74.04% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 97: I've Warned You.

Chapter 97: I've Warned You.

"Surprised, huh?" That man sneering.

Aslan squinted his eyes a bit. He changes his plan. He spots scalpel and dashes to get a few of it.

He flips his body and jumps to the man again. He stabs his heart using the scalpel and pushed it deeply. He uses another one and stabs on his hand too, which he used to block the attack for the second time.


Aslan landing on the floor and look up at the man. Upon seeing what he saw, he was surprised again. More than before.

The scalpel on his chest and hand fall to the floor. The cut on his hand has recovered. His chest looks just fine. He can cure his injuries!

"That's it. Time to sleep." The man that has been shoot by Aslan said and knock him hard on his neck.

Letting his guard down, he wasn't able to block the sudden punch on his neck from behind. He falls on the floor. Pass out.

One of the men throws the device near Aslan before they left the mansion with Athena which is still in a coma.


"Mom! Raisya! Come on, hide here." Rachael extended her hand and help Hazel and Raisya to hide in the bunker. The bunker has been designed to be nuclear-proof. Of course, the bunker is her father's idea.

Once Hazel and Rasiya step down from the staircase, Rachael looks behind her. Jye Yin is missing!

'Dammit! Where the hell is she go in time like this?' She bristled inwardly.

Looking back to her mother and sister, she said. "Mom, there's a lock behind the steel door. Lock the bunker. I will go and find that bitch."

"Rachael, it's dangerous." Hazel said with a worried face.

"Don't worry mom. I am good with the fight. Just guard Raisya. We sure will survive this." She smiles try to assure her mother.

With a heavy heart, Hazel finally nod. "Be careful."

"Uhm!" She nods her head.

Closed the bunker door and lock it, Hazel went to the couch and hug Raisya on her arm. She is afraid. Every time her husband got a serious mission, she will feel so worried. She couldn't sleep until she knows he safe.

Being a wife of someone who always put their life on the front line is not easy at all. She thought that her daughter will not have any desire to pursue what her father's doing, but she was wrong when Rachael always want to follow Andy going to work and even training at the center along with other agents since she was a kid.

And now, she is also one of Andy's best fighter.

Rachael went to her room and find her spear. She is now ready with her weapon. The Sun house has been bombed with brutally.

She fights with the army of men which is wearing a full-gear suit. One by one has been taken down by her.

She also spots her father who is currently fighting with the one who brings the bazooka weapon. Even though her father is a bit old, he can fight very well.

She finally reaches at one of the rooms where she heard Jye Yin's voice.

"Who are you?!" Jye Yin steps backward while a few of men approaching her.

"We come to pick you up." One of the men said.

"I don't know who you are." Jye Yin still refuses to follow those man.

"Don't be so stubborn. Our master has been very generous to you to let you carry Aslan's child. Now, it's your time to pay the price."

"I refuse to!"

One of the men grabs her hand tightly want to drag her.


A spear blade almost struck at the man's head.

"Let her go!" Rachael said with furious.

"What a woman like you can do?" That man smirks and lifts up his eyebrow. He turns his head to the group behind him with a mocking smile on his face.

Without saying anything, Rachael turns her spear to the side direction and struck her spear to his shoulder.

"I can make you feel the pain that you never felt before." She said coldly and twist her spear.

That man screams in a pain. "Arghhh!! Kill her!"

Retract the spear back, all of the men who are standing behind that man before, surrounding her. Ready to shoot her.

"Seriously?" She looks at all of them, while the man who she just injured with her spear fall down on the floor trying to endure the pain.

"How coward!"

Jye Yin behind her shaking heavily. She touched her belly like she was protecting it.

Rachael lift up her spear a bit and all of them immediately in ready mode to shoot her.

"Shoot her! Now!"

"But sir, the target.."



"Ooopps.." Rachael said when she looked down and found that her spear struck that man's hand.

"Well, since you guys hesitate, I guess, I will take my turn first." She said and within a second she changes her spear form to be thinner and light. Throw it from the right side, the spear penetrates their neck one by one and make the spear flew in half circle line until the spear return to her left hand.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

Pap! She caught the spear.

"Eeeeuuuwww.." Rachael makes a disgusted face.

She looks at her spear which is now covered in blood and a bit slime on it. She took out her handkerchief and wipe her hand before she looks at her behind.

"You okay?" Rachael looks at her pale face.


Jye Yin passes out and falls down on the floor.

Sighing, she says "This bitch, when did she can not troubling me?"

She carries her on her back and with her spear on her hand, she wants to go back to the bunker but she has been ambushed by another group.

This time, this group of men looks like an elite squad.

"Uh-oh!" She wants to turn back, but she has been blocked by a bulge man. Her spear has been seized by one of the men before she could use it.


"Urgh!" Rachael kneels down on the floor after being punch by one of the man.

Her back of her body is still not fully recovered and she had to carry Jye Yin on her back. Not only that, she can't protect herself with Jye Yin behind her.

She spits blood from her mouth. The one who punched her on her stomach squatted down and grab her hair hard.

"Bitch! That woman is ours. Let her go and I'll spare your life."

"Ptuih!" She spits on his face, and the result is she get slap pretty hard on her face.

Pap! Pap!

"Take that woman and beat up this bitch!"

Jye Yin has been caught by one of the elite group while Rachael has been beaten by five men.

"Retreat! We've got the woman." The one who carries Jye Yin on his shoulder says to his earpiece before he goes the chopper which is waiting for him at the above of the Sun House.

Rachael has been dragged to her own room and tied down on her bed.

Her face is now injured and covered with blood.

"Touch me and you'll go straight to hell!" She warns them when they look like they want to r*pe her.

Ignoring her, one of the men start to open his pants zip. While others standing at the side wants to wait for the turn.

"I've warned you."

voiletevergarden voiletevergarden

: )

Comments (28)

  • xoxo27


    Omo what will happen to them, Athena she's been kidnapped.

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    I guess Zoro will save her. Well Rachael is also strong but she is tied to bed. I hope Athena will be safe. Aslan wake up and rescue your wifey.

  • judemary03


    Zoro make it fast pls Athena hold on aslan and family will take u back that bastard JY must be kill

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