88.37% Bring Me A Dream / Chapter 36: Ch. 36 Master Chief Cole

Chapter 36: Ch. 36 Master Chief Cole

An aroma that Isaac had never smelled before filled his home as Cole cooked in the kitchen. Isaac and Spencer had wanted to observe him to see if he was a good chief, but Cole had kicked them out saying that he needed space to create. The aroma was surprisingly sweet and spicy like a baked treat. Or maybe a pie. Isaac was very familiar with the smell of baked sweets and this scent was new to him.

He watched Cole in the reflection of the television as Spencer nodded off next to him. Spencer was tired from all the flying tonight. Isaac observed him silently. He wondered what to do with his newfound feelings for his roommate. He had promised his mom marriage by 30, and he was 24 already. He had been biding his time alone ignoring people. His only friends were Francis and Josh, but with how many numbers they got in the cafe they were definitely straight. Silently he promised himself that he would win over Spencer's heart. It was his only chance. He had never felt this way before and to lose this would be a tragedy. He began plotting, as he remembered that Cole had to help him as his personal Sandman. Isaac, overwhelmed with excitement, jumped over the couch to the kitchen counter. Excitedly Isaac asked Cole,

"Hey Cole! You're my personal Sandman right? So you have to help me find love right?" Cole looked up confused at the sudden question.

"Well, me and Spencer sort of switched... but, yeah, I suppose I am in charge of your contract... I'll help in areas where Spence can't, which will be a lot." Cole winked at the end of the statement jokingly.

"You spreading bad rumors about me over there Cole?" Spencer shouted annoyed.

"All good things, all good things, I promise!" Cole shouted back at him. Isaac looked at Cole wholeheartedly, his blush apparent. Cole winked again, "I already know okay. Keep it on the down low for now." Cole whispered to the puppy dog-eyed Isaac. Isaac smiled, reassured. Spencer bounded over all the sudden. He leaned past Cole to see what was in the pot in which he had been cooking. Cole reflexively moved it clicking his tongue. "Na, ah, ah! You'll see what it is when I'm done. Now get out of my kitchen!" Isaac chuckled.

"Funny seeing as this is my house!"Isaac responded on his way going upstairs. Spencer followed him and as Isaac was about to go into his room he noticed Spencer. Spencer smiled and shoved his hands in his pockets casually.

"I wanted to see your room and maybe if there is a place me and Cole can sleep sometimes." Isaac blinked and nodded. He backed away from his own door, letting go of the door knob, to the one across the hall and opened it.

"This is the guest room." The room was average sized and completely white. The only furniture in the room was a bed, desk and chair, bedside table and a lamp. Spencer nodded and followed Isaac down the hall to another room. He opened the door to an identical room as the first. "And the other guest room." At the very end of the hall Isaac opened a door to a completely standard bathroom that was completely blue. Isaac moved back to the first door he hadn't opened. Inside the room was decked out with red and black. There was a massive desk with three monitors on top and a keyboard with red lights underneath the buttons. Next to that was a blue glass screen lying on the desk. The technology seemed more advanced than Spencer had seen on earth before. Other than that the room was as the others only black and red themed. The room seemed pretty dark and yet it was calming. Isaac seemed to be blushing slightly embarrassed. "My room."

"This is actually really cool... for a nerd." Spencer teased. He ruffled Isaac's hair after the joke and then left, disappearing behind the first guestroom door. Confused Isaac stared at the closed door for a moment before following suit and going into his room. Spencer sighed looking at the plain room leaning against the door. He closed his eyes and felt the tingling envelop him. He reached into his pocket and took a pinch of dust. He held the dust in his palm before his lips. With a deep breath he blew the dust into the room and opened his glowing golden eyes. His magic was electric and with little popping sounds the room changed. The bed turned ocean blue, a laptop popped into existence on the blue and white desk. The lamp transformed into a seashell lamp and suddenly paper birds of every color hung from the ceiling. Each bird made a popping sound like bubble wrap as they warped here. Spencer looked at the cranes longingly. With a sigh the magic fizzled out. Each crane was a wish to him. Most of them were different, but a fair few were similar. Looking about the ceiling he found his favorite.

A paper crane made of a light blue napkin, from his first mission as a Sandman. He had wished he could remember his life before all this. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Another one, an orange stinky note stuck out to him too. He had wished to feel emotions like humans did.

And lastly a white large paper crane. He had wished to fall in love.

But that one would only come true in his dreams. Or so he thought.

blueinkauthor blueinkauthor

Who do you ship most? Tell me in the comments below ;)

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