25.58% Sergey Belsky / Chapter 11: Book II. Chapter 7

Chapter 11: Book II. Chapter 7

Relaxation. Conversation. Plan for the evolution of little lads.

On the one hand, it was not bad to be a mercenary, but it was no good to be on the first level of the dungeon all the time. I want to know what was next, what was down?

What kind of beetles live there, and what are their rulers like? Moreover, it would be incredibly interesting to see what was there, at the very last level. I had a lot of questions, and I wanted answers.

"Alyona, weren't you going to set off with Lin's detachment after the battle?" I was surprised to see the healer girl among the mercenaries.

"I wasn't. She made a very attractive offer, but it's more interesting with you," she answered and smiled, leaving me more than a little confused.

"Hmm ..."

"I just can't return to my world now, and I'm scared," she explained, and I could sense fear in her eyes. "I am very much afraid, Sel Er. I am terribly worried about my relatives, especially my mother, she is very impressionable. I constantly worry about what is happening in that world, but there is no connection with them."

"But you could have asked Lin for help." I thought that one could just contact someone from another world simply through other two-legged. In addition, the elf, in my opinion, was quite reliable.

"You're right, but I'm still a little afraid because, as such, those who have broken off have no rights. At least, that's what I heard, and I was scared to leave the cave because bad people could catch me, and I would not be able to get out anywhere. It's safer with you. I'm sure you won't do me any harm."

"Girl, any mercenary is ready to die for you without delay." Gard grinned. "After all, you didn't allow even enough bugs to die that it would be too hard to count them, and you didn't give so many more to the paws of death."

"Gard is right." The beetle with two sets of jaws who was walking nearby nodded. "So, do not be afraid. We might look scary for the inhabitants of the surface, but our souls are cleaner than those of many wanderers—though not all of them."

"You are not scary at all." The girl was a little embarrassed, and the fear in her eyes was now gone. Very strange these two-legged girls were. "And some can even be called beautiful in their own way."

"Master Grolm, what do you say? Can you stay and help equip the mercenaries?" I asked the dwarf.

"A-ask." The dwarf grinned. "I will not go anywhere until this wonderful ore ends here, and even the demons of the Infernal Abyss will not expel me from here. So, I'm here for a long time. I will raise the level of my skill, and at the same time, I will teach you to build fortifications and decent houses."

"We will gladly accept the knowledge of the surface dweller." Derergon spread his jaws, and the rest of the beetles clicked them, expressing laughter.

"No insults, please." Grolm frowned. "Dwarfs are the children of Earth, and we grew up under its protection. Just like you, we have always lived in the underworld."

With such conversations, the journey to the city of mercenaries didn't take long, and I felt as good here as if I were at home. There was no danger, only fatigue from all the battles.

We were met by peaceful bugs, as well as the dead fighters that Alyona was not able to resurrect. The beetles expressed joy because there had been no good news like this in such a long time, and now the mercenaries could relax a little. The main thing was not to meet any more rippers.

"Sel Er, come to my place. You can get some rest there," Tirliora suggested, and I saw no reason for refusing because I felt tired and had to sleep for a while.

Arriving at the home of the warrior, I immediately fell asleep. I was tired because so much had happened. However, I had a good rest and, having woken up, I was somewhat surprised to find that Tirliora slept not far from me.

Hmm ... in general, I have a task for her as well. She will help me look after the squad of little lads. I did not wake the warrior-girl and immediately went to the laboratory of the Death Herald.

Here, the work was underway to create a home for the gravediggers, and all the work was led by the dwarf, in whose eyes the flame of a forge burned. Apparently, he was also very fond of building and, taking up his favorite occupation, he was not distracted by anything. In the laboratory, I met a necromancer who was already talking to Skal.

"Mohr, can you teach me to read and give me a couple of books that would help improve my knowledge?" I asked.

"No problem, and at the same time, I will teach Skal as well because he has also reached certain heights in his conversations with the two-legged," he answered, surprising me greatly because I had not paid attention to Skal's conversations with people before. Seeing my surprise, Mohr explained, "I taught Skal the language before going to the spikers. Here you are. Here is, 'The Magic of Forms" by Orion. Perhaps you will soon discover something new from this book, and at the same time, you will understand the language in which it is written. Here you have another "Sword Skills" and "Evolution". It's just about the formation of an ant.

I thanked the necromancer. "Skal and I will go to some place to raise the levels of the little lads."

"Isn't it where you were before the attack on the spikers?" Mohr asked, squinting a little.

"Exactly. I will tell you about it in more detail later," I answered. "First, the seniors will go with us, as well as Rald, a couple of gravediggers, and a few more bugs. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Tirliora will help us to make sure that they do not die. And Alyona will go with us as well to make it surely less scary for them all. There are a few problems in that place, and the girls still do not know about these plans.

"I think they will not mind." Mohr nodded. "Now, at our level, there should be no unnecessary danger, and Derergon and I will go to the exit of the cave and see if there are more little lads there.

We will also try to overcome the barrier once again that does not allow us to get to the surface. Skal, help Sel Er with this, and gather the little lads for the time being," said the Death Herald, and he continued when the gravedigger left. "Be careful in the ancient city. This place is much more dangerous than it seems.

"Beware of the winter destroyer and the autumn death dance. What? Have you not met such ones yet? Then stay away from the north of the city. I will tell you the rest when you return. You didn't think that you were the only one who visited this place, did you?" Mohr opened his jaws, expressing a smile.

At the exit, Karnr, Gerengr, Riri, as well as Rald, already gathered, next to which was a strange beetle, somewhat similar to a flower chafer, only he was red. In addition to them, there were a couple of gravediggers and Tirliora, who had just approached.

"Where are you running away to?" the warrior asked.

"To a very interesting place, and you will go there with us," I replied. "We need your help, as there are a lot of dangers there, and your skills will be very useful to us."

"Agreed." The girl nodded. "But I will need to collect some equipment from the house first.

"Skal, will you help prepare the boys?"

"No problem."

"I'll talk to Alyona then."

It wasn't difficult to find the healer. In the city, all the mercenaries and the peaceful ones loved her—as the girl had already helped a large number of the beetles. Although some of them were still a little bit afraid of her. They still strongly feared the two-legged, and this fear would not leave the hearts of the locals fast.

"Alyona, we will need your help in saving our little relatives and helping them to increase their level. Will you help us?"

"Of course." The healer smiled good-naturedly. "I did not think that I would ever feel well in a place like this, but I really like this cave."

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