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Chapter 12: Viridian forest?? End! Part 1

This needs to end.

"Professor Juniper" Gray said as he approached the cliff. "You have two choices. Come with me and figure this out. Or stay here wallowing in defeat over something that isn't entirely your fault. You didn't have control over all of this. What's it gonna be?" Gray asked grimly.

Professor Juniper paused looking between Gray, the Trainers behind him and the Forest that was destroyed. For several minutes that felt like an eternity to Gray. She stood there gazing outward.

"Sniff... this is all of my fault. It was my Levanny that escalated this higher. How can I live with myself? So many Pokémon and Trainer's died because of me. All I wanted was for my sister to come back." Professor Juniper said between sniffles.

The area's temperature dropped. A sinister aura passed over as the fused Sabrina/Mew continued to fight the enraged Celebi. After Professor Junipers words the Celebi grew in more strength. Gray threw up his aura to shield the others behind him as best he could. He couldn't let them become weaker than they currently were. If he wanted to get out of here.

After a brief moment, it was gone. The wave of energy disappeared.

"Boooommm" an explosion went off as the Celebi was sent flying back into the forest. Sabrina/Mew could no longer be found.

"Tch. Really then I have no choice I guess. I will just kill you myself." Gray said as he walked towards Professor Juniper. "Here I was thinking you were influenced by that crazy corn head Pokémon… but no it was all you according to what you said. You were in control all along…. What the hell was I thinking to give you a choice?" Gray said as he grabbed her by the neck dragging her to the edge of the cliff.

"What the hell are you doing!? You can't just murder her!" Officer Jacob yelled.

"Killing you would be justice. From what I observed that bastard Celebi is feeding off you somehow. If your dead maybe it'll weaken enough to give us a chance to get out of this." Gray said darkly as he started to dangle Professor Juniper over the ledge. His fingers letting go slowly as he watches for any change in her expression.

"You can't be serious, can you? This isn't right!" One of the Trainer's yelled.

"He's right we should bring her back with us. That way she can explain everything to the higher authorities." Officer Jacob added.

"For Arceus sake, that's Professor Juniper you have in your hands. Are you gonna kill one of the top Trainer's/Professors of the last 15 years." Mary said.

"You don't have the right to do this. Will you be able to live with yourself if you do?" Hilda asked. She watched as he trembled. She thought this was Gray struggling with what he was about to do. She couldn't be more wrong.

"Oh, the cowards are speaking now. Where was the bravado you have now when it was really needed?" Gray said darkly with a glint of intense anger in his eyes. His aura started to turn from a grayish color to dark gray with black swirls inside it.

The Trainer's flinched and stepped back into the crowd.

"No no noo don't hide!" Gray snarled. "You're big enough to step up to me. Question my choices but you couldn't order your Pokémon earlier to attack!"

Most of the Trainer's put their heads down at that. Guilt covered most of their faces. Even the surviving Pokémon Ranger's looked ashamed.

"Where the fuck do you all get the balls. The bloody audacity to act now. This could have been over you would have all attacked earlier. None of you had a plan earlier you mostly have been following me. I didn't have to help any of you. I choose to, and it cost me. Never forget that." Gray said in greater intensity.

Gray felt a hand grab firmly onto his own. He looked back to see who it was.

"I will go with you. Please calm yourself. It is the least I can do to make up for this atrocity." Professor Juniper said as she started to wipe her tears.

Gray looked at her up and down. He took a glance at the others who visibly sighed in relief when they felt the pressure fall off them.

"Fine then. Let's move. I don't know how much longer Sabrina/Mew can hold out." Gray said pulling her back from the ledge. He retracted his aura and started walking away.

"What's the plan?" A heavy set Trainer who had a smile on his face asked him?"

"I plan on traveling as much as I can from that direction." Gray pointed to where Celebi was blasted. "I will rest up ahead and go from there. Feel free to do whatever you want."

"Sounds like a plan. I am Christian by the way. Thanks for giving me enough time to recover some of my aura. I know that couldn't be easy shielding everyone like that." He said with a smile before turning to the others.

"The name's Gray. I did what I thought was right. Time will tell if it bites me in the butt later." Gray said while moving through some trees.

An hour or so later the group made it to a clearing. Along the way, they found some of the other Trainers who split from them at the nest. A few wild Pokémon gathered together with what looked to be Growlithe. The group stopped and exchanged information.

'So that mangy mutt lived. Tsk to bad.' Gray slumped to the side of a tree and grabbed some berries he picked up earlier to snack on.

After 30 minutes Gray stood up to leave. But he was stopped by the same person as last time.

"Hey wait!" Lance yelled to Gray who kept moving. "I said wait!"

Gray turned around and walked backwards. Looking at lance stoically with a face that said don't waste my time.

"We heard what happened, Are you crazy! Killing her would have accomplished what? You were going off a hunch. What would you have done if you were wrong?" Lance asked as he stopped approaching. The group as a whole watch on to see what would happen next.

"If I was wrong I was wrong that's it. But I would have to live with the consequence's not you chump!"

Gray said with a smirk that caused Lance to become even angrier at him.

"I can't let someone as dangerous as you out of my sight! Come with us. By the authority vested in me by the Pokémon League you have to comply." Lance demanded.

(You are a Wild Trainer. That law does not apply. However, murder without cause will place you in jail.)

"Pft ha-ha you can't be serious? I am a Wild Trainer shit stain. I am not bound by that rule. I have no intention of listening to you. Have fun taking care of them all Ex-Champion. I tried my best. I think you can do better. Heh." Gray said as he turned around and started to leave.

The information shocked Lance long enough for Gray to disappear out pass the trees.

Barely a few minutes later, the air changed.

"Boom" a loud explosion could be heard behind Gray. He had just enough time to hide behind a boulder as trees, people, Pokémon and the like all flew past him.

"Whoa, that had to suck for them," Gray said as he walked up ahead to see the damage. He walked straight to what pulled him. A burning sensation appeared in his chest once again.

As he also most reached the crater a blinding light appeared. Sabrina/Mew floated out. She looked to him before looking at the beast that was Celebi. She started to float off to reengage but collapsed a few feet from the crater.

The combination of Sabrina and Mew dissolved.

"Huff, huff. Dammit. Blargh" Sabrina coughed up some blood when she tried to stand. She fell back to her knees right after. Sabrina and Mew barely managed to maintain their consciousness.

"It's so powerful. What the hell! Are you ok Marc?" Christian asked as he used his aura to lift the trees off himself and those he could see.

"Mmf mmmf." A muffled voice said from the ground. A neck and body were topped side but the body itself was buried in dirt.

"Pfft. I am ok." Marc said as he popped his head free. "I don't recommend growing any food here. The soil is terrible." Marc started to help the others get free.

"Can I get some help over here?" Professor Juniper yelled as she moved to help the others. Supringsly she was barely even hurt at all.

Gray grabbed Sabrina. Her breathing was so erratic. He could barely tell if she was even inhaling since it just looked she was exhaling.

"I have to go back in there. They can't hold Celebi long enough." Sabrina said as she struggled to get up.

"That is enough Sabrina. You have done more than enough. Let them stall it while I get you out of here. Come on up we go." Gray said as he tried to lift Sabrina.

"Get back!" Sabrina pushed Gray away with some Psychic energy. "I have to stop this. Forget about me and get them out of here!"

Gray was shocked. As well as some of the others.

"Dam it all!! What are you trying to prove? If you wanna through away your life that is fine. But I won't let you throw away Ori life." Gray stepped forward to Sabrina and channeled his little Psychic energy into his fist. "Psychic Punch." He said as he punched her in the gut knocking her out.

"Oof" Was all Sabrina managed as she slumped.

With the use of the little psychic energy tucked away gone. Gray's aura kicked up a notch. The strange power in Gray's core flooded his body engulfing his current aura.

"Get your asses in gear people! Marc carry Tricia. Christian cover them. I know you have enough strength to do it that I take it" Gray yelled in the area. He never took his eyes from the approaching Celebi.

"Gulp, Yeah I think I can do that. No, I definitely can do it!" Christian said firmly as he started to gather everyone who could move. "You heard the man let's move it, people."

Once everyone started to clear the area Christian took up the rear. He stooped next to Gray. "Good luck man, see you next time."

"Yeah if there is one. Prof Juniper get Sabrina and Mew out of here you got it?" Gray said as he reached from his Expokeball. His fingers cramped around it slowly.

"Are... you...are you sure about this?" Professor Juniper asked said as she picked up Sabrina. She gestured for Mew to return to the Expokeball Sabrina carried around her neck.

"Yeah...this is all I can do. Go, Pyron." Gray yelled. "This plan is dangerous. I don't know if it will work. We... we might not survive buddy. Are you up for it?"

"Pid Pid." Let's go dood! Pyron said.

"Alright." Gray nodded his head with a smile. "Once that idiot Lance gets here you will create the biggest Fire Whirlwind you possibly can. I will direct it across the Dark Forest hopefully, weakening Celebi in the process. The more damage to the forest the more antagonize it will get. Hopefully, we buy enough time for the reinforcements to get her. Got it?" Gray said to Pidgey.

Pyron nodded in the affirmative. He started to fly around the trees to understand a clear path for when it was time to start.

Gray continued to gather aura energy. His Psychic ailment started to act up trying to contain the energy that was released. The pain created more energy inside him as it clashed with the aura. The more aura built up the more psychic outbreak hit against it.

In an instance, Gray's viewpoint changed. Opening his eyes he could see Dark Gates with weird Latin on it. A strange hooded man was in front of it. What was strange about him was the sense of security that came off of him. To the other side, he could see The Gates of Heaven. Saint Peter stood there the same as before.

"So if I do this I will die? I take it that's what this is about? I didn't even see a Grimm Reaper this time, guess it wasn't a rookie that grabbed me this time. Well shit, Saint Peter you could have let me have some fun, well more fun anyway." Gray said with a smile. "So what happens this time?"

A blue bubble appeared.

(You can stop and flee. Or you can continue with your plan.)

"If I walk away what will happen?" Gray asked them with his head downcasted.

"People will die. But you already know that." Saint Peter said stoically. His face was stern and voice like Granite. If Gray looked up he would have noticed something different.

"Hmm... hesitation. That is to be expected. There is another option..." The cloaked figure said in front of the Dark gates. "You could agree to damn yourself. Your soul that is to hell. You would gain a power to stop the rampaging creature. But your life may end in the process." The stranger said with glee.

"Feels like I am getting set up here," Gray said as he finally looked up at the stranger than to Saint Peter. "You better at least protect Empress and Pyron. I will go with option B and stop this thing. Someone has to do it!"

At that Gray was enveloped in Darkness that poured from the gate.

A new bubble appeared.

(Gray type change from Ghost to Dark type.)

(Congratulations on full resurrection +5 bonus points to Trainer.)

(Poke soul unlocked.)

Gray was enveloped in Dark energy that changed him completely. His health was restored to full as well as his energy. A more sinister aura flowed through him. His bronze skin took on a new tint to it. His eyes had a dark edge to them.

Back in the outside. Lance could no longer hold off Celebi as he landed on the ground. He struggled to get up. A strong aura passed over him. The pressure caused him to stay in place.

"What the hell is going on? What is that malevolent creature?" He said as he shielded his eyes.

Gray watched as the light-shielded him from others view. His Pidgey still enacted the plan but with a slight modification. Instead of igniting the forest it continued to make the Fire Whirlwind around Celebi. Whenever Celebi got to close Lance and a returned Tricia would distract it. The continuous damage looked to take its toll on Celebi.

"Pyron return!" Gray yelled. "It's time to stop this creature once and for all. Poke Soul!" Gray yelled. The Dark light formed over his body. A translucent silhouette of Giratina could be seen behind him. As well as one of that of Yveltal.

When the light faded away Gray was changed. There were now hand wings coming out of his back. Retractable golden blades outstretched from his forearms. Dark golden claws aligned his fingers up to his wrist. A gray mask of some type of carapace was around his mouth. His pupils turned clear as the sky. While his Iris turned red.

"Arroooo" he bellowed to the skies drawing the attention of the creature. Activating one of his moves instantly. Taunt. "I have got to make this fast all the energy I gathered will not be enough for a drawn-out confrontation.

(Pokesoul Giratina/Yveltal Successes.)

(Pg.1 Trainer level 3 Gender Male Health 43

Hit Points 5/5/10

Attack 5/2/7

Defense 5/2/7

Special Attack 5/0/5

Special Defense 5/0/5

Speed 5/4/9

Aura 5/10/15

Breeding 8/2/10

Points: 0/15 Bonus 0/10 Total 0/25)

Moves :

Melee Aura 2-12 + Attack+ Aura

Range Aura 2-8 + Special attack+ Aura

(Poke Soul Level 3 Health

Hp 15/5/?

Attack 12/2/?

Defense 10/2/?

Special Attack 13/?/?

Special Defense 10/?/?

Speed 10/4/?

(Page 2 Moves

Hurricane Dmg 13-40

Razor Wind Dmg 12-36

Taunt Effect: Enrages the target.

Roost Effect: Restores half of Health

Scary Face Effect: Opponent movements slow down.

(Page 3 ability

Dark aura, Cruelty, Pressure, Telepathy)

FrozenTide FrozenTide

I tried to fix what I could but hey it is what it is. One more chapter then back to regular travelling.


  • FrozenTide


    Stats are also derived from Pokemon tabletop rpg

  • FrozenTide


    If makes you feel any better he will not fight that monster his fight is something different.

  • Ikeda


    Isn't that cursed Celebi like lv100 with over a decade of corruption? Idk. The stats that Gray gained for his soul's eternal resting place seem like a rip off.

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