25% An adult in Pokemon / Chapter 11: Dark Forest part 6..Ok so no!

Chapter 11: Dark Forest part 6..Ok so no!

Two hours later Mew directed Gray to a new area. After the parties, Pokemon were all healed. Gray found it slightly odd that Sabrina only released an Espeon. No other Pokemon were released. The Espeopn was heavily damaged but the water healed it up to top Shape.

Gray had released the Scyther, Pidgey, and Abra. With all healed and rested he did not mind leaving to exit this nest.

Coming to a new area he couldn't help but ask Mew.

'This is a downward spiral how will this lead us out?' Gray gritted his teeth waiting for the response.

'It will not directly, but will help with getting there.' Ori said.

Gray stopped in his tracks.

'Wait what? No, I want to leave damn it. This place is way to stressful. This is bad for my heart. Where is the exit Ori!?' Gray became extremely agitated.

'We need to save the others.' Ori said. 'Help will be needed for the task at hand.'

"Why did you stop?" Sabrina asked. "Shouldn't we keep going?"

"Yeah let us do that," Gray answered after a minute or so.

Once they made it around the corner, they arrived in an area with a lot of trainers in pods.

"Oh, fucking hell. If this goes all Aliens I am out of here!" Gray said. "Go Scyther, Pyron, Empress! Get the people out of these pods!"

The Scyther gave Gray a very questioning look. But feelings its body ok it decides to assist.

The Pokemon went straight to work. Doing what they could to release each person. Gray layed Tricia safely down. He joined the rest and ripped the pods open. Sabrina and her Espeon were at work as well.

When half the pods were open, the people started to wake up. Some were too injured to move. These were mostly those in Ranger garb.

"I can't believe the Elite four candidates and the other elite Trainers were captured. Where the hell is Lance and the others?" Sabrina asked while ripping the kids out faster.

"Those bastards are right here," Gray said as he stepped away from the pods in the corner. "You can totally get them out."

Empress walked to Gray. She looked extremely tired.

"Are you ok Empress? Did something happen?" Gray asked worriedly.

Instead of responding Empress fell asleep. She was enshrouded in black light. Once it passed she looked a little taller and bigger. A blue bubbled appeared.

(Empress has age one month due to rapid growth.)

(Liquid from the spring has nourished her body. +5 Hp, +1 Special Defense)

'Well nice, I think. I keep forgetting she is a baby. Well, I guess a toddler now.) Gray thought. He picked her up and gave her a look over. 'Everything all good from what I see.'

"Everyone return. Good job," Gray said. He walked over to the Scyther. "Do you wish to come with me? I only captured you to thank you for helping me leave. I will not force you to stay."

The Scyther placed her talons on Gray. 'I will travel with you, Trainer. At least till we exit this forest. There is no place left for me here.'

"Good, thank you," Gray said. He then returned the Pokemon to the ball.

A few minutes later most of the Trainers were ready to go. The ones still out cold were picked up by those who were awake.

"Sabrina are you ready to go?" Gray asked. He had picked up Tricia and looked for an exit.

"Yes let's go. How did you find this place by the way?" Sabrina asked suspiciously. "You came straight here."

"Yes how did you?" asked Lance.

'Ori you tell them. I am really done with this.' Gray said as he looked at Sabrina. "Fuckboy tells you a little something and you are already on his side huh? I helped you at the river and you still don't trust me!"

"I .. that doesn't explain this. How did you know these Trainers and people were here?" Sabrina continues to press.

"I was captured like you were and this is the thanks I get. Suspicion. The wounds on your body are healed cause I lead us to that spring thanks to a friend. I was lead here plain and simple. The last time I was in this Hive it was a lot different. Nowhere as creepy." Gray said as he looked at Sabrina.

"And we are just supposed to believe that?" Lance asked.

"Believe it or not. I am leaving, feel free to join me or stay with each other." Gray said as he looked around at each of them. Seeing no one follow he started to leave. "Whatever I am out."

"Stop! How did you know about this place?" Lance asked? "You jumped off a cliff how did you survive? What are you doing in this place?"

Gray continued to walk away.

'Why did you not answer him?' Ori asked.

Most of her energy was used to search the nest. The other bit of energy was used to hide her presence from Sabrina. There was an orb that could be used to reverse what has happened. If only it could be found.

''You told me not to tell Sabrina. So I didn't. I am not telling that fucker anything either." Gray said.

"Gray stop," Tricia said now awake. "We should go with them. My sister is also there."

Lance and another Trainer caught up with him.

"My sister is she ok?" The Trainer asked.

"She is fine. Here." Gray said as he handed her over. "Good luck with whatever the hell you are doing." Gray walked away. 'I am not traveling with a big ass crowd.'

"I said wait!" Lance yelled as he grabbed Gray's arm. 'You need to answer some questions. You know way too much about what is going on in this place."

"Pow!" A fist collided with Lance's face.

"Don't ever fucking touch me again dragon boy!" Gray said. The aura energy leaving his fist. "I have not forgotten how you chased me to a cliff."

A few Pokemon came from the nest.

"Shit," a skinny kid said in an apron." He reached for his Pokeball. "Go Totodile! I need some help here!"

"Dammit. Go, Pyron!" Gray said as he joined in. Looking back at the Trainers he noticed none of them acted. "Hey, we can't take them all ourselves send out your Pokemon to fight." Gray waited for the Trainer's who weren't holding anyone else to help out. Most just looked away. Even the officer there as well.

'You have got to be kidding.' "Pyron Fire Whirlwind more wind than fire. Push them back.

"Totodile WaterGun the others on the sides. Let none of them escape." The Apron Trainer said.

"No problem dood," Pyron said blasting them away one by one.

'The aura energy here is increasing. It feels like I am suffocating. Ori what are you doing? Can you give some help?' Gray asked.

'I am finding one of the problems. It's coming.' Ori transmitted.

Out walked the Juniper and Levanny fusion. It smiled as it watched all of them struggle. It faces a strange mixture of teeth and mandibles.

"You cannot stop this. Go crush them. Return them to the nest. Feast on there Pokemon as well." Juniper/Levanny said.

'Get the orb around her neck. Before it is too late.' Ori transmitted.

"Pyron keep them busy!" Gray said. Reaching for his pocket he pulled out another Pokeball. "Go Scyther." 'Hurry and retrieve the orb around her neck.'

As soon as Gray gave that order, he had to go on the defensive. A Grubbin sent out webs trying to trap him.

"Oh just give me a break already. I am so squashing you bug!" Gray said as he stepped to the side and then jumped over it giving it a drop down kick to its midsection.

"Very well." Scyther said. She dashed out using Agility as well as Quick Attack. Moving through multiple Pokemon to make it directly to its target.

"Schng" With a Slash the orb was freed and sailed through the air. Scyther went to reach for it but was stopped by a Beedrill.

The Beedrill sent out multiple stinging strikes that caused Scyther to dodge. The orb fell over by one of the Trainers. "I can not get to it. Get away you pest." Scyther said as she struck towards the Beedrill's chest.

'It is extremely fragile. Anyone of you Trainers can break it. Get yourself free and break it.' Ori transmitted. Her voice seemed shallow. As if the energy drained from her as she spoke.

"Break it now. Use one of your Pokemon or do it yourself." Gray said to the Trainer.

"I..I cant. Let someone else do it..." The Trainer said looking for a place to hide.

'Are these candidates that scared. How did they get chosen to become elite Four candidates? Who different is this all from what I know?' Gray thought as he kicked the Pokemon away from them.

Looking up he could see Pyron keeping the other Pokemon blasted away. The other Kid kept pushing the others away with his Pokemon. A few other Trainers struggled to get up and send out there Pokemon.

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But they were too exhausted to be effective.

A string shot went pass and grabbed the orb. It pulled back to Professor Juniper/Levanny.

"Dammit get that back from her," Gray said to the Trainers. Some tried another kid using aura but the others became more afraid.

'It is to late to stop it. The beast is coming!' Ori transmitted.

The orb unleashed a blinding light that caused Trainer and Pokemon both to be unable to see. When it cleared the orb was gone

"What the hell is the beast?" Gray asked but he received his answer shortly after.

"Rawwrr" A mutated Celebi flew out of the nest. Its body had human flesh around it. With fingers growing out of the decrepit hands. Little traces of rags could be seen on the body. Every now and then a silhouette could be seen around the creature.

The energy of the psychic power in the forest gather around it. The beast took on the size of a giant monster. Faces of Pokemon and Human could be seen in it.

"Well, that's just wrong. I knew I should have left sooner." Gray said as he looked at the creature. He started to back away. 'My Pokemon cannot fight a Legendary Pokemon. They are nowhere near that level.'

"What happened to it? How could it become so twisted?" Asked Lance.

"I don't know. But we have to stop it. I can sense its hunger. Its been feeding on Pokemon and Trainers. Its energy is twisted." Sabrina said. Her eyes glowed with a pink light as she shielded everyone from the beast.

"It has taken all of the anguish around the forest. All the screams and pain from the incident 10 years ago has created this abomination." Ori said as she appeared. She looked at Gray. "I should have taken you straight to it that is my fault. I wish you were different. You would have been a great fusion." Ori focused on Sabrina. "Human I will need your help to save my friend. There is a chance Celebi can still be saved.

"I will do what I can," Sabrina said. She walked over to Mew and started to fuse with her. The process took a little longer than normal. It seemed Mew still had some misgivings.

"I will try to stall it as best I can," Lance said as he sent out Dragonite and fused with it.

"This is my fault. I didn't want this to happen I just wanted my sister back." A woman's voice came from inside the nest. She walked out slowly in tattered rags.

It was Professor Juniper.

"The orb was just supposed to bring my sister back. I didn't know it twisted Celebi as well." Professor Juniper said tearing up.

"I suggest everyone get ready. Gray take care of them if you can." Sabrina/Mew said.

"Ok so no!" These are terrible people!" Gray tried to argue.

Shaking her head Sabrina/Mew looked at him in the eyes. "I believe you will do the right thing."

With that, she raised her hands and teleported the group to an area outside the nest.

FrozenTide FrozenTide

Story kind of went in a different direction. But tried what I could.

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  • WolfLord


    Thanks for the chapter on a good story

  • FrozenTide


    Its mostly due to Lance. That and she felt he hid Mew from her..

  • Ikeda


    Suddenly Sabrina had no trust issues.. Thanks to Mew. That was quick.

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