9.61% An adult in Pokemon / Chapter 3: Well...I think I can handle this...

Chapter 3: Well...I think I can handle this...

(Pg.1 Trainer level 2 Gender Male Health 44

Hit Points 5/5/10

Attack 5/2/7

Defense 5/2/7

Special Attack 5/0/5

Special Defense 5/0/5

Speed 5/0/5

Aura 5/5/10

Breeding 5/1/6

Points: 0/10 Bonus 0/5 Total 0/15)

Moves :

Melee Aura 2-12 + Attack+ Aura

Range Aura 2-8 + Special attack+ Aura

"Ah, nice," Gray said. 'If these were spent before I wonder how the battle would have gone. No matter lets get Misty her first Pokémon capture and move onward back to the resting place.' After thinking that he focused on his surroundings. No way would he let Misty down after she didn't let him down earlier.

The duo made it to a small hovel of dirt. A few barks could be heard in the distance. Away from the hovel, a few Pokemon could be seen. Looking over Two strong Arcaine and an old grizzly looking Arcaine walked with a large group of pups. At least 30 could be seen.

Both Trainers walked further in. Unbeknownst to them, they were followed by a big Pokemon that disappeared in and out of reality. A cold breeze followed where it walked. It observed the two and it's companions.

'I wonder how you will handle this. Hmm, he's a traveler how interesting. A candidate for myself with the girl how lucky. It is a pity the boy doesn't share my type but no matter. The girl will do just fine. More than fine actually I can feel her and that Torchic have already fused.' The flux Pokemon watched quietly as it thought to itself.

"Woah Misty you found the mother load. Do you wanna try talking to them first or… attacking. Let's be honest I don't think it's a good idea either way. Your aura found some strong Poke's but.." Gray said skeptically.

"Hmm, I don't wanna really do either," Misty said shaking her head. "Something else called to me. But I don't see what or feel it now. Maybe... if I try my aura again taking these pokes out of the mix... I can find it." Misty said slowly as she closed her eyes.

"Wait, Misty!" Gray exclaimed to late. Trying to stop her now wouldn't work. The aura pulse already went out.

"Awrrooo!" The grizzly Arcaine roared. It moved to the area Gray and Misty were at. Before Grey could blink twice it was there in front of them. Less than 10 feet away. The air produced by the speed was strong enough to make the leaves shoot away.

"Damn it! Extreme Speed! How the heck would we get away from that. Easy big guy don't try anything stupid here. I swear I will crush you and everything here if you try something crazy." Gray said aggressively as he stood in front of Misty and her Torchic. "We were just trying to catch some stray Pokemon that's all."

"Grr grrr awo rr oa ww ro." You want me to believe you weren't gonna steal my family from me. The old Arcaine said.

"Hey, I am a lot of things but not a liar you big lummox," Gray said as he cycled his aura.

"Ar rr oa ww roar." Oh, you have guts boy! Do you want to really try me? The Arcaine said. It bared its fangs and approached slowly, getting right in his face.

"Gulp," Gray gulped quite audibly as he looked at Misty still in a semi-trance. 'Crap how strong is her power. Is it really sensing another Pokémon and not these? These guys are strong if they aren't the ones... what is it instead that's calling her.' "Hey, we weren't gonna take any Pokes against there will. We would ask first. That was the plan anyway. But guess plans change."

Gray looked up drawing on the full strength of his aura. His teeth itched and the rocks near his feet rattled with the influx of power.

"Yeah, I will fight yah you overgrown puppy. As long as you let her leave no matter what happens." Gray said as he gathered his confidence.

"Raa awro ro awro." Hahaha, really boy. What Pokemon will you send against me hmm?" The old Arcaine said. He was intrigued by his bravado. But only intrigued. He would not allow any of his kin to go with a weak human.

"None. My Abra is a baby. I won't have her fight you and my Pidgey is just starting off. He hasn't had a chance to heal from our fight. Having them fight you would be a terrible thing to do. But you see.." Gray said as he took his bag off placing it by Misty's Torchic. "Take care of that for me ok?"

The Torchic just shook her head in the affirmative.

"I will fight you myself," Gray said looking back at the Arcaine. "Let's move over to the side out of the way" Gray moved a good bit away from the others.

"Groo awoo." So be it pup! The Arcaine dashed towards Gray.

"Heh, your Quick Attack no it's something else... Fine, let's see how it does versus my Aura Punch. Argh!"

The Arcaine pounced downward. Gray stepped to the side barely missing the front paws. The Arcaine fired a breath of fire at Gray's head. Gray moved his head to the side at the last minute. Getting his hair singed. Part of the aura around his face diminished.

The mass of fire hit a tree burning it to ashes in moments.

"Why you! That would have killed me!" Gray yelled out. He focused his anger and energy into his fist and continued to strike at the Arcaine.

'Prone to anger how foolish. Little Aura user you do not deserve that power.' The Arcaine taunted Gray as dodge each of the blows. It sped up to high levels dodging each blow before they even came close.

'Screw you mutt! I died and received this power! Who are you to dictate what I do!' Gray got angrier and angrier his Aura turning a deeper gray color.

The Arcaine stepped to the side of Gray's blow and circled around him. Gray stumbled forward exhausted. His blow travel downward hitting a tree breaking it in half. Leaving a destroyed top half.

"Vee vee!" Go away! A big Eevee said as it stepped out the front hole of the tree. It was guarding a group of smaller Eevee. A golden shield generated in front of it.

"Oh crap! Damn it all sorry. Hey, Old Arcaine we need to move somewhere else there's a.." Gray said as his anger dropped down when he saw the family of Pokemon. He tried to alert the Grizzly Arcaine but it didn't look like it would work.

'You left your back open pup!' The Arcaine said through its aura. As it used Extreme speed. Coming at Gray powerfully it pounced down again.

"You idiot there's a family here shit!" Gray struck out hitting on the side of the face of the charging pokemon.

"Bam," a small explosive sound went out. The Arcaine took a step back. Catching sight of the poke-family that were huddled scared.

'Oh, hoh is that why he didn't move. How interesting. The boy stood his ground for them. He has heart but... heart means nothing without will and strength.' The old Arcaine thought to itself. He walked back to his family believing the boy dead.

'To think he would stay and protect them. He definitely isn't a goody two shoes. So why?' The flux Pokemon watched quietly as it thought to itself. It was quite intrigued by this human. 'He isn't thinking about capturing them either. I can't believe it. Its because he feels responsible.' It thought shocked.

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The blow had barely diverged it. Gray went flying across the area as he flew into the woods. Breaking several branches along the way. He stopped skidding through the bushes. Gray stood up almost all of his aura gone barely a few motes of light could be seen.

A bubble appeared showing health to Gray's right.

(Health 12/44)

'How in the hell is damage calculated! Dammit! Gray thought as he punched the ground. He stood up and walked back to the area he came flying from.

(Damage minus Aura minus Defense minus opposing blow. Subtraction from Health)

"That is a lot to process," Gray said as he reached for the Expokeball around his neck. "Let's try some things."

'Empress, can you hear me?' Gray channeled his thoughts to the Expokeball as he held it.

'Umm, a little. Your voice is really low I can barely hear you. What is it I am sleepy.' Empress thoughts traveled almost inaudible to his mind.

'I will make it quick. When I throw you out teleport Misty, Torchic and yourself back to the place you hatched ok? You do remember them and that place right?' Gray thought to her. He continued to walk back clutching his side with his other hand. He may have broken a few ribs.

'Of course, I do. I have a good memory. I will do it no problem but I want more head rubs ok?' Empress asked as she started to fall back to sleep before Gray could answer.

"I think Misty will do that for you. I hope she heard that." Gray said. He did not notice his aura faded away.

'I could just leave but... that would make me a liar and a loser... plus cant abandon Misty. But I would be a living liar and loser. Who walks to there death.' "He..he." Gray thought. Chuckling dryly to himself, I should hurry up. Why am I so excited. Well, at least I know how combat works a little. But what move was that he hit me with?'

(Extreme Speed then Take Down)

'Well, that really hurt, but wait doesn't that move hurt him too? Oh man, I should have a chance. Well unless his level is really high. But he is old. So that's going for me.' Gray thought as he stopped at the area where the Eevee's where.

They all vacated the area. The only thing left was the family of Growlithes, Misty and her Torchic and the Old Arcaine in front of Misty.

'He doesnt look affected too much.' Gray gritted his teeth as he channeled his aura with everything he had left. "I am not giving up that easily," Gray said as he stumbled out. Confronting the old Arcaine again he psyched himself up.

'Oh, so your back boy. You are not a coward how pleasant. Well, I will finish you for sure this time.' The Arcaine said as it prepared a giant fireball in its mouth.

'You old mutt! I will put you down like old yeller!' Gray roared as he charged with his right fist covered in his aura. His left hand ready to send out Empress.

'That is enough you two!' A booming voice traveled through Gray's entire body. It came from in front of the hovel. A large Pokemon stepped forward out of flux with a few little poke with it.

It fired a water ring out in the middle. Separating both of them. Gray fell onto his back exhausted panting. The old Arcaine just engulfed the attack it had prepared.

'Hmph, lady Suicune you are breaking the rules. Are you sure you want to interfere?!" The old Arcaine said menacingly as it stepped forward. The two other Arcaine stepped forward threateningly as well. Even the little pups stepped forward.

'You old coot if you forget your pride you would notice he is a traveler. He does not come from our world. Will, you not do me this favor? He is important to the one I have found.' Suicune gestured to Misty who was surrounded by little baby Pokemon.

"Don't you dare hurt her!" Gray said as he struggled to sit up.

'Grr. Fine I will give you this favor but you are not to have the boy.' The old Arcaine said. From its tone and stance, it would not budge on this matter.

'Very well.' Suicune said as it walked over then walked over to Misty. It let loose a massive aura wave onto her. Changing her hair to have little white streaks in it.

'It is done. Come, children, it is time we returned to my home. It is time you met your father.' The Suicune said as it walked to the hovel.

All but one followed along amongst the pack. It did not leave Misty's side.

'Momma, she isn't following does she not wanna meet poppa?' One of the pups asked.

'She is staying. Her destiny lies with her. Say goodbye to your big sister. You may not see her again.' The Suicune said sadly to her pups.

'We won't say goodbye. We will see her again momma is being silly. Let's go I wanna race when we get back.' A pup said as it charged into the hovel.

'Ok.' The pups said.

The pups disappeared into the hovel. The elder Suicune sent an object from out of its hair towards Misty that landed in her hand.

'Good luck girl. Be safe my daughter.' With that Suicune disappeared into the hovel.

"What the hell is going on here. Can I handle this craziness." Gray said as he passed out.

FrozenTide FrozenTide

Sunday's chapter. Finishing the bonus chapter soon.

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