74.8% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 98: Who Did This To You?

Chapter 98: Who Did This To You?


Andy went to the room and smack the bastard who tries to **** his daughter. He slams his head on the wall until that man died because of it.

He then turns around and stabs the dagger on one of that man chest. While another lift up the gun and shoot at him, he kicks down one of the guns and makes the attacker group to gun down their own allies before he cracks the last one neck.


Andy releases his hand and standing up. He went to Rachael's bed and untied the rope.

"Baby, are you okay?" He asks worriedly. He hugs Rachael like she was his girlfriend.

"I'm okay pa.."

"Oh my god...What they've done to you." Andy lifts up Rachael's chin and looks at her injury.

"I'll look cuter with scar right?" She chuckles a little.

Andy clenches his fist. "I'm sorry." He hugs her again.

"Papa...I can't breathe." Rachael said while trying to push her father a little.

Andy releases his hugs and he suddenly remembers something.

"Where's your mom and Raisya?"

"They're in the bunker. They safe pa." She finds her hair band and tied up her hair.

"Your brother?"

"Uhh…." Rachael looks at his father with a lost expression.

"Don't tell me.."

"He must be going to Athena's room." Rachael stood up and dash to the door followed by Andy.

Both of them was a bit shock when seeing the room is empty and in a messy condition.

Their house is now full with the dead body on the ground laying everywhere and a bit burning because of the bomb they launch.

Rachael looks at the side of the room and found that Aslan lies face down on the floor.

"Papa!" Rachael shouts when seeing her brother.

Andy hurriedly went to Rachael and help her to carry Aslan back to the bunker.

Bonk! Bonk!

"Mom! Open the lock!" Rachael shouts a bit loud after knocking on the steel door.

In a few seconds, the steel door has been open by her mother, Hazel. She looks at Andy and Rachael before she looks at Aslan who is unconscious.

"Oh my god! Come in!" She was a bit shocked.

Down to the bunker, Hazel help to lay down Aslan on the bed and look at Rachael's wound on her eyebrow, lips and the bruise under her eyes.

Andy went back to the house and make a call to his base to cleaning the dead body on his house. His base also has been attacked by the same group.

He then makes a call to Richard and reports his situation. Luckily Richard has sent a group of his other base to help him recover his base and clean up the mess before the news goes to the public.


A few hours later.

Zoro and Ralph and his team blink their eyes for a few times before they all look at the side of the lawn.

Rachael went to the group with a smile on her face.

"Sorry, our house is in a mess. Come in." She said casually and invite them 'in' which is not 'in' at all.

All of them follow her from behind. Zoro wants to ask about her face, but he thought that maybe he can hold his question for a bit.

"What happens here?" Ralph asks.

"Ermm...How should I say..we have been attacked last night and now Lee's agent is 'cleaning' the bodies."

"By who?" Zoro asks.

"Well, I don't know. But they took Jye Yin and I've heard that Jye Yin has made some deals with the mastermind behind this attack."


Rachael lowered her head. She shakes her head.

"She…the baby.." Ali immediately holds Rachael's shoulder.

"The baby's gone."

All of them dumbstruck. Zoro closed his eyes, feeling sad for Athena while others are a bit shocked by what they heard just now. They thought she just had an injury and not harming the baby when Hazel makes a call before.

"Where is she?" Ali asks again.

"She is nowhere to be found right now. Only Aslan know who takes her. He is now still unconscious."

"Unconscious?! He's the number one ranked in fighting, how can he unable to protect her?" Zoro almost yelled out to her.

Flinching her body a bit, she frowned a little.

"So just because he is the number one ranked fighter, he can have any mistake? He can't be knock down? You're kidding me?! He's a human. He has his weakness too!" Rachael also yelled at him.

Feeling a bit disappointed at him. She knows, Zoro loves Athena but Athena already married to her brother. Why can't he move on?

Zoro immediately turns silent. He didn't reply to her. He went to one of the block wood and sit on it.

Run his finger on his hair like he was in a mess.

"Where the hell are you, princess?" He mumbles.

Ralph look at them both and he turns to look at Rachael. "Where is Aslan right now?"

"In the bunker. Come on, I show you guys where is he right now." Rachael turns her body around and went to the bunker.



Aslan sits up from the bed and gasping loudly. He turns to look around and a bit panic when he couldn't find his wife.

"Where? Where is she?" He flips the comforter and tries to stand up but within a second he flops on the floor.

"Argh!" His head feels heavy and dizzy.

"Brother!" Rachael runs to him and helps him sit back on the bed.

"You should be resting and adjusting your condition first." Rachael said and pour mineral water to the glass and handed to Aslan.

Ralph, Ali, Zack, and Shon standing at the door frame looking at him. This is the first time for Ralph and his team to meet Aslan in person.

After a few seconds, Aslan looks up to the four of them. "Who are you guys?"

"Uh..sorry, we spacing out a bit." Ralph start.

"I am Ralph. This is Ali and Zack and this is Shon."

Aslan look at Rachael.

"They are a group of scientist and other Golden V who helped Athena to find the cure." Rachael does the explanation.

"A group of scientist?"

"Mhm...The one who knows about Golden V beside us."

"About the cure?"

"Oh no, it's not really a cure yet. It just a dose that can help her to prolong her life span." Ralph interject the conversation.

"Oh..I think I've heard it before." Aslan rubs his space between his eyebrow.

"Did Zoro come along?" He turns to look at Rachael.


Aslan tilts his head a bit and cupped his sister's face. Staring at the cut and the bruise on her face.

"Who did this to you?"

"Ermm...Don't worry.. he's dead."

"Does it hurt?" Aslan asks worriedly.

"It's okay...I can handle this. Why are you just sounded like papa?" Rachael scrunch her eyebrows.

"That because we both love you." Aslan smiles.

"Aslan." Zoro finally arrives at the door frames looking at him with a bit angry.

"Who the fuck takes her?"

Aslan turns to look at the person.

voiletevergarden voiletevergarden

: )

Comments (11)

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    Thank goodness Andy came on time and Rachael is safe. Zoro I know u loves Athena but now is not a time to start a fight with Aslan and blame him. You guys need to team up together if you wanna save her. Athena be safe.

  • judemary03


    OMG Athena where are u JY is really bastard

  • Vandamme


    I can't wait for the next chapter.

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