17.3% An adult in Pokemon / Chapter 7: Dark Forest Part 2

Chapter 7: Dark Forest Part 2

"We have to leave!" Gray said sternly. "Is there anyone else here?"

"No there isn't, don't be too hasty I can talk to Chansey," Tricia said as she shook her head in denial. "It had to have been a mistake. There is no way it will harm someone let along drug them."

'She can't be serious!' "Oh hell no I am not dealing with this bullshit. Thank you for helping me, but if you can't see what's in front of you." As he gestured with his chin at the Chansey who pulled a syringe out of its apron. "No problem. I am out!" Gray said as he grabbed the clothes on the counter and his bag jumping out the window.

'Aura don't fail me now.' Gray thought as he ran.

"Gre ninja! Ja" Stay there human. The Greninja said. It had jump off the roof. Apparently, it did not go far away at all. This Pokémon was quite the ambusher.

"Get bent you bipedal frog!" Gray said as he threw a wobbly aura ball at it. 'Hopefully, this works as a distraction.'

Greninja dodged the ball very easily. It pounced on Gray right after with a smirk. As soon as it was in range Gray stepped into it causing them to collide. Due to Gray's larger stature, the Greninja was offset and stumbled before gaining its bearings. Gray used that time to injure it. He stabbed it right in the eye.

"Splrt" its eye was gouged out with relative ease. A weird green liquid started to flow out of its eye down its cheek.

"That just feels weird. Sorry but not sorry. Bye, bye now." Gray danced around it but it intercepted him. He flared his aura to send debris and dirt in its eye. A new bubble appeared.

(Sand Attack learned.)

'Shit. Memo to self try moves I think I can do later.' Gray thought as he pushed Greninja.

"Argghh!" It yelled as the debris got in its eye. It fired a jet of water out of its mouth. Gray sidestepped it and ran into the forest. The jet stream hit the Ranger station blasting a hole in the wall revealing Chansey attempting to stab Tricia with a needle.

"Chansey what do you think you are doing?! Stop this now!" Tricia said to it. In the corner of her eye, she saw Gray running full speed into the forest. But the thing she was truly worried about was her Greninja. He looked to be terribly injured. Greninja was wailing in pain as he rolled around on the ground. Its face had a weird green liquid dripping down it. As it howled in pain. Tricia started to become uneasy.

'Maybe he was right. Greninja doesn't have green blood. What is this?! It is a risk but... I have to give myself room to return him to his Pokeball.' Tricia thought to herself. She jumped to the back of the room dodging Chansey to late. A set of syringes stabbed her.

As soon as she had the chance, she grabbed the Pokeball on her workout belt. "Greninja return now!"

She ordered expecting him to return to the ball. The red light encompassed Grineja and did nothing.

"What the?! I said return!" The light did nothing once again. 'It can't be! I didn't' set him free, or abandoned him. The only way that wouldn't work is if... a Thief Ball was used on him or.. he doesn't recognize me as his Master. The last can't be true. He is the second Pokémon I caught when I was a Trainer.' Tricia thoughts had become extremely muddled. This was bad considering her situation.

"Chansey chans" was all she heard as she received a needle in her thigh.

"Dammit, I was careless," Tricia said as she already felt herself become sluggish. She felt backward against the door.

"Chk," Said door opened. A pair of hands grabbed her pulling her in.

"No you weren't careless, you were stupid. Pyron use Fire Whirlwind now!" Gray said as he continued to pull her through the station.

"Pidgey pid." No problem. Pyron said as it started its attack. A large buildup of wind shot into the room. The already damaged room collapsed leaving Chansey buried. a small fire caught in the room.

"Let's go, Pyron! Help carry her. We need to move before that Greninja recovers." Gray gave orders as he kept pulling Tricia by her top half. His Pidgey grabbed her by the feet and flapped his wings helping lift some of the weight.

"What have you done?" Tricia shrieked. "We have to go back and help her."

"You can't be serious? We need to get out of here. This feels like a horror movie. I'll be damn if I die. I came back to help you and this is the help I get." Gray said as he started to get angry.

"There has to be an explanation for this. We have to go back!" Tricia adamantly said. She started to struggle from his grasp. Her sweat and skinned rubbed against his chest making her more agitated as it mixed with his sweat for some reason.

"After there is a certain distance between us and them. Once you calm down and think about it, will I let you go back," Gray said as his breathing started to get rougher. 'Damn I need to focus and breathe slowly. Let's transfer my aura to my legs only. Maybe that will help.'

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Gray completely ignored her as the trio made their way through the forest. After an hour of constant running, they finally stopped. Tricia fell asleep from whatever it was that Chansey stabbed her with.

The entire way she complained about the Ranger station and what Gray did to Chansey. After the first ten minutes, he tuned her out.

"Alright, this has to be far enough," Gray said as he put Tricia down. A bubble popped up on his left.

(You have rescued an important person. Tricia Surge has details about the forest and its inhabitants.)

(Speed + 1)

(Aura gathers faster.)

(Bag contents upgraded.)

'That is good news but she is out cold. I need to finish getting dressed. So many branches scratched my chest and face up. These pants are ruined.' Gray said as he looked down at himself.

He did not have enough time to put all the clothes on that Chansey laid out. If he took any longer than he did Chansey would have been prepared for him and Greninja may have recovered enough to follow him.

He went over to his bag and grabbed a basic Poke block and gave it to Pidgey. Pidgey devoured it in moments. He turned his attention back to the bag looking for supplies and more importantly people food. He wasn't Brock and couldn't eat Poke food.

"Return Pyron good job," Gray said as he searched his bag looking for quick food he could eat himself. Finding a power bar he ate it quickly and took a swig of water from his bottle in the bag. "If it wasn't for this bag I would most likely pass out here. Speaking of passed out. Hey, Tricia, it is time to get up.

Maybe I have smelling salts in my first aid kit."

Noticing she wasn't moving he went to grab his first aid kit.

"Let's see… what… we have here…." Gray mumbled to himself as he searched the kit.

Unknown to him Tricia was awake. She moved slowly over to him. Creeping as she reached for her Poke belt. She had a strange glow in her eye and a weird scent came off her.

"I think… yeah…this will work." Gray said mumbling as he turned around. He was greeted with Tricia pulling off her clothes and tossing her shorts to the side. "Umm please don't tell me you are a pyscho. Do they even let pyscho in the rangers?" Gray tried to joke as he backed up. "Just calm down and listen. That Chansey was crazy and so was your Greninja just calm down." Gray said as he started to back up more tripping over his bag. 'I should have gotten dressed first and tied her up. Why is she naked though?'

"You smell really good. Your gonna help me. I will also help you." Tricia said as she released her other Pokeball from the belt. "Go Luxray."

"Rar" Luxray growled when it appeared. But right after it started to discharge electricity. Its tail started to move really fast. It looked to be extremely happy all of a sudden as it sniffed the air. "Sniff, sniff," It circled around Gray then went back to Tricia jumping on her shoulder.

"What is going on here?" Gray said as he started to get up. His eyes darted everywhere as he looked for an escape route. "What are you doing? How are you able to move already?"

"Long story short I have a little aura power. I used it earlier to cleanse your system of whatever Chansey may have injected you with. I am going to increase your strength and my own. Mostly my strength. I am able to move due to me using my aura to quickly burn the sedative through my system." Tricia said as she tackled Gray.

"Luxray and I are going to fuse with each other. Then I will use that as a catalyst to help your aura powers to allow fusing as well." Tricia said as Luxray disappeared into a ball of yellow/green light after landing on her shoulder.

Tricia's' hair became much longer as she sprouted fur down her back. Her body became leaner as she grew a few inches. Her breast turned more firm and increased in volume. A tail sprouted from her back with little wisps of electricity circling around it. The tail then moved around Gray keeping him from getting too far if he tried to run.

"Okkk that's new...but why are you naked? Is this some hippie nonsense skin to skin thing?" Gray asked. He was complaining outward but he was quite happy on the inside.

I mean he died now he is reborn. Sure it hasn't been all fun and games but with an amazing woman on top of you and considering he might die again soon. Might as well enjoy himself.

"It works skin to skin yes but this is only till I paralyze you. Full on sex will work much better but I don't have the time for all of that. I am sorry but I must find out what happened and I can't afford you stopping me. Plus you are in heat and it is driving me crazy I can't resist anymore." Tricia said as she kissed him.

"I won't resist geez. Don't paralyze me if we have to run I am boned if I can't move." Gray said between kisses trying to convince her.

"Fine. But don't change your mind later. I am a trained Poke Ranger I know some mov.." Tricia said as Gray flipped her onto her back.

Tricia whimpered. Or to be more precise the Luxray part did. At that her tail wrapped furthur around Gray.

"That's a very intresting body you have there Trisha. I cant stop myself. Are both of you feeling this?" Gray asked intrigued.

Gray continued to stare at her. His hands didnt stop as he massaged around her breasts.Petting her gently before getting rougher. Moving forward his tongue slid around her collarbone. Supringsly enough the fur didnt catch in his mouth. Gray tried to move his head away but he couldnt as Tricia held him there.

With electicity sparking off her neck everytime he licked certain spots. Tricia blushed at the compliment."Grrr" with a low growl she snaked her hand down his ruined pants.

"I am glad, mmmh you like." Tricia paused as Gray bit down on her neck. "Thats it mark me. Make me yours. Dont you stop. Bite deeper."

"Mmmh. Your hand feels amazing." Gray moaned as Tricia started to work her hand around his cock with slow movements.

The small zaps of electicity combined with the fur was drving Gray insane. Tricia storked from base to tip leaving a trail of his precum along the way.

Gray couldnt stop even if he wanted to. A strong drive to please but dominate Tricia/Luxray took over.

(Ancient Arcaine's Aura activated)

(Desired to mate has removed reason.)

Gray bit deep down till he drew a little blood. With a strong urge, he couldnt stop himself from licking it away. Afterward his tongue travelled down her face. As his tongue touched her nippes actual electricity traveled through him. A bubble appeared but Gray ignored it.

"Aahh latch down harder Gray! Yes just like that. Take this energy!" Tricia moans as the energy transfer happens.

Gray pulled away in a daze as the energy pass through his body. As he looked at her beautiful tits he couldn't resist the urge to latch on to the other. With a little control this time he gently suckled and blew gently on the tip.

Tricia's eyes started to glow with a black aura. The electricity in her core became alot stronger. Sparks started to travel around them both.

"Awrooo" Yes. She screamed or growled Gray couldn't tell. Tricia's head arced back as she screams letting out an electrical discharge.

"Huff that was interesting. There is definitely something about you. You have unlocked my full aura abilities.." Tricia said as she clasped her clawed hands. She started to reign in her power and separated with Luxray. "Sorry about all this. But I had to do it."

Luxray appeared to her left and then picked up Tricias clothes and brought it to her Master.

"I would have liked to continue but the company is moving towards us," Tricia said as her face was clearing up. Her blush was extremely deep.

"Yeah, its ok I think. It feels like I am in control again. Sorry about the bite. I will get dressed and we can take off." Gray said as he calmed himself down. Making his way to his bag he reached in and pulled out some clothes. After that discharge of electricity, he felt clearheaded again.

"No. Get dress an run. Luxray and I will stall them. It's the other Pokemon Rangers and they are full of bloodlust and blood. I smelled it while fused with Luxray." Tricia said sternly. "Put this in your Pokegear it will explain Pokefusion and Pokesoul transformations. They have my sisters blood on them I cant retreat and Luxray won't allow you to stay. So go now." Tricia said angrily.

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