55.81% Bring Me A Dream / Chapter 22: Ch. 22 Meet Dr. Yangkei

Chapter 22: Ch. 22 Meet Dr. Yangkei

Spencer forgot about Isaac as he helped Lila in the car to go to the hospital. He helped her into the front passenger seat at her request. He was as gentle with her as he could be, because she was hurt. She didn't complain at him buckling her seat belt even though her arms were perfectly fine. He got in the drivers seat and started Lila's car. Just the other day Marcus had driven her car... Lately it seemed others were driving her around more than herself. She felt annoyed at the fact she had to depend on others to take her places and help her. She felt useless. Second day of her new job and she was already going to be put out of work for months. She sighed as she looked out the window. In her peripheral view she saw Spencer's tan slender fingers reach over to the radio.

"H#@* me! F@*# me-" as abruptly as the music started it was stopped. Both Lila and Spencer's face were red with an uncomfortable blush.

"I didn't know you liked that type of music." Spencer said in a shocked tone his gaze set forward not giving her a glance. Embarrassed she stammered an excuse.

"Someone borrowed my car the other day, they must have changed the radio channel." Spencer's eyes knowingly darkened. Their thoughts were totally opposite.

"I hope Marcus didn't hear that music, too! So embarrassing!" Lila's thoughts shouted. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"That gangster boss of Lila's must be the one who likes that music! Listening to it in her car even. This poor soccer mom car was so pure, how could he!!!" Spencer's thoughts echoed.

The rest of the car ride was fairly quiet except for when Lila gave him directions on where to go to get to her doctor. They got to the slick looking hospital and parked as quickly as they could. They were quite far from the door, but Spencer didn't mind that. He turned off the car and got out. He smoothly unbuckled her seat beat and secured his arms underneath her knees and behind her back. He picked her up easily and closed the door by leaning back against the car. Lila's purse was settled in her lap and she locked the car for him. He carried her all the way to the front doors with an easy going stride that was faster than Lila was used to. How can people even walk that fast? Lila thought as they entered the waiting room.

The receptionist without looking put the papers out for them to sign. Still carrying Lila Spencer walked over.

"Can you grab those Lila?" His voice was smooth and low. With slightly peaked interest the older receptionist looked up. Her jaw dropped at the sight. A handsome young man had a young woman in his arms. He was taller than the average man having a height of 6'3. The receptionist whose glasses had fallen down the bridge of her nose closed her mouth as she collected herself.

"How many I help you, young sir?" The receptionist addressed Spencer. Spencer cocked his head in confusion. Why was she asking the uninjured person what they need help with. Weird. Spencer set Lila in a comfortable chair close to the large imposing fish tank. She easily went through the papers as Spencer sat beside her. His posture was casual and he man spread in his chair. The receptionist stared at him and carefully behind the counter where no one could see unbuttoned the top couple buttons of her shirt.

"We're for an appointment for Ms..." He trailed off looking sideways at Lila.

"Ms. Peaks." She finished. The receptionist nodded and with her professional charm answered,

"Of course!" Before she got up and wandered into the back room. She got Ms. Peaks file and flipped through it looking casual. She caught sigh of the name of her newly assigned doctor, Dr. Yangkei! He was the hottest doctor in her department. The receptionist's nose scrunched up in disgusted jealousy. That little pipsqueak has a hot model of a guy carrying her around AND she gets the hottest doctor in our department to do her check up! The receptionist grumbled about unfairness as she went in the doctor's recreational room. She spotted him easily. His hair was an odd orange color, not quite red, but still a ginger. His face was plain and no signature redhead freckles to be seen. His eyes were an odd light green color as well. They looked like a turquoise ocean. He wore the required spotless white lab coat over his plain blue shirt and slacks. The threads were simple, but he rocked it like it was expensive. The receptionists old heart glowed with warmth.

"Dr. Yangkei? You're two o'clock has arrived." He lifted his head from his book, his eyes flicking up to look at her. He nodded in acknowledgement as he placed a bookmark in the thick cream pages. He set it aside in his bag. They had lockers, but everyone respected him and his property. He stood and straightened his lab coat casually before striding over on his long legs. His imposing figure stood at about 6'2.5 just a hair shorter than the model sitting beside the patient. He took the carefully prepared clipboard and pen from the receptionist and stepped past her. He went through the office and looked at the name on top of the list. He smiled, a young lady, Ms. Peaks age 23. He walked into the waiting area and looked around.

"Lila Peaks?" A girl with long dark brown hair picked up her head. Her soft green eyes met his and he felt his usual charming glow activate. There was a man beside her who stood instead. He lifted the girl easily and walked over to the doctor. Dr. Yangkei tried to keep himself calm as the figure carrying her approached. He was so scared of other guys he just simply nodded and headed towards his assigned room. He opened the door and the big guy brushed past him and set the patient on the sanitary paper on the table. He stood there for an awkward moment before seeing the doctor was still at the door with it open.

"I'll just wait outside then." Spencer said as he left. The door shut quietly behind him. The doctor relaxed as the door clicked. He turned towards the patient and feeling himself again, smiled professionally.

"Hello ma'am. I am doctor Yangkei."

blueinkauthor blueinkauthor

Sorry for the two day break guys! I just have been a little busy with school this week so sorry about that!

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