at the projection in the sky as everything they thought they knew was turned upside down. By the time the sun rose the next morning, the only believers in Ehito within those cities would be the diehard fanatics. Meanwhile at the Capitol of the Heiligh kingdom, Alex was now fighting along with the cheers from the spectating people as they realized the truths behind Aiko and the Haulia's claims.

"Win champion of the goddess!"

"Don't lose champion!"

"Beat that servant of the false god!"

These cheers and more sounded from below him as the people suddenly wanted an end to the oppression they never even knew they were under. Alex meanwhile was still fighting casually, though now it was to ensure the viewers got a good show instead of trying to bait Noint. The silver haired woman on the other hand was doing everything in her power to destroy the enemy of her master, as levels of rage she never before felt welled up within her. She was livid that she was baited to be used against her master, she was furious that she couldn't seem to defeat the opponent before, but most of all,

"FIGHT ME SERIOUSLY!!!" She was extremely irritated that her opponent didn't even seem to take her seriously enough to properly fight against her. Alex just smirked at how emotional the "cool beauty" was now, even though all she seemed to be feeling was raw rage. He was just about to start seriously attacking her to bring the fight to a close, but both of them were taken by surprise when in the middle of their fight a pair of giant doors appeared in the middle of the sky. Noint knew exactly what those doors were and paled from being mortified, while Alex was both surprised and felt complimented that he warranted such a reaction already. As the doors opened a group of ten silver haired and winged men and women flew through them, all wielding twin greatswords and looks of fury adorning their faces. Once the final person passed through the doors they closed with a boom, before vanishing once more. Noint then proceeded to abandon her fight with Alex and flew towards the newcomers before demanding,

"This is my fight in the lords name, I can handle it!" The man nearest to her practically sneered,

"After the mess you've made Noint? Once we return out master intends to examine you and reassess your capabilities, until then we are to cooperate and eliminate the irregular before he causes even more damage, and then secure the host candidate." At his words the rest of Ehito's servants turned towards Alex with murder in their eyes, while he decided it was time to start tidying them up with super saiyan. Before he could activate it though, a magic circle appeared next to his ear and Grayfia said,

"Don't defeat them all, I have an idea to help advertise even more. Just buy time for the ten or so minutes until then." Though she didn't say what it was she was planning, Alex decided to go with it and said in a voice that wasn't picked up by the camera,

"Alright, just hurry since I'm not sure how long I can convincingly buy time for." Grayfia didn't answer, but instead went directly into Asora to enact whatever plan she thought of, while the giant doors closed and Noint along with her ten new helpers turned their attention towards him once more. Alex then activated a magic circle below him that changed his clothes his red fighting Gi, and swapped Ascalon for the staff Wukong gave him during their training that felt like it had been so long ago. Noint narrowed her eyes at this and asked,

"Are you looking down on all of us even more? Swapping out a sword for a less lethal weapon?" Alex smiled knowingly and replied,

"Actually this shows just how seriously I'm taking this fight, after all I never formally trained in the sword, just the staff." Alex's revelation that he had been using a weapon that he never even formally trained in shocked all of those watching, while Hajime asked him with his communication device,

"So you're a super saiyan, you're wearing a similar Gi, and you use a staff to fight; are you seriously trying this hard to copy Goku or something?" This made Alex laugh as he replied,

"I actually trained under Sun Wukong from the story 'Journey to the West', who was the person Goku was based off of. So I guess you might be able to say that?" This revelation made Hajime go silent as he immediately recalled the famous story, along with the rest of his classmates who heard Alex's declaration from the projection and the other viewers who didn't understand what he was talking about.

They didn't think about it for long however as the eleven silver haired people attacked him and the battle resumed once more. As before Alex took a more defensive stance as his opponents attacked him, except this time he didn't look like he was toying with them, but that the increase in opponents was actually pressuring him. He only avoided their attacks by the closest possible margin, and used spatial magic in order to disorient them by sending them short ways away. Alex had to admit this approach to fighting was appealing as well, it was rather funny how each time their attacks seemed to just barely miss him they grew increasingly angry. Eventually he used spatial magic himself to move a short ways away from them before bombarding them with fireballs, he figured that if Noint lived through that hellfire dragon then these fireballs wouldn't do much to them. It was then that the man who spoke to Noint said,

"As expected of a mere pawn, the moment odds aren't in your favor you can barely protect yourself and all you can do is run away." Alex couldn't tell if he was being serious or was just trying to provoke him, and retorted,

"That's coming from the group of eleven people who are ganging up on one person?" The man didn't respond to his retort, and instead they spread out and surrounded Alex once more before sending a myriad of spells at him in the center. Alex just shook his head and several magic circles appeared around him before spells identical to the ones they were attacking him with were shot back at them, walls of fire, pillars of ice, cyclones of wind, bolts of lightning, and even waves of water. Seeing him cancel out their magic attacks with his own identical spells, every viewer couldn't help but be shocked while Alex just shrugged and said,

"Hey, I may specialize in fire but that doesn't mean I can't use other elements too you know." The man practically growled as he led the charge and all of Alex's opponents closed in on him at once, swords ready along with shouts of "limit break" among them. As he prepared to receive their attacks once more, something happened that caught even Alex unaware as ten of his opponents were blocked by a blinding light. As the light cleared there was widespread excitement when they saw ten more winged figures, except their wings were pure white and they all had rings of light above their heads, just like the goddess.

"We have come, to led our lady's champion a hand. Today will mark the start of Ehito's fall." The leading figure that appeared in front of the man said, sister Griselda. Alex couldn't help but laugh out loud when he saw what was happening, but as sister Griselda turned towards him and smiled he couldn't help but feel a shiver go down his spine. Deciding he might have to find a way to later pay back the Angels for appearing alongside him, Alex then turned towards his only remaining opponent, Noint. The silver haired girl paled when she saw the situation reversed and decided to fight with the determination to take her opponent with her, a concept she never would have considered in the past.

As the two faced each other they suddenly disappeared from view, only to reappear in the space between their previous position along with a deafening 'BOOM!' With a single swing of their weapons Noint's greatswords shattered, and Alex quickly put his staff away so that they could continue the fight bare handed. She immediately lunged forward with a fist towards his face, which Alex effortlessly dodged and returned with one of his own right into her chin. She then flew up with the force of his hit until she collided with the dome barrier covering the city, and spiderweb fractures spread from the point where she impacted. Before she could recover Alex appeared in front of her as he sink his fist into her gut, leading to the gratuitous amount of blood she then vomited a second later. As she tried to orient herself Noint separated from the barrier that suffered even more under Alex's attacks, as she looked to repay the injuries she suffered. She didn't have very far to look though, as his foot came out of nowhere and collided with the side of her face and sent her flying to the side, before he appeared there as well and sent her flying back the way she came with another kick. Though she had known there was a difference between herself and Alex, it wasn't until this point that she realized just how drastic that difference was as she was completely unable to resist his relentless barrage of attacks. Though she couldn't feel pain Noint was already at the point that she just wanted it to end, and so she was almost thankful when she saw his fist approaching her face one last time before her consciousness went dark. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"One down, ten to go." Alex said as he watched Noint fly away with her limbs flailing like a rag doll. Alex then sped towards her and caught her by one of her ankles in order to restrain her before she managed to heal and recover, and blamed what happened next on anime world logic. As Noint dangled in the air from the ankle he held, her metallic dress fell and revealed her lack of panties to every one of the people watching them on the projection. Alex could practically feel the glares the millions of moms/wives directed at him, as they shielded their children/husbands eyes from seeing Noint's surprisingly pleasant looking ass and lower lips. Alex quickly and awkwardly changed the way he was holding her, as he instead gripped her by the scruff of her neck and allowed the dress to cover what it was supposed to while he bound her hands and feet with magic circles.

"Why am I not surprised?" Came an exasperated voice, prompting Alex to turn and see the Angels had even paused their fight as several of the women among them also sent small glares at his direction. Alex could only shrug at their reaction before everyone resumed their fighting. As the Angels were reincarnated Angels from Gabriel's card set, along with Irina, they were all trained warriors that had spent the last several months making use of the training center as well. They each used a mass produced holy-demonic sword curtesy of Kiba, and their own powers over light as they utilized the unique aspects of the Saint card set formations. Alex intervened occasionally by using spatial magic to sneak up on the apostles and knock them out, until slowly but surely they were down to the last one, and the ten others were dangling behind Alex while being held up by the magic circles binding their arms and legs. The only one left was the same man that had talked with Noint before, as he glared at them he said,

"Pathetic. This may have been a victory for you, but in the face of divinity defeat is inevitable." Alex laughed out loud and declared,

"I specialize in fighting divine or unbeatable enemies. I'm ready for Ehito whenever he decides to stop being a coward and hiding." Hearing Alex slander his lord the man sneered, before a fist connected with his face and he lost consciousness along with the rest of the apostles.

(A.N. Sorry for the delay, I've had some family stuff going on that made it difficult to focus on writing.)

Harry_Dresden Harry_Dresden

Thanks for reading!

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    But since she isn't dying in this one, we have a new harem member!

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    And I just finished re-reading this novel, I really enjoyed the Arifureta arc the second time around. It gave me a chance to slowly read it instead of rushing it

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    So Author-san, will we get another chapter tomorrow?

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