44.23% An adult in Pokemon / Chapter 21: Time to Leave

Chapter 21: Time to Leave

The next day. Gray felt it was way past time to be on his way. After a good nights sleep, he sent word to Tricia. Not receive any response in a few hours he checked out of the hotel. As he was leaving to go on his way, his Pokegear went off.

"Bring, bring." The ringing ascended in volume until he answered. Answering the call he was surprised with the caller.

"Is this Mr.Gray?" The voice of the Nurse Joy asked on the other end.

"This is him. What do you need?" Gray asked walking down the road. As he walked and talked he released his Pokemon to go an enjoy themselves while traveling.

"Can you stop by the Pokemon center when you get the chance? It's about the Houndoom. Do you think you can take care of it?" Nurse Joy pleaded on the other end.

"Sorry, but I can't actually. Considering my finances and the circumstance with that Pokemon that doesn't sound like a smart idea." After mentioning his own finances Gray remembered he never really checked on his money. Cycling through his pokegear he found his bank account. Right before he could open it, a bubble appeared blocking it.

(Acquire the Houndoom. It will be transported to an appropriate dungeon.)

"I am sorry to hear that. You see, the Pokemon center is overflowing with abandon Pokemon and I figured you wouldn't mind taking at least this one. Since you brought it in and all. Sorry for placing you in that situation. We will do our best to find different accommodations." Nurse Joy said a little depressed.

"Wait just a moment," Gray said as he stopped walking. Thinking yo himself he tried to get a response from the bubbles. 'Am I able to send more than just the Houndoom to the dungeon or no?'

(Multiple Pokemon can be sent to the dungeon. However, they will not count as your Pokemon. If need be the Pokemon will be allowed to transfer back for legal reasons.)

'Well, that's just great. What the hell do I need to do then?' Right after asking that question Gray received a message on his Pokegear. "Hold on Nurse Joy." Opening the message he read the code like it said to the nurse.

"Oh thank you so much!" Nurse Joy said on the other end. "I didn't know you were a dungeoneer. Is it ok if I send all the Pokemon there?" Gray could swear he felt her smile from this end of the call.

"Umm, sure. Just this one time." Gray said not really caring either way. With a few more pleasantries between the two, the call ended.

After a few hours of traveling down the road, they came across a rest stop. Unpacking some food and formula Gray released the rest of the Pokemon for them to eat as well. While resting, he received a call from Tricia

"Yeah, this is Gray." He said as he laid down."What do you need?"

"Sorry I missed your call earlier. I had something come up." Tricia said a little sad.

"Don't worry about it too much. I was just checking on you."

"Where are you now?" Tricia asked. She was wondering if he was still nearby. 'Maybe I can slip out. It would be nice to get a bite to eat with him and talk.'

"On my way to the next city. Need to try for that badge and everything" Gray said slightly sleepy. "Are you feeling better at least?"

"Yeah, I am," Trica said in a mumbling voice.

"That didn't sound like it. What's up?" Gray asked softly to her trying to get a straight answer. 'Man it better not be another crazy attack.

Trying something Gray focused his aura and physic energy on her. Feeling her aura touch against his, he sent t warm smile. At least he thought he did.

On the other end, Tricia started to smile for no reason. Feeling the presence of Gray nearby she looked around the room of the hospital. Not seeing him nearby she sighed into the phone.

"For a moment I thought you were nearby. Figured you were messing with me." Tricia said sadly.

"Heh. Maybe I was nearby" Gray said pulling back his aura and psychic energy. "Did you feel that just now?"

"Yeah, I felt something. Are you messing with me? Are you outside my hospital room messing with me?" Tricia said starting to get happy. At that time her door open and her sister walked in.

Noticing her sister talking happily in the phone Hilda sat down in the chair next to the bed with dinner.

"No, I am not. Hold on I am on this route here. I used my aura to try to send you a smile. Did it work?" Gray said as he picked Empress up and fed her the other bottle of formula.

According to the information on raising baby psychic Pokemon, it was fundamental to make sure they received enough nutrition.

Looking up the route on her Pokegear Tricia was shocked. "How did you send it that far?"

Hilda looked over and tried to figure out what was going on. Her sister was to invested in what was going on to answer her though. Seeing how she wouldn't receive an answer anytime soon, she started to eat the dessert while she waited.

'If you are going to act like this I am eating your pudding.' Hilda grinned to herself as she started to eat the desserts.

"I just focused really hard. Anyway, you need your rest and I need my rest. I also need to finish feeding my Pokemon. So have a good night." As Gray was getting ready to hang up Tricia spoke quickly.

"Ok! But call me tomorrow!" Tricia said before hanging up. Flopping back unto the bed she at looked over at her sister. "Is that my pudding your eating?!"

"Nope. It's my pudding." Hilda said finishing the pudding off. " Who was that?" She asked throwing the empty cups into the trash bin.

"Swoosh, swoosh" Both containers went flying through the air. Landing right in without a problem.

Tricia stared at her sister. "It was Gray. Why didn't you tell me he called earlier? I had to make up a lame story about being busy."

"Easy sis." Hilda said narrowing her eyes. "You have to stay away from him. You don't remember

much of the forest but I do. I also checked around with the others. Gray was willing to kill Professor Juniper to solve everything faster. " Watching her sister expression Hilda continued more cautiously. "He is also butting heads with Lance. The Lance. You have your career to think about."

"I.. he's not a bad guy though. You said he was doing it to solve the problem. See a bad guy would have just hauled ass." Tricia said desperately trying to convince her sister.

"Trish!" Hilda said activating her aura to calm her sister. "You have got to create distance between you two."

Despite Hilda's aura weighing down on her Tricia activated her own. This allowed her to breathe easier. The two auras clashed.

"Shut up! I am not a kid!" Tricia gritted her teeth yelling back at her sister. Her aura rose in strength and pushed Hilda out of her chair. Gasping for breath Tricia calmed down. She held onto the bars of her bed unsteadily. Her vision was fading as she rocked back and forth.

"You... don't.. believe he is a bad guy. I know it now... You even like.. him. But I... huff..huff...became friends with him first." Tricia said slightly delusional.

Hilda stood up from off the floor looking at her sister. She was proud of her but now worried.

"Your right. But.. we.. can't ignore the League. We are Pokemon Rangers." Hilda said grabbing the bar on the bed. "Uncle Sam has found a lead on Gary. Come with me to find him."

Looking at her sister she asked as she realizes her sister was not conscious.

One of the problems with them as twins, was the sharing ability of aura users happen to be stronger. She knew exactly how her sister felt about the situation. And her sister knew exactly how she felt about the situation. Once their auras touched information and feelings transferred almost instantly.

Hilda started to get dizzy. Her happiness was short lived as she felt something welling up inside. A foreign aura was in the air. Focusing on it she received the image of a smiling Gray.

'His aura really touched here?! What the hell is with this primal energy.' Thinking to herself she stepped over to the help button. "Uncle please be nearby still." Hilda managed to say as she held the button down. In a few seconds, she was out cold like her sister.

Floating above her a silhouette of an Absol floated. For Tricia, a Luxray could be seen forming. It was not as descriptive as her sister, but it was forming.

Back with Gray things had taken a weird turn.

Right after the call ended. A woman reported from the sky landing right on his chest.

"Cough, wheez." Gray pushed the woman off of him the moment his breathing stabilized.

"Eep. Watch where you are touching you pervert" The woman said getting up off the ground from where Gray pushed her.

"Screw you. Watch where you land you idiot!" Gray yelled. Looking over to Empress he smiled seeing she was ok. For her part, Empress gave him a thumbs up.

Midnight jumped and started growling at her.

"It's not my fault. Ori teleported us here. She thought you were in danger." The woman said. Looking up at them. She noticed the Umbreon. "When did you get that?!"

"Damn it, Sabrina, how about calling next time. But thanks for the concern." Sitting up Gray just looked at her "Close your legs. Your panties are showing." Pointing between her legs made Sabrina realize her position.

"What the hell?! Look away!" Sabrina yelled. Her physic energy started to build up.

"Eh don't want to. Those look really nice. Sorry, Ori ruined your date. But as you can see I am fine." Gray then looked over at Empress. "Do you think if a person goes around teleporting they should wear better clothing?"

"Yes, it would make sense," Empress said walking over to Gray. She plopped right in front of him. "But I agree. They do look nice."

"What in the world are you teaching your Pokemon? Why are you looking again?!" Sabrina screamed as her psychic power started to kick up another notch.

"The better question. Why have you not closed your legs? Why have you not gotten to your feet?" Gray sent a message to Midnight. 'Come here boy.'

"Why you?!" Sabrina sent a ball of energy towards Gray.

'Do it now Empress!' Gray thought. With a pulse of his own physic might he created a barrier in front of himself and Empress. Bolstered by Empress physic energy it received the blast dead on. 'Dammit, she's not a Gym Leader for nothing.' Feeling the strain Gray then added his aura energy to bolster the barrier.

As soon as his aura energy was added the attack from Sabrina was nothing. Flinging the energy into the air he watched as it sailed away.

"Ah. That was a successful test." Looking down at Empress, Gray smiled. "Good work girl. We now know we have a ways to go with our physic training."

"Yahhh, " Empress said yawning. "Yeah, that's true. But I think we can kick her but in the future." Looking at Sabrina who was still just stareing Empress waved her hands cleaning the woman off. Smiling she turned back to Gray and hugged him before falling asleep.

"Heh, she fell asleep already. No matter. Return Empress." The light went out engulfing her. Looking towards the Growlithe Gray had him return as well. The only remaining Pokemon out were the Umbreon, Pidgeotto, and Scythor.

Scythor was traveling through the woods. She said she need some time to herself.

Pidgeotto was out night hunting. He would return in the morning.

As for Umbreon. Like Empress, he hated the Pokeball. After reading more about aura users as he traveled Gray found out Pokemon with matching aura as the trainer tend to dislike the separation.

Considering how it wasn't a problem given both Pokemon sizes Gray didn't mind too much.

"So you were testing your abilities just then?" Sabrina asked with her head down. She looked to be slightly embarrassed. 'Should have known he was not checking me out like that. Who the hell would want a freak like me?'

'You would be surprised.' Ori said from inside her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Yeah, after the fact. After seeing your panties I thought of the idea to piss you off to see how much you could send at me mad. That was quite a hit actually." Gray said as he started cleaning up using physic energy.

"So after the fact." Sabrina started looking up.

"Yeah. Sorry about that. I forget people don't like certain looks like that. But I like to look. My eyes ya know. I do what I want with them." Gray continued to move the food and trash around. At the same time, he sent his aura to Scythor to let her know Sabrina had popped up. "Oh, would you like something to eat?"

"No, I am fine thank you." Sabrina walked up and sat next to Gray. "I signed up to become an Ace Trainer. It was approved. So... it looks like you have a rival now."

Gray looked over smiling at her. ", Not a problem. May the best Trainer win." Shaking his hands with her Gray told her some small news."Actually, you would technically be the second Trainer rival I have. The first would be Misty Cerulean. A former Gym Leader like yourself."

"Really huh that's interesting. Wait we're is Misty?"

"I am to meet up with her in a neighboring town. Well, suppose to. She might not be there in time. We parted ways a while back." Gray shrugged his shoulders. "So we will see."

"Ok. That I can understand." Sabrina continued to watch the stars in the sky.

'Do be careful.' Ori said from inside her. 'Gray is in heat.'

"What the hell Gray your in heat?!" Sabrina said aloud. She meant to say it only to herself but she sorta slipped.

"Huh. I guess so. Someone showed me their panties all willy nilly. Course I would be in heat." Gray said smiling. "Don't wordh. it's not like I am gonna pounce on you unless you want me to." Gray raised his eyebrows in a joking fashion.

"Don't be stupid!" Sabrina yelled.

"Jeez ok!" Gray said jumping back from her yell. "You sure you are not a Loudred with those pipes of yours." Standing up Gray started to make his way inside. "I am going to bed. Do whatever you want, but I am leaving at 7:00 in the morning. Good night."

"Ah. Go...Goodnight." Sabrina managed to say.

'You are bad at communication. Which is weird considering you can read his mind.' Ori transmitted as she appeared floating. 'I do not know how he is in control of himself. But his aura says he is in heat be careful. I don't know why I don't notice that before. Maybe the phenomenon in the forest hid it from me.'

"It is ok. With the way he acts, I thought he was trying to trick me. Didn't think he was serious. His surface thoughts mimic exactly what he is saying. It is quite shocking go say the least." Sabrina had tucked her feet under herself like she did when she was younger. The smile on her face made Ori happy. "Hey Ori, do you think it strange he has an Umbreon?"

'Not at all. It happens to be one of his favorite Pokemon. That fact you have an Espeon is a coincidence. At least I hope.'

"Huh, why?" Sabrina thought is strange she worried about which Pokemon he had.

"The connection between the Umbreon and himself is extremely high. Something is connecting them two togethor. I do not know what but.. it is dangerous considering his aura.' Ori landed on top of Sabrinas lap. Looking up at the Trainer she choose, she was quite happy.

" I believe I can help with that," Scythor said coming from out the forest. "Hello, may I join you?"

"Of course. Talking suits you." Sabrina said smiling. Her eyes traveled up and down the Scythor. " You have become even more human. What happened?"

"It is a long story." Scythor said slightly depressed.

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