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NEXO : I Came to Conquer Another World


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Chapter 1: PROLOG


A girl came out of the light vortex that appeared out of nowhere in the NEXO-1 control room, the girl was wearing a white gown decorated with beautiful diamonds, with a golden crown on her head. She is Aika, one of 4 people from the old earth who was given the mission to find a new place for human civilization.

"fu...fu...fu.... that was fun!" [Aika]

Aika smiling cutely, her silver hair looks very beautiful and captivates anyone who sees it. He then walked gracefully towards someone who was sitting facing the NEXO control monitor.

"You're awake, little brother. Your new synthetic body looks more handsome than you used before. [Aika]

"Did you hate my hulk body?" [Gravien]

"I didn't say that, it just too… greenish for me… fu… fu… fu… "[Aika]

Gravien turned his face towards Aika who was now on his right side.

"That how it should be, you just know nothing about that" [Gravien]

"fu…fu…fu… why you always so sensitive for anything about movie things, they're just fake you know…" [Aika]

"ahhh… shut up …" [Gravien]

"fu…fu…fu… lemme give you kissy kissy so you didn't angry angry…" [Aika]


"By the way little brother, what your reference for this new body this time? It looks handsome you know…am a little bit nervous…" [Aika]

" Do you like it? I made it based of a hero in a movie titled Matrix, I just made it younger. Look at this, he's cool right... " [Gravien]

Gravien later show her advertising picture of matrix movies on NEXO Main Monitor.

"fu ... fu .... fu, I think this woman also look cool, she just need bigger boobs like mine…

. "[Aika]

"Her name trinity, and she look better like this… don't start to ruin anything "[Gravien]

"hey, what's wrong with bigger boobs? just touch it, you will love it, you know" [Aika]

"hell no! I have no interesting of incest thing…" [Gravien]

"Ahh… c'mon! We have no blood related, you born with Professor Neumann DNA and me female version of Dr. Elias, so anything will be fine... Just touch it… touch it…" [Aika]

"Stop it, why it takes you so long to back to the ship? I need you to release your privilege as commander, I need that to download data from QC-012 for this new synthetic body" [Gravien]

"Am so sorry... I was a little busy being goddess down there… that not easy you know, It was take a time for make sure anything will be fine while am on my hibernation phase, so I reprogram some androids and leave it down there, they will takes my place as goddess, so my people will be fine in several thousand years" [Aika]

"What!?... Seriously" [Gravien]

"Hey, I was save the world you know!... exterminating Broger race, building some countries, crowning some kings, making some laws for them to obey…. And that exhausting you know" [Aika]

"What the F**K…!!! Exterminating a race!?..." [Gravien]

"They disgusting you know, they have 9 big eyes, their body so furry, you can smell their rotten mouth from hundreds meter you know" [Aika]

"But… did you download manual to your head? Exterminating a race will bring imbalance to that world! They there because they should be there! You can kill some, but you can't exterminate them just like that" [Gravien]

"Of course I can, I was dispatch more than 300,000 combat androids to hunt them you know" [Aika]

"But you shouldn't do that!" [Gravien]

"ummm… Whatever!" [Aika]

"Just grant me privilege right now, I think will try something this time" [Gravien]

"Watching movies again?" [Aika]

"ummuu… I still don't know, if I found something that catch my eyes, perhaps I will go down also this time." [Gravien]

"You should try to become a god, little brother. That's fun you know" [Aika]

"Yeah… yeah… whatever, just start the procedure now" [Gravien]

"NEXO, authorize root access, crew code AIA-51… secure code: 6G71AS990PO" [Aika]

"Voice pattern accepted…. Crew code accepted… secure code accepted" [NEXO-1]

"Start privilege transfer procedure for crew code… GRV-145… privilege type… Commander" [Aika]

"Privilege transfer success! Commander Privilege will be transferred to GRV-145…"

"It's done! Fu…fu…fu…" [Aika]

"Don't tell me you going to use commander privilege just to access all movies archives again little brother." [Aika]

"I still didn't know, by the way am curious… you were said you crowning some king right? Who are they??"

"I forgot, fu ... fu ... fu, I just randomly picked their DNA from the Hollywood star category ...I think they have good quality DNA with the word "STAR" in their category"

"ahh… shit!" [Gravien]

"Hey what's wrong? Isn't our mission to provide a new civilization to humans from the earth? I just did what they asked me to do, I pick some DNA, made some clones, then I think that will be awesome idea to make them become kings. They never said how we must do that, right?" [Aika]

"errr… never mind, you can go to hibernate, big sister you must be so tired right now. Go…go..go…" [Gravien]

"Hey…hey…hey… Tell me what happen?" [Aika]

Gravien push Aika's back to the corridor that connecting NEXO control room to Hibernation Room then lock her out of control room, he was surprised to hear Aika just made some Hollywood celebrities clones become kings, but Gravien did not blame her, because he the only one in this ship that know what Hollywood are.

"Ah ... why there she so annoying…?" [Gravien]

Aika walked slowly thru the corridor and entering hibernating room after she's give up for unlocking the control room's door, since she has no Commander privilege anymore there is no chance for her to entering control room without Gravien order. Gravien return to the middle of control room, then leaning on the NEXO commander's couch with winning smiles in his face.

"ahh… finally the peace come back to me again. What should I do now? Hmm... let's try do my responsibility first, he…he…he"

"NEXO, start world scanning procedure, target: firmament distortion, scan mode: Normal" [Gravien]

"World scanning procedure start… estimation time 20 seconds" [NEXO]

His eyes stared at the right upper corner of the monitor screen which displayed a progress bar and the word "SCANNING IN PROGRESS...98%".

"World scanning procedure completed! 3 coordinates of space distortion points have been found. Asking for permission for entering pre-exploration phase "[NEXO]

"Permission granted" [Gravien]

"Authorization are needed to launch the exploration drones" [NEXO]

"Authorize crew code GRV-145, secure code 5501ZP67OE" [Gravien]

"Voice pattern accepted… crew code accepted… secure code accepted … continuing the process of launching exploration drones… drone type: DX-9910…drone carrier: NEXO-11... estimation times for exploration: 5 days…. start in 9… 8… 7…6…5…4…3…2…1… launching exploration drones completed!" [NEXO]

"Hmmm... Now let's makes this body smarter and stronger "[Gravien]

Then he gets up from commander couch and leaving the control room to the left side corridor that connected to laboratories, archives & data center, and production center room. He stopped at the automatic door that read "ARCHIVES & DATA CENTER" the security sensor above the automatic door frame suddenly glowed green, indicating that access to the room had been given, then the automatic door made of solid titanium was also open and all electronic devices in that room turned on automatically.

"Welcome commander GRV-145… what I can do for you?" [QC-012]

"QC-012, prepare sequence… data transfer procedure… synthetic body synchronizing… access by… crew code GRV-145… secure code 5501ZP67OE… Synthetic body serial number 9918… synthetic cerebrum serial number 5611… data category Wildcard" [GRAVIEN]

"The order has been confirmed… please enter sync-pod to continue the process" [QC-012]

A wall in the room was split, there was a 9 m2 sized glass room appeared from the gap, the Gravien slowly entering the sync-pod, once he inside of it he felt pressure of the air inside of it has change, then his body slowly flown in the middle of it.

"Continuing sequence… data transfer procedure… synthesis body synchronizing…. "[QC-012]

"Scanning synthetic body 9918…completed… connecting synchronizing ports…connected…accessing firmware information…granted… synthetic body firmware 39.01… synchronizer turned on…

Scanning synthetic cerebrum 5611…completed… connecting data transfer port… connected… Accessing cerebrum information… granted… Total available space is 9216 Yotta-Bytes… data transfer protocol standby mode…" [QC-012]

"Preparing data cluster… mode wildcard… Knowledge data founds… size 4817 yotta-byte… Body Movement data founds… size 1944 yotta-byte… total data to be transferred 6761 Yotta-Bytes… Sequence will start in… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…" [QC-012]

Suddenly, Gravien felt billions of information and knowledge fly inside the synthesis cerebrum in his head. The synthesized cerebrum is made with quantum technology that allows to re-map its neurons connection, so that it can match the user organic brain's neuron map, with this technology transferring human consciousness into this thing are not a big deal.

Gravien twitched sometimes, when the Body Movement data cluster entering his synthetic cerebrum, this kind of data are having special procedure, not only it transferred into synthetic cerebrum, it also need to sync with the synthetic body. Body Movement data cluster are including martial arts moves, gymnastic moves and more, that why all need to be synchronized and recorded into his synthetic muscles, so that will allow his body to move in automatic mode when unnoticeable threats happened.

With NEXO's technology, synthetic body creation is an easy task, but for using it's not that simple as is it, because the user will experience hell of physically and psychologically pains while uploading consciousness pattern into the synthetic cerebrum, which could lead into insanity. "Luckily", Gravien and the three people in this ship are NEXO's guinea pigs were deliberately "bred" for this research purpose, their mental are designed to struggle in this hellish process, but to gain these achievement hundreds of cloned toddlers has been dead.

70% of cloned toddlers suffered mental disorders and insanity so they had to be killed before they were 6 years old, and the rest had to die due to system errors and mechanical malfunctions during the initial phase of synthetic body technology updates, only 4 children were survived with "acceptable" mental injury, they are: KYK-09 aka Kyoko, AIA-51 aka Aika, GRV-145 aka Gravien and GLD-392 aka Gladys.

After going through 30 generations of updates, synthetic bodies became so much resembled human organic bodies. Compared to the first generation who still use mechanical systems for body movement, now in the 30th generation synthetic bodies have used fibrous muscle tissue made with Zepto technology which is way more advance than Nano technology. With Zepto technology, trillions of smart fibres made of vibranium-like metals, bind to each other to form muscle tissue then so it impossible to destroyed with middle-class weaponry, even if that tissue are destroyed the smart fibres will immediately repair the tissue by reducing thickness of the fibre wall, so that it can cover the point that has been damaged. Even though in the next attack at the recovered spot will be more easily penetrated.

Not only is it superior in terms of durability, the 30th generation synthetic body is also equipped with sensory nerves, allowing users to smell, taste, and even feel the stimulation of sexual pleasure, even though it lack of capable to reproduce but it has a "tool" for doing it.

Right before human extinction, those who were no more than a guinea pigs, hailed as humanitarian heroes who will carry the remnants of humanity towards new civilizations on another world, thank to A3-R virus that has spread throughout the world and infected 80% of human on earth. Ironically, this humanity mission to them are nothing more than nonsense and a plaything, they who's never become part of human civilization on earth and the worse, there is nobody ever teach them what is sense of humanity. Even if they done it, not like what it should be done.

A3-R is a nightmare for human beings, this virus will not kill humans instantly, but it is worse than that. The A3-R virus infects the most important part for humans, it is brain tissue. in the first phase, the infected person will lose his subconscious ability, that means they lose metabolic and digestive abilities, even he must remember when to blink and breathe. If the infected can survive in the first phase, then in the second phase, the person infected with this virus will immediately lose all his memory, even forgetting that he is human, if reaching this phase, death is a better way, because the people who are infected are now no more than a lump of living flesh. No instinct, no intelligence left.

All of the world's eyes stared at NEXO TECHNOLOGY when the A3-R virus was discovered by world's scientists. NEXO TECHNOLOGY is considered responsible for the spread of this virus. United Nations and superpower countries threat this company until at the end NEXO TECHNOLOGY opened its biggest secret, its about the existence of firmament distortion and the existence of dimensions CX-01 where the A3-R virus originated.

Professor Okufumi, who at the time was the person in charge of the research, was invaded by various insults from around the world, he was even called professor of death. Research on multi-dimensional world that has been started by him since he was still pursuing a PhD in America. He considered this world to be something far more complex than common planetary theories, he thinks there is something wrong that happened in this world, because at that time the search for life in space carried out by NASA had never get good results, even though at that time NASA was able to do multi-galaxy exploration, but not a single life or planet that could sustain life like earth was found. As if there was only one point in the universe that was given life and had to be like that.

Until finally he discovers the firmament barrier that separated life in the world from one another. After meeting with Professor Xavier, they agreed to do research together, then in next few years they discovered that in each firmament barrier there has some vulnerable spots caused by collisions between firmaments that protect each world.

This firmament vulnerable spot which is also called the firmament distortion, he believes there is possibility to be penetrating the firmament barrier by exploiting the firmament distortion, then if it's found the world behind that firmament, it's has high possibility if there has life in it, because for him the firmament barrier are meaned to protect life not just to protect planet.

Experiments carried out to penetrate the firmament distortion did not produce any results at all, until when financial factor brought them to with Professor Neumann, the owner of Neumann Space Labs, which at that time was the largest space ship manufacturer in the world. Under the auspices of Neumann Space Labs, Professor Okufumi's research and Professor Xavier were like getting unlimited gold mines, until one day they discovered a way to penetrate the firmament distortion that connecting earth to another world called CX-01. Large-scale exploration on CX-01 was carried out in secret, far from the eyes of the world which at that time focused on space exploration.

With the discovery of human civilization other than on earth, Professor Neumann seemed to get new hope in his life, he wanted to explore the infinity world even further, but humans had very limited life time, his 80-year-old body would not get a chance to go further when a researcher in the field of bio technology named Dr. Elias offered a glimmer of hope, he offer his research in the field of synthetic bodies and theories that allowed to move human consciousness into the synthetic body, that will allow human taste the immortality. Then NEXO TECHNOLOGY was formed, with four genius scientists that lead it ways. But without them knowing it, they had opened a Pandora's box that will brought extinction to mankind in few years later.

[NEXO-1's Control Room]

5 days had passed since the exploration drones were launched, three holographic screens appeared before him, each screen was the pre-exploration report he had just gotten, by comparing the side by side it was easier for him to determine which one caught his attention the most.

"umuu ... CX-67, CX-68, and CX-69 huh…" [Gravien]

{CX-67 ...

SURFACE AREA: 71,418,738,571 km2


ATMOSPHERE CONSTITUENTS: Nitrogen 61,08%, Oxygen 30,15%, Other 8.77%

Surface Temperature: -200/60 C (Min/Max)

Estimated humanoid population: 18 billion

Civilization level: 8

Threat: High}

"Well… this cool, but too big and too crowd…" [Gravien]

{CX-68 ...

SURFACE AREA: 8,870,658,186 km2


ATMOSPHERE CONSTITUENTS: Nitrogen 70.09%, Oxygen 25.12%, Other 4.79%

Surface Temperature: -20/40 C (Min/Max)

Estimated humanoid population: 4 billion

Civilization level: 3

Threat: Medium}

"hmm… this is interesting…"[Gravien]

{CX-69 ...

SURFACE AREA: 60,209,227 km2


ATMOSPHERE CONSTITUENTS: Nitrogen 58.02%, Oxygen 38.09%, Other 3.89%

Surface Temperature: -48/52 C (Min/Max)

Estimated number of humanoid residents: 200 million

Civilization level: 1

Threat: Low}

"Nope, this one is trash…" [Gravien]

He closed the last screen in front of him, he had no intention at all on CX-69, because it was still at the lowest level of civilization, that meant that the civilization in that world was still in the stone age.

"NEXO, Show satellite imagery from CX-67 and CX-68!" [Gravien]

The holographic screens immediately display several images that captured by DX-9910 exploration drones, he saw skyscrapers on CX-67 but at CX-68 he only saw villages between green hills, then in the next picture he returned to see skyscrapers on CX-67 but now on CX-68 he saw a large castle surrounded by houses in a stone fortress, his eyes sparkled after seeing the castle and he is now increasingly enthusiastic about CX-68. He looked again at the next picture which still featured a skyscraper on CX-67, but on the other hand at CX-68 he now saw a line of people dressed in iron riding a four-legged reptile that was very similar to a horse, only the animal was scaly like a fish.

"whoaaaaa, this is cool! The real knights…" [Gravien]

"CX-67 seems too boring, maybe Kyoko is more interested. maybe it's better I just keep the coordinates for Kyoko later." [Gravien]

"NEXO, Save CX-67 coordinate as Fast-Portal…" [Gravien]

"CX-67 coordinate saved… creating Fast-Portal in 10 seconds" [NEXO]

"CX-67's Fast Portal created…!" [NEXO]

"NEXO, attach CX-67's Fast-Portal to new message… Write… check this out… send to… KYK-09's inbox… type… urgent…" [Gravien]

"CX-67's Fast-Portal Attached…completed… write new message…completed… send new message to KYK-09's inbox… delivered…" [NEXO]

Gravien smiling, Kyoko who is the eldest of 4 kids on this ship, is the closest ally for him for long time ago while they still on NEXO TECHNOLOGY's laboratory. Even though Kyoko much older than Gravien, but she always calls Gravien "Big brother" for some reason. Kyoko's appearance not much different than her original body, she uses her 8-year-old body as basic model, the only different are 2 horns on her head, she's put them on her head just because Gravien told her that was cool.

Kyoko always want to impress Gravien, but sometimes that bring a disaster, like the last time when Gravien charge as NEXO's commander, he spent 1000 years just for watching all QC-012's movies archives until Kyoko wake up, the first command she's done are sending 600,000 androids to the world bellow, then they catch alive all humans in that world and sewing all of them together to made the longest human centipede. She did that was to make her beloved "big brother" Gravien, impressed. That idea came to her mind when she was saw Gravien says "Whoaaa..." while he was watching human centipede movie together with Kyoko on the first day Kyoko take NEXO commander privilege from Gravien's hands. Because of that incident, Gravien erasing his memory that connected to any human centipede before he returns to his hibernation phase because that to traumatize for him to remember, but that's how Kyoko shows her love.

"NEXO, lock destination…CX-68… Mode… Exploration Class A"

"The command has been received… destination…CX-68…Mode… Exploration Class A… Starting sequence... All sequence finished… All ships will depart in… 9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1 "[NEXO]

40 NEXO ships are now moving towards the coordinates of the CX-68 firmament distortion, the sound of the roar of jet engines echoing in the sky, inside the main ship Gravien stomping from the commander's seat, he walks towards the corridor leading to the storage room and hibernation room, his eyes sparkling vigorously.

"It will be very fun ..." [Gravien]

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  • omic


    Awesome concept pleeeeaasee moree

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    Why there always naughty girl around MC in any isekai story



    unique plots... keep it up...

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