58.13% Bring Me A Dream / Chapter 23: Ch. 23 Memories

Chapter 23: Ch. 23 Memories

Isaac turned around to see a familiar face. Josh's older twin brother really looked nothing like Josh. He was just as handsome, maybe even more so. He was 3 inches taller than Josh, but he somehow seemed like a much larger man. His hair was a mess unlike Josh's. It was a curled mess atop his head in multi colors. His locks were naturally blonde, they never knew the reason, but one day Francis came home with hair dyed galaxy, blue, green and purple with small white highlights like shooting stars in his tangled mop of hair. He had cut it too. It used to be long touching his shoulders, but now it barely came past his ears. His eyes were the same deep green tones like Josh's. He looked alien compared to his brother. Isaac was sure Francis liked it that way. He enjoyed being different. They didn't mind being known brothers, and they never strove to outshine each other. They even loved to engage in friendly physical competitions -which Isaac never participated in. It was hard to say if one was stronger than the other as they were both buff imposing guys.

How did Isaac know them you ask? A flashback ensued in Isaac's head.

The three had met in high school. Isaac was bullied daily, but he didn't mind -as long as no one broke his glasses. His were too expensive to replace as they had two different lenses in them. A different one for each eye. One day as he was walking home, past this very cafe. He had been shoved to the ground from behind. He easily fell to the ground and his glasses slid across the concrete sidewalk. The bully stepped past his small body and stomped on the glasses with tremendous force. Through a rough nose bleed Isaac cried out. The brothers- who were working part time in the cafe heard the cry and looked up at the same time. They shared a knowing look and dashed out together.

Together they went out and faced the harassers of this poor kid. Isaac was so short at the time and younger of course, he was a prodigy at his school, he was barely waist high to the bullies. A eleven year old in his freshman year. He truly looked pitiful. A small little ginger, with discolored eyes and glasses, his face covered in the signature freckles, younger than all other student and shorter than kids his own age as well. He was a prime target for bullying. All the boxes, and ones that weren't even required, were checked.

The two brothers beat the crap out of the bullies. There were five in the group in total. At the time Francis and Josh were only sophomores, but they were the most well known athletes in their grade. After the bullies left crying and running away the brothers helped the small red head to his feet. Isaac's young face was streaked with tears. He managed to mutter thank you as many times as his sobbing would allow. He still had broken his glasses.

Their boss came out of the shop at that moment. Seeing the boys surrounding a short figure she thought his new hires were bullying some kid they saw outside the shop. The brothers moved aside at that moment, and the cafe owner saw her son's tear streaked face. His beautiful eyes never seemed so sad. He saw his mother and ran to her. He sobbed into her apron. The brothers stood and looked at her anger twisted face. They looked at each other in fear. Just as the cafe owner was about to shout "YOU'RE FIRED!!!!" Isaac's small voice, in between the sobs,

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"Mom, these two boys saved me... please give them a raise!" could be heard. The boys sheepishly blushed and looked in opposite directions at the sidewalk. The cafe owner looked at her son's head buried in her apron and looked back up at the boys. She looked dumbfounded as she ushered her son in the cafe. She went in the back and with her son in her lap watched the security footage. The cafe was poor and could only afford one. The other business' required her to have one. It had luckily caught everything.

Isaac had been inconsolable afterwards. Screaming apologies to his mother for his broken glasses was all he could do. Unable to keep him at the shop, she struggled to come up with a solution to get him home. She looked at her young employees and had a sudden idea. She couldn't leave the shop for another three hours, and she wasn't about to let Isaac walk home by himself or stay here with his inconsolable sobbing.

She looked at the strong young boys with desperation in her own discolored eyes.

"Boys... Could you please walk him to your house and watch him until shop closes? I know it's a lot to ask, but I fear he won't be safe walking by himself. I'll pay you overtime and even pick him up. Please..." The brothers shared another look knowing their response instantly.

"Of course ma'am. We can drive him here after school everyday as well if you don't mind."

blueinkauthor blueinkauthor

I meant to upload more yesterday, but due to technical difficulties and weather interrupting my internet connection and electricity I could not. So today I'll update multiple for the lack in updates! SORRRRYYYYY!!!! Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read my comic and/or comment or rate! I really appreciate it and it means so much!

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