30.76% An adult in Pokemon / Chapter 14: After Math

Chapter 14: After Math

"Damn it, I am a dead man already. So might as well do something to help this place. Screw it just save them." Gray said as he closed his eyes and waited for the end. 'I lived my life already. I was given a second chance at life. Should I not choose to continue. But I did make a deal to stop Celebi. I haven't broken a vow yet, might as well not start now. One life in exchange for multiple others. This is a no brainer. Hopefully, my Pokémon don't share the same fate.'

Making his choice the inside of Celebi became still. On the outside, a heavy dark pressure descended.

Giratina appeared. She cast her gaze on the infected Pokemon freeing them from there indoctrination. The forest started to restore at a slow pace.

"Ha-ha. Good show old boy. Follow me." Giratina said. She reached her wing out to take Gray into the distortion world. 'Oh my. This child has no idea what's in store for him.' She thought gleefully.

Listening to the Legendary Pokemon speak everyone froze in place. Once the words sunk in however things changed. Tricia was the first to speak.

"Wait!!" Tricia yelled. "What are you doing?! You don't have to go with her. Stay here. Its over now." She said holding back a sniffle. "Come on I want to introduce you to everyone."

Gray paused and looked at Tricia then the rest of the people. He made eye contact with Sabrina who looked immediately away. Noticing she didn't have anything to say, he looked at Tricia calmly.

"I cannot. I made a deal. I offer my life to stop Celebi. That power was not all mine. It tore me apart absorbing so much of it." Gray said shaking his head.

"Screw any deal. If anyone should leave it should be me." Professor Juniper said.

"No. But thanks Professor. I already knew I would die the moment the fight ended.Besides with choosing that you were able to live. Friends save friends right?" Gray said pointing at Tricia. Seeing her confused look he continued to talk. Trying to elaborate a little more. "This included you and some of those Trainers. The rest were just helped by accident." He said as he shrugged his shoulders.

"You need to stop. This isn't fair. You die, but they get to live. Where is the Justice in that?" Tricia started sobbing. "They died, yes but you shouldn't give your life for them. You don't need to do this!"

"It is not about Justice. This is just the outcome." Gray said plainly not looking back as he turned to walk into the tear aided by the wing.

Some of the Trainer's had a terrible look on their face. Tricia and Sabrina did their best to hide their tears. Christian looked toward Marc who was still out like a light. He had no idea how he would explain what happened.

Gray walked through, with the tear closing behind him. The female Giratina cast her gaze over all the humans before her and scoffed before taking off.

Lifting off into the air she flew into a new tear disappearing from sight. If one looked closely they could see the smile in her eyes.

The area was quiet after an unknown amount of minutes a green light appeared around the area. Mew left from inside Sabrina and added her power to Celebi.

One by One the people who gave their lives to feed the orb where returned. Professor Juniper just kept spreading her own Aura to make sure everyone was ok.

"Huh? It can't be? My Aura is getting stronger. That is only possible if…" Prof Juniper voice trailed off.

After the last people came out of the light, it condensed into one last person. A child to be exact.

"Si..ster!" Prof Juniper grabbed the child that floated down. Checking her breathing she noticed everything was fine and openly wept. "I have my sister back."

"Congratulations. Some good things came out of all this." Sabrina said with a sad smile. Mew floated over to her and brushed her tail against her face. "Thank you, Ori. I know I should be happy we all survived."

Mew floated about and looked over all the Trainers.

'Only a few of them have actual remorse about what has happened. That is disappointing. But the ones who were revived have actual gratitude in their hearts. It may be for another chance at life, but it is also for his sacrifice.' Ori thought to herself. 'Still, the one called Tricia and Sabrina have a strong desire to see him again. Sabrina is so close to the path I need her to take. Can't let this go to waste.'

"I have made my decision. Do not cry Sabrina I will do what I can." Ori said as her eyes glowed white.

"Not all of us did though. We should get out of this forest as soon as we can. You never know what else will happen." Christian said with a stern expression. He stood up and carried Marc off towards the forest exit.A few of the Trainer's followed behind. Some opted to stay with Lance and the rest. Mostly the ones who came with him as well as the Rangers.

Noticing the quiet tense atmosphere a Trainer looked to Lance.

"What is it, Lance?" The trainer asked him.

"Hmm, that power. It felt the same as the one 10 years ago that battled Lord Arceus. The female Giratina power was a little different but it was not the one from then. It was lesser. More gentle. But the one exuded from Gray. That one was almost the exact same." Lance said looking for answers or any chime-ins from the others. Even for himself, this shouldn't be possible. "Gray looks too young to have been involved in that incident." Looking over to Sabrina he had a strange look.

"What is it?" Sabrina asked on edge. 'It's his fault Gray was wary of me.'

"How much do you know of Gray? Was he the same as you? Was he a part of Team Rocket?" Lance asked sternly. 'Sabrina is my best bet. The girl Tricia is too hysterical and no longer here.'

This caused several of the others to pay closer attention. One or two Trainer's looked at Sabrina with contempt. They were aware of her past as someone who helped Team Rocket.

Shaking her head, Sabrina told them of what she observed. "I met Gray a few days ago in the forest. He saved my life when I fell into a stream." Sabrina said as she stared at Lance. "He is not the same as me. Nor was he a part of Team Rocket as far as I know."

"I see," Lance said as he stroked his chin. "I hope you don't mind coming with me to the League to confirm some things."

"Tch. Fine I will." Sabrina said with a click of her tongue signifying she was done with this conversation.

Back in the Distortion World Gray was standing in front of the black gate.

"Ok, are you ready to go to hell?" A female voice asked behind him.

Turning around not even surprised he shrugged his shoulders. "Sure why not. It is not like I have a choice." Gray said smiling. "My Pokémon don't share my fate, right? I agreed I would go, not them."

"Oh, you are worrying about them? How nice. Very well you are correct. They will be sent to a nice comfortable place." The robed female said. "Anything else?"

"No. Let's get this over with." Gray said as he stood in front of her.

Right as the two started to walk towards the opening gate. They were stopped by a smiling Saint Peter.

"Hold you two." Saint Peter said. "There is a new ruling that has been passed."

"Tch and by who?!" The robed female asked. "Not many can change sentencing. Especially after a deal has been made."

Smiling Saint Peter walked over and waved his hand. A little gold light left his palm and entered Gray.

Gray had his wounds healed and clothes restored. His eye color changed to a more translucent grey. He now had a less Dark appearance now.

Looking over Saint Peter gave his counterpart a look. "Mark him now and see." He said smirking,

"Fine then." She said. Touching his forehead she felt the energy that was inside him. This in turn caused her pupils to dilate. "Damn it. You are going back brat."

"Goodbye, young man. We will be in touch." Saint Peter said with a chuckle. A white nimbus engulfed Gray taking him away from the location. Looking over Saint Peter had a jubilant smile on his face.

"Uncle Peter every time you smile like that something bad is gonna happen. Who authorized his release? What gives?" The robed female asks.

"Lady Gabriel did. She wishes to watch his new decisions. She is impressed with the fact he agreed to follow through with the deal." Saint Peter said smiling ear to ear. "You should be happy Liliam."

"Hmph." The robed woman said puffing her cheeks as she took off her hood. "It's Lilith! No one calls me that old name anymore! At least she has been found. Hopefully, Michael stops coming over here asking me for help on where she goes." Lilith said rolling her eyes. Remember what he said she looked back at him. "Why should I be happy?"

"Your old Master might be redeemed from him. It depends on his actions in this lifetime." Saint Peter said as he disappeared back to the golden gate. His Line was quite long and he nreeded to get started on it.

Back to the outside. Time had passed since then. At one point all the Trainer's and Ranger's had made it to the same Pokémon center. Everyone looked exhausted but happy. Almost everyone.

"Sis, come on you have to cheer up. Did he not die saving a bunch of people, that is heroic right? We can say we knew a genuine Hero." Hilda said trying to cheer up her sister and a few others.

"I wish it wasn't known. It would be better if it was known." Tricia said as she stroked Manetrics' head.

"You miss him to don't' you girl?"

"Rawwr." Yes. Manetric said sadly. Looking up she sniffed the air. Her tail started to discharge a small amount's of electricity as it wagged in a happy manner.

A white light appeared with Gray walking out.

"A little warning would have helped," Gray said looking around. He looked at Tricia who was stroking her Pokémon's head. "Why are you down in the dumps? Did I miss something? I swear if there was another creature attack I am out of here! For real this time." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Gray!" Tricia yelled as both she and Manetric tackled him. Crying into his clothes she held a death grip. Afraid he wasn't really there she pulled him tightly.

"Hey calm down! I am not going anywhere for the time being." Gray said patting both of their heads.

"How long is soon?" Tricia said. With Manetric barking with her.

Looking over to his side he noticed a few new bubbles.

(Raise your Pokémon to Level 30.)

(Obtain two badges.)

(Master Poke Fusion.)

(Master Poke Soul.)

FrozenTide FrozenTide

I will proofread at a later date. Life happened. Working the next few days straight not off till Sunday. Was able to get these chapters typed up after work yesterday and today.

There is all the drama for a while. The next bit is mostly a few interactions with Pokemon and character training. With a return of Misty. But wait who will join Gray on his Journey.

Also an older Empress. (Abra)

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  • FrozenTide


    Been busy with work. The Pokeballs are on his person. The bag was with Professor Juniper last.

  • WolfLord


    Thanks for the chapter on a good story

  • Ikeda


    Did he just left with his backpack+all his items(maybe +Pokemon?) behind?

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