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Hey, it's the shameless author who give a high rating for his own novel, MinxMean here! This was my first time writing a web novel and so, i wish that you would not make fun of me if there were some error or mistake. In fact, i hope you do tell me about it which could helped me make an improvement on this long journey. Do note that i only wrote this story because i was simply bored and have nothing to do. If i were busy then there might be only one chapter or at worst no update, I'm sorry in advanced. Feel free to tell me what you thought of this story, Do you enjoy it? Do you hate it? I would like to hear about your review in kind. :D p.s if you're a very kind hearted person, do give some power stone. There was a wise word, 'Generosity makes you a happier person'.
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Any plans to continue this story?coz i have been waiting for a long time since the last one!I wish you would still continue this novel! Anyway the novels great
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The story is just twenty chapters in when am writing the review, therefore, not much to go on but I'll still write what I have felt. The interactions between the leads are full of fluff and innocent enough as of now. It reminds the reader of the simpler days when they had their first crush and everything was all bubbly and pink. The story is an idyllic read for binge reading on a lazy day.
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Another wonderful journey. Thank you author for creating it. I really liked it so far and am curious as to what happens next. Writing quality: Quite good. Well I am not someone who knows much technical things involved but just one thing I felt was that There were too many paragraphs. Maybe you could sum them up in fewer? Because they look like pointers. Stability of updates: Works for me. Pretty well. Character Design: I liked it. World background: Well that's what attracted me the most. Overall, the story has potential just needs a little more work. Keep it up author.
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