27.77% An adult in Pokemon / Chapter 13: Viridian Forest End Part 2

Chapter 13: Viridian Forest End Part 2

"This feels different. But at least I am alive again. At least I intuitively know what to do. Let's get started before I run out of the boost from first soul usage." Gray said as he charged Celebi.

"Christian are you ready?" Marc asked.

"Yeah, I am," Christian said as he got up. Realising his Pokeball a Crowbat appeared. "Let's do this BatKing!"

Christian and Crowbat Fused togethor. His entire body had a slight armored layer. Two sets of purple wings appeared out of his back. A helmet fit on his head.

Gray started to slow the beast down with his ability Pressure. Latching onto the dark energy left in the area he let it wash over him. The pure aura energy was directed towards his Expokeball.

'Glad that work. So I need to do that to the energy in it.' Gray thought.

After a quick pick me up for his Pokemon, the energy was channeled from Celebi into his self. That energy was then dispersed downward into the others.

He was using his self as a filter. The Dark energy came into him. He stored it. Sent the pure aura energy to the others such as Christian, Marc, Tricia, the wild Pokemon, and Sabrina. The latter he hopes would transfer to Mew. A few bits were sent to Lance and his people.

Celebi fired multiple blasts towards those who were recovering. Gray moved over sending a powered up version of Hurricane out to intercept the attack. Using the aura to boost it took its toll on him.

The blasts hit against the air creating micro-explosions. When the dust cleared Gray stood there eyeballing the beast.

'Damn it. They will have to fend for themselves.' Gray thought as he flew over Celebi absorbing more of the energy.

'Why is it looking at me like it knows me? When the hell did I meet this thing? Forget it.' Gray thought.

"Keep it busy. For me!" Gray yelled.

"You got it," Christian yelled. He looked over to Marc the duo started a combo attack keeping Celebi on her proverbial toes. "Argh screw it. Bide!"

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With that Christian started to glow absorbing light.

Christian charged at the beast. Placing his left-hand up to shield himself from a fresh blast. The wings came forward and acted as a shield. After the blow was absorbed to take the strength for his attack Christian raised his hand in the air attacking downward.

"Bam" the blow rocked Celebi back towards the ground.

With a spring back. Marc travelled down crunching on the beasts head area. Moving his jaws out of the way a small tear showed around Celebi's eye area. The socket was exposed showing the inside. Instead of flesh, there was only a weird mix of energy.

Marc used Aqua Jet to spring himself away around that area. He used Slash with his claws on his hands and toes all the way. He followed a downward trail.

"Arooo," Celebi sent out a green paw towards Marc. As it stood up.

"Bam," it connected in the back of Marc. Sending him flying through the area. Righting himself he prepared to cushion the blow. Legs outward crashed into a boulder.

"If Totodile's legs weren't so strong this would have ended badly for me," Marc said. Looking up he fired a Water Gun straight at the ground to get out the way of the next blast.

"Arooo," Celebi had chased after Marc firing away wildly. Each blast changed the environment.

'Holy crap this is getting intense.' Marc thought as he used Aqua Jet again to get away. 'They need to hurry up. Oh, wait.'

"I will buy you some time. Go and rest." Lance/Dragonite said. "Hyper Beam." The blast traveled through the air knocking the beast to the side. "Keep it busy. Gray needs to extract that energy!"

"I can help," Sabrina said as she walked up. "Let's do this Ori! Poke Fusion." Mew and Sabrina combined again. Looking over she looked at Gray. "We will talk about you knocking me out later."

Sabrina/Mew teleported up into the air. Weaving her hands in the air she pulled psychic energy from the air and smashed it down onto Celebi. This pushed Celebi into the dirt bit by bit.

"Arghh! Psybeam!" Sabrina/Mew screamed. A concentrated beam of energy slammed into it. "Everyone give it everything you have!"

"Wait we should hit it in blitz attacks spreading out and switching out. A concentrated attack won't work. Gray needs to ween the energy off slowly." Lance/Dragonite said.

"I rather bring it down now. If we injured it hard enough Gray can take out the energy quicker. A struggle of the energy while its weak will be easier on him." Sabrina/Mew said.

"All of you fall back." Lance/Dragonite said. The trainers fell back as he said. "Sabrina, he will be able to feed off the energy trust me."

"Tch, if he dies! I swear you'll pay for this!" Sabrina/Mew said as she charged to keep Celebi busy.

Over on the ground. The Trainer's were able to push the corrupted Pokemon back. Using this time they took a break.

Professor Juniper had passed out all the items in Gray's bag. Reviving the fainted Pokemon on their side.

'This is the least I can do.' Professor Juniper thought to herself. Looking around she started to worry as she looked at Gray. 'There is no way he can keep this up. Even with the boost in aura energy, he will collapse from exhaustion.'

"Woosh," a gale of wind passed by. Looking up Professor Juniper felt a small aura come from the Celebi.

"It cant be." Professor Juniper thought. Reaching out she tried to use her own aura energy to touch on Celebi.

Gray started gathering energy again. Noticing a small difference in the eye he had a terrible idea.

"I am going to do something stupid. Hopefully, it works." Gray said to them. Not waiting for any response he looked at Celebi. "Here goes nothing. Scary Face, Taunt, and Razor wind."

Scary Face slowed it down just enough to get it with Taunt. Celebi looked at Gray and stopped its attack as it rampaged toward him. Focusing Razor Wind on his claw with his aura Gray charged into Celebi eye.

"Slick" Gray tore right through the eyeball.

"Aaahhh" the beast screamed outward into the air. It rampaged on the ground swinging wildly. The aura around decreased by a large amount.

He rammed himself back inside Celebi's head through the eye. Once inside he spread his aura as far as he could. Absorbing the energy to decrease the power available to the beast was exhausting.

On the outside, the others did what they could keep it at bay.

"Alright give me that stupid energy!" Gray said as he started to gather the energy at a faster pace. 'I need to activate Dark Aura now.'

All the Dark energy poured into Gray at an explosive rate. Celebi started to get weaker on the outside and started to shink.

A silhouette of a child started to form up. A little girl appeared.

"Hey, Mister what are you doing?" The girl said.

"Oh hey. Wait what the hell are you doing here?" Gray asked.

"We live here. Along with Celebi." The girl said.

"We who?" Gray asked again a little nervous. Flaring his aura he tried to speed up the absorption even more. His body started to break apart due to the speed increase. The claws gained a darker tint and his hand wings started to flay as they extended.

"All of us." The girl said as she outstretched her hand. Several little light mottes gathered forming more people and Pokemon. "We are here with Celebi. It is good to see you again. Did you find my sister?"

"Umm yeah, I did. She is looking for you as well. How about you and the rest of the people come with me?" Gray asked lightly.

The girl and the rest of the people shook their heads.

"We cannot. If we leave we will fall asleep. We wouldn't be able to move again." The girl said.

"Well shit. Sorry then." Gray said as he continues to pull the energy in. Instead of dispersing the clean energy outward he used it to heal. This created a cycle of restoration and destruction.

"You have to stop. I won't let you kill these people! You are a bad Trainer." A new voice said. A little Celebi appeared next to the girl. "You need to leave now!"

With that Gray was blasted outside.

Back outside.

"Fearow!!" The Fearow from the other day. Was leading several flying Pokemon in attacks on Celebi.

Gust and Whirlwind poured down on it.

This kept it bogged down enough for the Poke fusion characters to gain their energy back. With Gray now out of it, Celebi started to rise and attack the Trainers with new vigor. With a wave of its aura, it started to revive the incapacitated Pokemon.

Picking himself off the ground. Gray stood up mangled with his Poke Soul fading.

"Not now. It isn't over yet!" Gray said reaching outward to grab at the dark energy. Looking over he saw all the injured Pokemon. He reached out taking the energy from them. This restored his wings enough. He flew up back at Celebi.

Sabrina/Mew fired a new Psybeam at Celebi. Celebi dodged to the side. Opening its mouth it fired a Hyper Beam towards Sabrina/Mew.

"Damn it! Huff, Huff. I can't get away. Ori run!" Sabrina/Mew said.

'I cannot.' Ori transmitted.

Gray redirected his flight path towards Sabrina. Getting in front of her he used his aura to push her back and out of the way. The blast hit him directly in the back.

"What the hell are you doing!?" Sabrina/Mew said as she was pushed back out the way. She righted herself up in an instance. Floating back she stared at Gray with an incredulous look.

"Kuff," Gray said as he coughed up a mouth full of blood. The blood did not even fall more than a few inches before it dissolved in the heat. If it wasn't' for the new bubble he saw floating in his view. He would have passed out.

(Revenge learned.)

"Why did you do that? What were you thinking.?" Sabrina/Mew asked.

"You.. huff.. said you wanted someone to.. do that for you did you not? Huff the other day when we were in the spring. Or was that today?" Gray said.

Gray floated in the air. Turning to Celebi. He outstretched his claw. "Revenge!" Gray yelled as he charged Celebi. Hitting it on the top of his head causing massive damage. After the blow was struck he used Roost to help restore his vision.

"Arrooo." It bellowed as it stumbled back. Gray vision started to blur.

"One more chance!" Gray said as he charged into the eye again.

"Eaaahhh" The Celebi screamed. The resulting wave of sound sent the flying Pokemon away.

The others stepped forward rentering the fight.

Christian/Crowbat kept it confused. A constant bombardment of supersonic and leech life kept him in the game.

Marc/Totodile kept hitting it with strafe attacks. The use of Aqua Jet may have not done a lot of damage but it kept the beast distracted. It had trouble keeping up with the speed he had now.

Lance/Dragonite was forced to help the Trainers on the ground. Some of them couldn't keep up with the wild Pokemon anymore and needed to rest.

Tricia/Manetric guarded the surviving Rangers. Mostly her sister. Who refused to fall back and continued to fight.

A Blackfire kept coming off the bug Pokemon from getting to the other wild Pokemon. A black and red Growlithe kept them at bay from getting any closer.

Sabrina/Mew let loose a relentless attack. She subconsciously started to mix her growing aura abilities with her already impressive psychic power.

In the Inside. Gray ran into a different problem. A bubble appeared.

The area was shrouded in a bright green haze. Gray had two choices before him. Kill Celebi take the power for himself or Spare Celebi and use the power to revive those who were killed in the last few months.

FrozenTide FrozenTide

Sorry life happened. Happy reading.

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