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This is certainly a hidden gem kind of web novel. Although the plot of the story isn't anything new, the novel is quite enjoyable and fun to read. The characters aren't your boring 'OP MC' where he just goes everywhere and impresses everyone. Everyone feels not copy and paste, each of them has a distinct personality. The worldbuilding and pacing is interesting as well, and the game mechanics have a feeling of fairness to them. No broken classes, no 'hidden quests' that skyrocket your level, no broken items that are just far better than everyone else. I don't know if the author is going to keep it this way, but I like it. Also, don't be fooled by the chapter releases. His chapters are like fucking long as hell. My only complaint is that the story is a bit slow right now and the chapter releases are spaced far apart. I guess that's fine because they're so long, but maybe shorter chapters would be better. I'm looking forward to where things go from here.
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Good story, but can you make a knight to be a hero? Moreover you give too much descriptions, and it kills the hype. Like, when you describe the difference between the outfit and gear: it could be done in one sentence, but you used five to do it. It's annoying. If you like descriptions so much, just go and write an historical drama ! For game type novels, readers don't want too much descriptions of the basic things, they are easy to guess. We just want some action ! Ok, although I'm not gonna read it anymore, I think that it has a good potential. Just a question though : you said there are different channels. Does it mean, if I get a hidden quest with good rewards, I can just go and do it 50 times ?
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