38.46% An adult in Pokemon / Chapter 18: Lets see how you fight on your own.

Chapter 18: Lets see how you fight on your own.

Walking around in the cave, Gray was happy for Pyron's flames from his wingtips. Which each flap and tilt of his wings, little flame emotes lit up the cave.

Empress had hoped out of his arms and walked around with Scyther. She had convinced Gray to allow her to walk around a little. He agreed as long as she was under the supervision of a stronger Pokemon to train.

Gray and Pyron had synced using aura abilities. Thinking of the notes from before he figured building the link would help more in the long run. The duo stopped when they came across a herd of Pokemon. A bunch of Zubat.

'Ok, Pyron relaxes for a moment. Take a deep breath.' Gray transmitted. Looking at the varying level of the Pokemon he figured they would be fine.

'There is a group nearby. Since they are all close together what do you think you should do as an attack?'

Flapping and circling around Pyron landed in front of Gray.

'I should try to get them all with a surprise attack first. Hitting as many as I can before they know what's going on. That's the best option dood.'

'Very good. Which attack would be best for that then?'

'Umm, I am really fast so I can get maybe four of them with Quick Attack before they realize it dood.'.

'True you are fast. But what about if you use Fire Whirlwind first? It would trap a bunch of them in a group also possibly disorienting them. Once some of them start to escape, you can pick off the stragglers that make it free.' Gray transmitted as he drew in the dirt. Looking up noticing his Pokemon's face he remember the forest incident. 'Use your speed to your advantage ok? I will make sure we get out of here if it gets bad. Don't worry about the other's, no one is nearby to interfere.'

'Right dood!' Pyron said with a salute.

Taking off Pyron rose high up in the cave. Reaching the top he shocked Gray. Pyron targeted the stalactite with Gust, knocking some of them down from the cave's ceiling. The cave shook from his point-blank attack.

"What the heck is he doing?" Gray circled a little aura energy into his feet just in case.

As soon as Pyron finished the Gust attack he used Fire Whirlwind on the Zubat below. As the shard's of stalactite fell into the flames they were carried along with its current. Smashing into the Zubat. Within a few seconds, several of the Zubat's fell from the sky onto the cave floor. Out of the group, one remained flying.

He was a biggun. At least twice the size of the others.

"The stalactite was Physical attack, but the flame was Special Attack, not much damage from one of them. Let's check the pokegear to see if it can give me the details on its stats." Gray looked at the little damage it received. He shook hid head. Pointing his Pokegear at the Zubat, he was as shocked as he thought he would be.

(Special Defense higher than regular Defense.)

"Damn it, that's all the info it gives. Crap good enough." Taking a deep breath Gray focused back on Pyron. 'Ok, I will watch you take him on yourself. I will give instructions if you need it.'

'Watch me dood!' Pyron then used Quick Attack striking the Zubat center of its belly. When Pyron circled back around he was met by the enemy Zubat's fangs.

Latching on, Gray thought it was using the bite move only. Turns out it started to use Leech Life as well.

"Pidd," Pyron screamed as he starts to fall. Zubat then released him letting him crash onto the ground. Hovering over, Zubat open its mouth wide and screeched. To Gray, it let out a set of waves with the screech. As it traveled it Pyron looked up.

Standing on its feet, Pyron wobbled around and started attacking the wall.

"Was screech a diversion? Did it use confuse raybas well? How interesting." Gray watched from the side. Connecting his aura to Pyron he snapped him out of it.

'Wake up now! That Zubat did something to you. Get it togethor.'

In a few seconds, Pyron stopped attacking the wall. Shaking his head side to side he got angry.

'He will pay for that.' Putin said as his eyes darted from side to side looking for his target. As soon as he saw the Zubat he flapped up.

"Bang, the Zubat hit the ground where Pyron just stood. Not giving it a chance, Pyron latched his along onto the Zubat's back and flew up. Once it was far enough up it dived down spinning.

At some point, it must have used Fire Whirlwind. A flaming tornado around as both Pokemon traveled to the cave's floor.

" Boom, " Both Pokemon made contact with the floor causing it to shake again.

"Pyron you are dangerous." Gray looked up and used his aura and physic abilities to make a bubble where both landed. Also around himself. He did it just in time as several pieces of stalactites fell from the ceiling. A few minutes if this the dust cleared and he dropped the bubbles.

In the middle, the two Pokemon were fighting head to head. Pyron dodged and scratch with his talons when he could. Every now and then the Zubat had gotten a good hit in. Whenever he latched on, Pyron would use his flames startling the Pokemon long enough for him to get free.

Seeing the burn marks along the Pokemon mouth, Gray was surprised at the ferocity of them both. But then again Pyron was a wild Pokemon just a while ago.

'Would you like my help? Or do you think you can still take him?' Gray transmitted the thoughts using aura.

'I can do it!' Pyron transmitted back determined. 'Just watch me dood!' Dodging back up into the air from Zubat's passing Wing Attack. He flew way up.

Disappearing from sight, both Gray and the Zubat could no longer see him. Every now and then, a Gust would appear knocking sand around and rock around.

"Tri trri," The Zubat said. It searched around looking for its opponent. Flying a good bit up into the air, it started to screech in multiple directions.

As it's screeching bounced around the cave walls the wind continued to rise. The Gust became stronger and stronger.

'I got it.' Thinking to himself Gray took a few steps back. 'What a crazy plan. Hopefully, this aura bubble lasts.'

Extending his hands he strengthens the aura around himself. In the next moment, he saw what he expected.

Pyron came flying through at high speeds. Using the gust around the caves it created it's on slipstreams to travel.

"Bam, " it rammed into the Zubat. In a few seconds, it came back around slamming into it again. "Bam, bam, " it passes through two more times.

"Tri, tri, triii, " The Zubat righted itself with the last pass. Turning a glint in its eyes could be seen.

Before Gray had the chance to warn Pyron. The Zubat started to glow. When the light cleared, a Golbat was flying in the air.

"Pyron!" Gray yelled.

On its next pass, Pyron rode a slipstream that took it around the Golbat.

Getting mad the Golbat turned and screeched. Pyron stumbled a little in flight.

Folding it's wings Pyron zipped pass. Taking all the air from the Gust it made earlier with it. The cave became extremely quiet where they were.

"What the heck? I have a bad feeling about this."

The Golbat looked in a single direction. Flapping its wings slowly. The fangs in its mouth started to glow and become larger.

"Crap Poison Fang. I have to warn Pyron." Shaking his head Gray stopped himself. "No, it's his battle. Only if it gets too dangerous do I interfere. Come on you got this." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Watching the direction that Golbat was looking he saw the move before he saw Pyron. It was just different.

Fire was spread about two feet in front of Pyron and to his sides. Gray noticed Pyron was still gaining speed. It was using Quick Attack over and over again.

"Crap. That is way to fast." Running pass The Golbat Gray kept moving to where he thought Pyron might end up if he missed.

"Piiii!" Pyron's voice traveled through the cave. The Golbat was poised to sink his teeth in.

Pyron used Quick Attack one more time The flames at the front of it turned to a Gray white.

"Badump, badump, " Gray felt his heart tightened looking back.

"What is this feeling?" Gray felt Pyron's desire to win no matter what. Turning around he kicked up his aura to watch the entire event unfold.

"Booom!" Pyron's flames slammed into Golbat first. Dissipating on contact a few flame motes burned in the air.

"Ttrrrr, " Golbat said as it was moved back slightly. Looking defiant it was ready to counter-attack. Before it could sink its fangs in, its eyes went wide when Pyron smacked into its belly.

"Riiipp, " Pyron traveled right through its belly. Coming through the other side, he flapped his wings rebalancing himself in flight. From the hole it made, flames could be seen in its stomach.

The Golbat flapped its wings two more times before falling to the ground.

Pyron looked exhausted as it barely could keep its eyes open. Gray jumped in the air using his aura snatching him from the sky. At least he tried to.

With the momentum still, they both were carried to a cave wall. Turning over clutching Pyron, Gray stretched his fist out.

"Aura Punch!" He yelled as his fist hit the wall.

"Peng" the attack made a slight sound killing the momentum. As they slid down the wall, Gray looked at Pyron. Besides being exhausted the Pokemon looked fine.

Thinking, Gray tried to communicate with Empress using the Expokeball.

'Are you two ok?'

'Yeah! We are fine. We heard some explosion so we left out the cave. We are currently outside. Oh oh, I have a surprise for you when you get out.' Empress transmitted back excitedly.

'Alright. Just Be safe you two.' Breaking the link he looked down at Pyron. Blinking its eyes awake Pyron jumped out of his arms.

'Did you jump into the fight?! Where is he?!' Pyron transmitted in a hurry.

Not answering Gray pointed back to the corpse of Golbat.

Pyron hopped to the Golbat's location.

It stared for a few minutes. Pecking down it started to eat the Golbat with gusto. Before chirping loud into the air. It spread its wings widely.

"Ppi iii" I won! He said happily.

At the moment he started to glow. A bright light enveloped the cave. In a second it disappeared. A blue bubble appeared.

(Pyron has leveled up.)

(Pyron has evolved)

(Defeating a Pokemon at a higher level and evolutionary state has awarded Pyron with bonus points.)

(+3 Bonus points)

Pyron came flying towards Gray.

"Pi gg geee ott" Dood! I evolved. Check me out! He said happily.

"Good Job, " Gray said petting its head. "You are a very wild fighter see what we can do to improve that." Looking around Gray noticed the destruction. "Maybe destroy a little bit less next time."

"Pidgeotto." Right he said somewhat ashamed.

"No worries though. It was a great battle." Gray hurriedly said trying to cheer him up.

Pyron rubbed his head on Gray's chest near his heart.

(Pokemon Fusion commencing.)

"Wait what?" Surprised Gray tried to move back before he was engulfed in light.

Both him and Pyron combined. Their thoughts were a mess. Pyron was so tired that he fell asleep mid fusion.

"What the heck?!" Gray said as he moved his hands to his face.

With a slight shake, the fusion was undone. Pyron was on his belly snoozing away. Gray was slightly disoriented. Looking up he saw the bubbles.

(Pokemon Fusion successful.)

(Pokemon Fusion collapsed.)

"What went wrong?"

(Pokemon to exhausted.)

"How did it trigger?? I know I didn't initiate it."

(Pyron initiated it.)

"What the heck. Wait a minute... stupid me. That's what I had Tricia's Luxray do in the forest." Gray started to wonder a little bit. 'Guess it will work if the feelings match or trust or something. But wait.... Professor Junipers Levanny forced a fusion with it. More things to figure out later. I need to study those notes more tonight.'

Looking down he returned Pyron to his Pokeball. Going to the fainted Pokemon in the rubble, he removed them and treated them with his Pokemon Breeder skill. As for the dead Zubat's he placed them in his inventory for Pyron to eat later.

"Huh, what do we have here?" Reaching in the rubble some more, Gray found some shiny stones. "Wonder what this stuff could be?"

(Broken Moonstone covered in Stardust.)

"Neat. Well, guess I will pocket it for later." Tidying up Gray went for the exit.

"Ah, fresh air!" He said. Stretching his arms above his head. He waited for his eyes to adjust then used his Expokeball to communicate with Empress.

Before he could send the thought out he jumped back when he saw something appear in front of him.

"Boo!" Empress said sticking her tongue out.

Stepping forward Gray patted her on the head. "Was this the surprise you mentioned?" He asked chuckling.

"Nope, this is." Empress undid a pouch on her back and handed Gray a pure black stone. "I found this while training. Do you like it?"

While Gray was looking at it, Scyther walked up behind Empress.

"It's nice. Really pretty. Thank you. I think I will use it to make something for you later." Starting at the stone in the light a bubble appeared.

(Large Dark/Dusk stone.)

"Wonder if I can separate it into two? No matter." Tucking it away into the bag, Gray looked at Empress then Scyther. Noticing no real damage to the two, he started to walk back to the Pokemon center.

"Bring, bring." He received a message from someone.

(Hey, it's Misty. Sorry, I am getting back so late. I haven't even made it to the town. Suicune found this lake dungeon. We spent most of our time exploring in it. Anyway, I will be in the town later than I said. Seem you in a week or so. 😌)

"Hey, Empress. Misty is ok. She was playing around in a dungeon. Let's get back to the Pokemon center and get patched up. Then time for some food. Let's get something special tonight."

"Sounds great!" Empress said leaning back into Gray's chest as he carried her.

Walking till she was even with Gray Scyther looked at him.

"Are we eating in a room or.. out in the open?" She asked hesitantly.

"It can be either or. Which do you think would be best.? "

"In the room." Both Empress and Scyther said togethor.

"Umm, ok," Gray said wrily.

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