41.86% Bring Me A Dream / Chapter 16: Ch. 16 Meeting the guard dog

Chapter 16: Ch. 16 Meeting the guard dog

The soft purring of a car engine filled the street. The huge blue beetle of a car lurked along slowly in the street. Stopping before the small home in the middle of the street, the lights turned low as the car turned off. A light in the house, the car had stopped before, suddenly lit up a window. The light caught Marcus' attention as he was about to exit the car. He looked at the house in curiosity. Lila's papers said she was single, and living alone. He thought to himself, "Who could have keys to her home already? And who were they?" Disrupting his thoughts a figure exited the home. The figure was taller than a female- obviously a male. The figure's gait was confident and his strides must have been long for his pace was fast without seeming rushed. The silhouette stopped before his car and knocked upon the car window loudly. Rolling down the tinted window Marcus could see the figure's face.

A man with an intense expression stared back at him. His dark brows laid heavily above his dark amber eyes. There was a depth to them that told him this man was dangerous. Several black and silver piercings stuck out from ears that were hidden underneath dark brown curled locks of hair. The figure was bent over to be level with the car.

"Sir, forgive me if this is rude, but why are you driving Lila's car?" The voice was deeper and smoother than Marcus expected. Marcus realized this man may be an unlisted boyfriend or roommate or even male friend. He knew her new address, her car, and even took protective tones with men he didn't know. Marcus approved of the male, but felt offended. He sighed,

"Lila got injured in an accident at work. She's in the back, passed out from the pain. I didn't know where to take her besides to her home. She told me the address just before she passed out, and handed me the keys to her car. I'm sorry for the inconvenience." He oozed sincerity, but Spencer didn't trust him. He could sense the lie floating across the guy's tongue. The thought crossed his mind as he observed the guy in the car. Perhaps this guy drugged her? He was lying after all.

Feeling protective he nodded and with more force than intended he opened the back door. Unbuckling the seat belts he carefully removed her from the car. Lifting her easily he carried her to the front door. Opening it stealthily with magic he walked inside with her in his arms. He looked around and decided to carry her upstairs to her bed. He needed to order her a couch or something later. As he carried her up the stairs she softly murmured something. Blinking, he paused, as she

whispered it again,

"Mr....Sand...man" Spencer smiled to himself and continued carrying her upstairs. Away from others' eyes he used magic to determine her condition. He looked at her, his eyes glowing golden as the magic enhanced his sight. A sprained ankle was all, no drugs in her system. Suddenly the guy out there seemed a bit more trustworthy, but why did he lie then?

Turning to go back down stairs he left her to rest in her room. He went out to the car to see the guy leaning against the car casually in the moonlight. The guy looked a couple years older than Lila. He was narrow shouldered, but taller than Spencer. He seemed skinny, but Spencer could tell he was lean and strong. Of course Spencer was stronger, but that just came with being super human. Their eyes met with an almost audible clash of tension. The guy looked at him, both sizing each other up. Spencer crossed his arms as he stood there and broke the silence first- he was the confrontational type after all.

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"So you're a coworker then?" He asked nudging his chin and glancing at Marcus' suit and tie. Marcus met his gaze and held it unblinking.

"Her boss. Marcus Keliel." He said it slowly, emphasis on the word 'boss'. The point went across without saying, 'do anything and you'll regret it because I can fire her.' Spencer's eyes darkened as he looked at Marcus.

"Well then, I'm glad Lila made such good friends at work they would go to the length to drive her home." Marcus was surprised at the compliment then found the sarcasm in his tone. He smiled with his perfect teeth as he responded,

"My pleasure. I'm glad Lila has such a good guard dog at her home." Spencer's chest puffed as he let the last word out of gritted teeth,

"Room-mate to you."

With that Marcus disappeared into the night. Around the corner, the taxi he had called while the 'roommate' was in the house, appeared. He shivered in the cold as he opened the door. Once inside the car he told the driver where to go, then slipped his phone out of his pocket. He needed to find info from Vivian about this room mate guy. He had never been mentioned before by Vivian, so where did this guy come from?

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