66.66% NEXO : I Came to Conquer Another World / Chapter 2: Rebellion Army (Part 1)

Chapter 2: Rebellion Army (Part 1)


"Disaster ...! This is a disaster ...! This is truly a disaster ...!" [Scouts]

A young man ran screaming like a crazy person, his face was full with sweat, his face so pale he looks so scared like he had just seen a ghost. His breath was panting, he ran to every tent that surrounded the remains of a bonfire. People who were sleeping in the tent gasped as soon as they heard the scream of the young man screaming at the name of the rebel commander, Enizta.

"Eniz-Sama...! Eniz-Sama...! Please anyone call Eniz-sama! this is Disaster...!" [Scouts]

Not long after the people from all the tents piled around the young man, their looks were very chaotic because they had just slept after a full day tired of preparing new base as well as setting up tents for them to rest.

"Hey, what's wrong? Why are you screaming like that?" [Gloria]

"Where is Eniz-sama... We gonna die..!... We gonna die!" [Scouts]

"Yoooo... Calmn down! Eniz-sama is bathing in a spring on the other side of the hill... Tell us what the hell happen with you?" [Gloria]

Then back in the crowd, a girl broke through and approached Gloria.

"Hey, what happened?" [Enizta]

"Eniz-sama ... the royal army ... the royal army leads here ... what will we do?" [Scouts]

"Arrghh ... shit! How many are they? And how far are they from here?" [Enizoma]

"4 battalions of infantries and 50 cavalries and 10 elite warlocks...they will arrive in half days." [Scouts]

"Those son-of-a-bitch! Are you sure they're headed here? We just moving our base here, how can they know our location?" [Enizta]

"I am very sure, because the troops were commanded by Sir Franzola him self." [Scouts]

Enizta's face instantly turned frightening when he heard the name of the red knight Franzola. Franzola was an upper class knight, he was directly under the king's orders to slaughter all the rebellions. Because of Franzola's high status, he was even feared by middle class nobles, not only because of his cruel nature, but also the one word "traitor" coming out of Franzola's mouth would cause disaster for their family.

Franzola was known as a red knight for a reason, once he returned to the capital with a blood-colored body after he massacred the entire population of Sandoria, a small town on the border. He did it just because Sandoria's citizen had some close trade relations with merchants from Lazuardi Kingdom after the princess of the kingdom refused the third prince's proposal.

"That bastard ... How come ..." [Enizta]

"Gather the women and children now, take them to the border ...! Those who are able to fight, come with me! We will prepare for an ambush...!" [Enizta]

"Eniz-sama ... this is suicide ...!"[Scouts]

"Yes you're right! This is a suicide mission ... but at least we can slow down the Rosario Kindom dogs ... But if you don't want to die, you are free to go with those women and children to the border. I won't stop you ... "[Enizta]

"But ... Eniz-sama ..." [Scouts]

Enizta then walked away from the young man, then she approaching Emma who was hugging her daughter who was crying in fear.

"Emma, please take care of this. This is my family's medal. Show this medal if you meet the merchants from Lazuardi Kingdom, ask them to help you meet my sister Elandra, you will be safer there ... at least for some time ... but I'm sure my sister won't let you in danger ... "[Enizta]

"This ... this is too valuable for us ... Eniz-sama ... we can't take it ... what if you ..."[Emma]

"Just take it !... you need it more than I do ... after all, I should have died in the Sandoria massacre longtime ago... if I die in this battle there won't be much difference ... being here is my choice, but this time it will be better ... at least I can break the neck of those bastards so my death will be more peaceful ... "[Enizta]

"Hmmm ... I really hope you will be fine, Eniz-sama... Thank you for helping us..."[Emma]

"Scouts, i have new mission for you...! Accompany them to my sister's place ... I will guarantee your life is more comfortable in there ...! but, don't even think of coming there without them, because my sister knows that I've never been close to any man!" [Enizta]

Emma could not help crying when she received the medal from Enizta, she bend her body before Enizta, in her mind today was the last day she would see Enizta Van Sandoria, the youngest daughter of Earl Ernesto Van Sandoria, former nobleman who ruled the border town of Sandoria.

Long before the tragedy of the Sandoria massacre, Sandoria was a prosperous city because it was located in the middle of the trade routes of 3 kingdoms; Rosario, Lazuardi, and Dorian. The tension between Lazuardi Kingdom and Dorian Kingdom was used by Earl Ernesto to get a big profit for his city by established "Sandoria Merchant Guild" a proxy guild to manage export-import activities of both kingdom's merchant guilds, while their country embargo against each other at that time.

Merchants flocked to Sandoria city, they registered them self to Sandoria Merchant Guild so they could rent a warehouses in Sandoria. That a reason why Sandoria's economy soared sky-high in a blink of eyes. In count of months after Sandoria Merchant Guild established, prices of imported goods on Sandoria became much cheaper, inns were always full, and number of new domestic merchants from Sandoria increased, they made a profit by sell imported goods to other cities in Rosario Kingdom. Even the Sandoria's farmers are happy because their produce is bought directly by the main merchants without going through brokers anymore.

Being a city of gold is sometimes not a good thing, Sandoria's wealth makes most nobles hate Earl Ernesto, but they can't do anything, because Sandoria's tax revenue to the kingdom is more abundant than all their territories if combined. Over the years that hatred has been decaying in their hearts. Not only because the king always compared them to the success of Earl Ernesto, the king even planned to appoint Earl Ernesto to be Duke, a title that should only be given to the royal family.

Until one day, the third prince, David Emporia van Rosario, went berserk because his marriage proposal was rejected outright by Vanessa Yoanna Van Lazuardi, the princess of Lazuardi Kingdom. Not only that, Vanessa even rejected the third prince's marriage proposal explicitly publicly, this embarrassing incident was not only triggered by the third prince's ugly face, but also because of the sadistic behavior carried out by this spoiled prince to his harems. He even cut off the limbs of his favorite girls so that they remained in their rooms when he "needed" them.

The third prince was eager to lift the war flag against Lazuardi Kingdom after that incident, but King Rosario strongly opposed it. Because war against Lazuardi Kingdom will only bring havoc to Rosario Kingdom, everybody know that Lazuardi's military strength is far superior than Rosario. But, Rosario kingdom's nobles came up with fake sympathies to the third prince, they accusing Earl Ernesto of being a spy for Lazuardi Kingdom with trade agreement between Sandoria and the Lazuardi Kingdom's royal merchant documents as evidence, and they also promise him they were ready to deploy their personal forces to help the third prince slaughter that "traitor" to avenge Lazuardi Kingdom by cutting their influence on sandoria city.

The massacre of the residents of Sandoria was carried out in the middle of the night, not many were able to survive the invasion of the death squad which was commanded by General Franzola, who at that time was a royal knight who served under the third prince. Countless number of deaths occurred at Sandoria, but fortunately the two small daughters of Earl Ernesto managed to escape death were saved by a great merchant from Lazuari kingdom, Eric Madrake who later adopted the two became adopted daughters.

10 years have passed, the two little daughters have now grown up, but in contrast to his older sister who prefers to forget the terrible events and live for the future, Enizta prefers to return to Rosario to raise the flag of rebellion to avenge his father to the third prince who is now has become king of Rosario Kingdom.

This brave girl traveled to villages near the border to find allies who were ready to fight beside her to death under rebellion flag. Concerned by the stupidity of his younger sister, Eliandra, who is now a great merchant who replaced the position of her step-father, asked for help from the merchant network to find her younger sister with large rewards plus a 20-year trading contract agreement. That's why Elizta was very sure that if a merchant from Lazuardi Kingdom saw the sandoria family medal that she gave to the woman they would be saved.

"Eniz-sama, We're ready ![Gloria]

"OK, back to your position!" [Enizta]

Gloria ran back towards her friends who were lined up waiting for orders, then Enizta walked slowly towards the ranks of his men. Although most of them had no military background before meeting Enizta 3 years ago, their courage against death could not be doubted.

"We are the Death! Death to our enemies ...!

We are the swords! Swords that will cut down our enemies ...!

Now there… there are royal dogs heading here ...!

They are on their way to the death...!

They are heading towards the swords that will decapitate their heads...!

So, my brothers and my sisters ... are we going to let their God protect them…?!

are we going to let their God to save them...?!

NO! ...

We will cut their god's head…!

We will chop them ...!

Until their mother...!

Mother and father of their God, will never be able to recognize them anymore!!!

for Sandoria !!!!" [Enizta]

Enizta raised her right hand, accompanied by the shout of her army, the magic gauntlet in her hands glittered exposed to the morning sun.


"Tactical Boots... check!... Leather belt... check!...Biker gloves... check!... particles storage...check!.... Light Saber... i dont think i need this... ummmm what's next..." [Gravien]

Gravien pinched his chin, as his eyes looked at the pile of items in the storage room.

"Ahhh... I guess I was kept it in here...!" [Gravien]

Gravien's face turned cheerful, he immediately dug into a pile of items, then he lifted a green military colored chest that read "NOT A COOL STUFF. DON'T TOUCH IT!" on top of it.

"Ahh ... I kept it too deep ... I almost forgot you, my dear ..."

Then he opened the box, inside was a maroon leather coat. This coat is made from the same material as the material used by Synthetic Body , Gravien only make it red, then he shouted.

"Superhero coat! ... check! ..." [Gravien]

"Destination has been approached... Sequence will be continued... Preparing Exotron... Dimensional Gate CX-68 Will opened in... 5...4...3...2...1" [NEXO]

"Dimensional Gate... CX-68 opened....Prepare to enter... please tighten your seatbelt..." [NEXO]

Then all parts of the NEXO ship vibrated as they entered the Dimensional Gate which was just opened by Mega Exotron who was in NEXO Main ship. in the blink of an eye the 40 NEXO ships disappeared without a trace.

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    Those killer speech are awesome!



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