46.15% An adult in Pokemon / Chapter 22: Bedrock Town.

Chapter 22: Bedrock Town.

Outside the rest stop it was a beautiful day. In a tree not to far away a Fearow and its young could be spotted. The Fearow had awaken before the son and gathered food for its off spring. As far as the offspring where concern they were just searching for a new place to live. The Fearow new otherwise. It was charged with watching the growth off the trainer that saved its kind in the forest. Watching and observing was the task assigned to it. The Fearow would not falter.

Inside the rest stop in another room. A trainer pair could be found arguing. A boy with striking red hair and a girl with lavender hair. The boy stood about 5'5" and about 17 years old. The girl looked to be about 5'6" in height and 17 years old as well. At second glance they looked to be twins. The clothing they had own was scruffy and old made of leathers. Multiple tears and lacerations adorned there young bodies when they moved.

"I cant believe you want to go back to them. Look at us! Our bodies don't fit our age at all. We are even older than our parents mentally. They wont take us back Jacob!" The Lavender hair girl yelled. "We can only depend on ourselves, just like before." In the girls emerald eyes one would see a harden warrior. Definitely unfitting of the visual age she represented. Those eyes were that of a wise ruler and that of one who has killed before.

"Jasmine...," the boy looked back softly at his sister. "We are back home. We are not rulers anymore. It is safe here compared to there. The war has been over for years. You no longer have to protect the region anymore. We can be young again." Jacob watched with hopeful eyes. He prayed to himself silently since the returned a few weeks ago. In his mind he could get his sister to lay down her need to fight. Other ways could develop to keep the peace, all would be well in his eyes.

"Tch. Do what you want. I will do as I want. If you find our parents.. tell them I died." Jasmine activated her Poke-soul and transformed into a Latios fusion. Before her brother could speak again she tel-ported from the room.

Jacob had his hand out stretched towards his sister attempting to stop her. He only grabbed at the air missing her. "Dammit. She still cant cope with the loss of everyone." On his wrist a Crystal shined. In a soft light, a Pokemon appeared. A small Regice hovered. It was no bigger than a foot tall and wide. Jacob looked down at him. "Hey little buddy. Don't worry we will get through to her eventually. Jacob patted the baby Pokemon gently.

In response the Pokemon just released a little air, and continued to nuzzle against his hand.

With a small startle he looked to the adjacent room. This room happened to be Gray's room. "What a powerful aura. Its about as powerful as a Warden. Who could that be?"

Switching over to the other room before the argument.

First thing in the morning for Gray. He woke woke up slightly energized. The first thing to do was to get everyone fed before cleaning up. Formula for Empress to make sure she developed correctly. A nice balanced meal for the rest to make sure they start eating healthy.

The little Pokemon development was quite rapid. Even with Gray's aura and Legendary blessing changing her. Her intelligence seemed quite shocking. Cognitive abilities had develop to a teenager level in days. Gray chucked it up to physic Pokemon and the schism. The breeding information in his head said nothing was wrong. So he dismissed it considering the info from the Pokemon center said everything was fine as well.

"How are you feeling Empress? Are you full or would you like some more?" Gray placed her to the side as he finished the feeding. A small protrusion from her belly had him thinking she was full. He had not

Getting himself cleaned up, he brought the Pokemon to the cleaning station to give them a bath. While Empress and the others soaked in the poke tub, he made a small meal for himself. Leaving a small plate of food for Sabrina and her Pokemon to the side. Once everything was done he made his way down the road to continue on his way.

Gray released all the Pokemon for them each to get some exercise. Pyron flew off into the air practicing speed techniques. The Pidgeotto instinctively gain better confidence but need more experience.

Midnight stood close by Gray's feet. The little Umbreon gained strength just being nearby. With each step power course through its body strengthening and healing him. Midnight danced around Gray every now and then, happy that he came along with the trainer.

Empress just hanged off of Gray's front side facing him. For some reason she didn't want to walk or talk. Her tail wrapped around his midriff taking some weight off. Since leaving the rest stop the little Abra seemed uncomfortable about something.

"Are you comfortable like that?" Gray asked.

'Yes I am. This is also building my tail and back strength.' Empress transmitted. With a shake of his head Gray understood.

Scyther watched from the back right side. After her discussion with Empress she needed to make a decision about her future. The trainer Sabrina looked nice, but she was no longer with the group it looked like. The Pokemon really did not know what to do. Gray was nice but there was an odd coldness about him every now and then. Among all the humans she came across, his kindness matched his coldness. At times he looked happy but a flash of wonder passed his eyes when ever anyone said certain things to him. With the aura energy from Mew changing her mind set and giving her human emotions and understanding, the Pokemon felt she was even further apart from her own kind.

The Growlithe did not speak at all during the journey. A lot was weighing on the Pokemon's mind. Mostly on how to pay Gray back for his help. Even though he did not ask for it, indebted to the human did not sit well with him.

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"Gray, I wish to battle you!" Growlithe barked out. "No I need to battle you! Fight me!"

Gray stopped and looked back at him. Eyeing Growlithe up and down he decided after a bit of doubt. "Sure. But not know wait till I get something under control first. Once I improve my understanding of Pokesoul I will gladly battle you to your hearts content."

"That wont do at all. Fight me now human. Unless you are a coward!" Growlithe barked out. His aura flared causing Midnight to flinch. Gray just released his psychic energy mixed with his aura.

"We will fight later I said." Gray's voice came out chillingly. Scyther seemed slightly afraid as well as Pyron. But Empress and Midnight had a glow of power wash over them. Midnight jumped in front baring his fangs. At the simplest command he would attack. Empress tail unwrapped around Gray and she floated over joining Midnight. "I get it. You don't like me that's fine. But I be damned if you are just gonna force me to do anything. I get enough of that from Giratina when I sleep. But this is not the time or the place. s just a human I doubt I stand a chance. My aura power and psychic power are not at a comfortable level for me to control. I wont risk sparring with you. Accidents happen easy. We don't need to waste any supplies." Gray released his energy and turned back onto the path accompanied by both of his dark type Pokemon.

Pyron breathe a sigh of relief in the air. Afire burned in his eyes as he went further on ahead to scout and train. Even more determined to become stronger. From that pressure he want to be able to stand by his partner human against anything.

Scyther watched intrigued by what just happened. Unlike the others she knew what was going on with the Growlithe. It wanted to be taken serious and needed assurance that Gray was a strong Trainer. Beast Pokemon tend to be like that more so than others. Whoever leaded had to be strong. The Growlithe was testing Gray to see if he was worthy to lead. The only real reason she didn't speak was due to her own doubts. The Growlithe had a strong scent. Way stronger than most final form Pokemon. When he evolved he would be even more powerful than now.

"After I acquire this badge we will fight. Do you understand?" Gray said smiling over his shoulder. Empress had floated over landing on his back. She ran her clawed hands over his head playing with his hair.

"Very well. That will have to do." Growlithe said haughtily. Dashing off into the grass he headed to wherever Pyron went. Just traveling through the grass instead.

"What a weird little poke." Gray watched in amusement. A blue text then popped up in his vision.

(Defeat Growlithe in a Pokesoul or Poke fusion battle.)

(If battle is one through Pokesoul absolute loyalty is gained from Growlithe. As well as aura fragment.)

(If battle is one through Poke fusion loyalty is gained. Teamwork will increase among captured Pokemon.)

(If Growlithe is not critically injured in battle, Scyther will remain as a loyal partner.)

(If Growlithe is critcally injured Scyther will leave. Empress and Midnight affection meter will increase.)

'What in the world that is the most I have seen for quests. What gives?'

(Dark Pokemon respect the strong. Growlithe will continue to push if it senses weakness. Empress and Midnight will start to disobey if continued weakness is shown.)

'Ah.. forget about stuff like that. Well this sounds fun.' Gray started to smile as he continued his travels.

50 minutes into the walk he could hear yelling coming from behind. Looking over his shoulder he could see Sabrina running down the path. She stopped not to far from him only slightly out of breath.

"Whew. What's the big idea leaving me behind like that?" Sabrina looked slightly hurt when she asked.

Gray kept walking as he looked back over his shoulder. "What do you mean leave you behind? I said I was leaving at 7:00. I even took my time feeding my Pokemon and bathed them. It is after 8:00. I did not want to waste anymore time."

"Why didn't you just wake me up?"

"Right, by using what exactly?" Gray raised his fingers up one by one naming the reasons why he didn't. "Sending my aura to wake you up sounds like it would end badly for you. Your aura is weaker than my own and I do not know how to control it anyway."

"That I can understand. But.."

"Second, wouldn't risk using psychic since I am no where near you in physic strength. I don't want you attacking my little brain with that overwhelming power again.

"Yeah but I wouldn't attack you full-power. Just regular defenses would strike back at you." Sabrina became more annoyed noticing he did not stop walking forward. She strolled up nonchalantly, trying to catch up.

"Third, I was not going into your room to wake you up considering....," Gray stopped and faced her fully. "I would not how if you would be dressed. People sleep all different sorts of ways. I didn't want a repeat of yesterday and its silliness. You became quite flustered and angry."

"Can you really blame me." Sabrina said looking down. 'Ugh I feel like a child getting chastised. I do not like this.'

"Of course I can. I can blame anyone for anything. It doesn't really matter. It only matters if I really blame you for it." Gray then turned back around walking. "I have a habit of just saying shit that pops to mind. Privilege of being an asshole I guess."

Sabrina stood there trying to figure out what was happening. She probed his surface thoughts and realized he was not even thinking about the current conversation. His thoughts kept going to his Pokemon and how to improve them through care and leveling.

'He doesn't even care about this conversation Ori. He is just thinking about how to care for his Pokemon right now. I am slightly hurt by this.' Sabrina had a wry expression on her face as she watch his figure get further along the way.

Ori appeared from inside her in the form of another Pokemon. She transformed into a Espeon. Slightly bigger than Sabrina's actual one. 'I would not think much of it. Gray doesn't have any ill will behind it. From what I can tell he is only thinking of a way to get his Pokemon stronger to prepare for a gym battle. We should catch up with him. He is getting quite far away. There is a drive to become stronger implanted inside him. This was not there before. Something may have happened during the separation.'

"Fine if you say so. Ugh why are people so awkward to deal with." Sabrina took off into a light jog to close the gap. "We will do what we can to help. But I do not know how to approach this."

'Maybe try actual communication instead of just mental reading. It can go a long way towards understanding.' Ori practically glided across the air with her walking. The form of Espeon suited her well.

'Tch, Whatever.' Sabrina transmitted most of her frustration towards the Pokemon to let her know she was not happy with her. 'Eh but then again. I think I could become friends with him a little more. Since he knows my situation better than most. Grandpa also thinks it best if I make some friends. I will play it by ear.'

Around afternoon the group arrived. Gray forgo stopping for a meal. He rather just eat in the town.

"Well here we are Bedrock town guys and gals. We made it one piece. So lets fine somewhere to eat." Gray stopped and stared at the town before addressing the group. To him the place reminds him of Colorado's mountainous regions. Tall hill and ever reaching mountain landscape. People and Pokemon alike looked healthy and full of energy. The grass was a beautiful green with budding flowers along the walking path. A lot of normal, ground, and rock type could be seen in the immediate area. "Yeah this will be fun."

"Hey Gray.. I need to ask you something." Sabrina said timidly from behind him. During the journey she couldn't quite strike up a conversation. Especially since she did not want to interrupt his training. Along the way Gray has switched from using his aura energy to the utmost limits. Right at the breaking point he switched over to using his psychic energy to keep his body from collapsing. The cycle continued over an over again. This left Sabrina shocked. Gray was doing techniques Gym Leaders did during the old Poke wars.

"Go ahead ask away." Gray spotted a small cafe not to far from the entrance. Heading that way he couldn't wait to get something to drink.

"You mind if I tag along with you?" Sabrina asked sheepishly. Ori looked at her hiding a smile by looking down.

"Huh, yeah. No problem. Just don't go all rage Carrie on me."

"Ok, thanks for this," Sabrina answered smiling. Then it struck her. "Wait who the heck is Carrie?"

"A person from a movie. She was an extremely powerful physic. She also had social problems. Cant remember everything about it. I was quite young when I watched it." Finding a seat Gray sat down at the table. The cafe catered to both Pokemon and Trainers. Finding a seat for the Pokemon was quite easy.

Sabrina sat down at the opposite end. She noticed Gray left a spot for a person to sit down to the right of him. 'I wonder who that could be for. Is it for Misty?'

Gray looked over to the side and sent a mental message. Out of the crowd a boy with red hair walked over. His clothing looked out of place but he was quite peaceful looking. If a explosion with off Gray doubted it would faze the young man.

"So why have you been following me?" Gray asked. He sipped his water as he stared at the young man.

"My name is Jacob. Do you not remember me? I still can't believe it is you." The man had a sad expression in his eyes. He was happy but gazed at Gray if he was a long lost brother. He stared for a few minutes till he was interrupted.

"You may have the wrong person. I do not know you." Gray said slightly bothered. He may not have all his memory but he did know he was from a Earth much different than this place. Watching the young mans ever changing expression at Gray comment he looked to Sabrina for help. She just shrugged her shoulders in wonder as she sipped her tea. "You have the wrong person trust me. Either sit down or go away. I have no idea why you were following me. But it is creepy cut it out."

Jacob moved his head side to side in disbelief. 'How can that be. His aura is the same. Now that I am close to him there is no doubt. Height and build match as well. But he looks younger. Even worse I cant read his mind either. There is a dark wall of energy in the way. Why does he have to Pokesouls? There should only be one. I must find out more.' Jacob moved to sit down. "I am sorry, my emotions got the better of me. You remind me of an old friend. If I may, allow me to tell you a story about him. Maybe you can tell me if you have ran into someone like that."

"Sabrina what do you think? This wouldn't ruin our meal would it?" Gray asked looking over at her.

"No it shouldn't." Sabrina answered a little annoyed. 'Tch I rather it was just the two of us. How in the world will I be able to make conversations with someone telling a story.' Frowning slightly Sabrina moved her teacup to hide her displeasure.

"Do not mind her. I think I screwed up inviting her to this cafe. It looks to have a bit of a romantic atmosphere this evening. Before you sat down it looked as if we where on a date." Gray chuckled.

"Pfttt." Sabrina spat her tea directly into Gray's face. Her face turned red as some of the dishes started to float. "Who would go an a date with you." Sabrina stood up pointing.

"Hehe." Gray chuckled. "You look better this way then sulking. My mistake though. Please sit back down." Using a little bit of physic energy Gray cleaned Empress and himself of the tea.

'I am even more sure this is him. He even acts the same.' Jacob smiled as he grabbed some water. "I think this will be a wonderful evening."

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