76.33% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 100: This Is The One Who Took Athena

Chapter 100: This Is The One Who Took Athena

"Hmm..how was your injuries on your back of your body?" Zoro changes the topic.

"I guess it's okay."

"Don't force yourself too much. You're still a girl after all."

"I get it." Rachael rolled her eyes.

"Then, I will leaving now." he stands up and Rachael also does the same.

She sends him off at the door. Zoro turning his body around, he lifts up Rachael's chin.

He stares at the cut on her eyebrow. He smiles and says " You'll look cuter with a scar on it."

"What?" Rachael scrunch her eyebrow.

Kiss her eyebrow lightly, he whispers to her. "If there's no man wants you later, then I guess I have to be the black sheep."

He chuckles and leaves her to dumbfound at her room door. Blushed a bit, she shakes her head and closes the door after that.

She went to the mirror and look at her cuts on her eyebrow. "Did I look cute with a scar?"

Touch her eyebrow, she squinted her eyes "Ouch.."

'Hmm..he messing around with me aren't he?'

Almost two hours Zoro try to decode all the firewall on the device. It's quite hard to decode it since the code changes every ten seconds.

Luckily he brings his laptop which is designed with super security and very efficient to remotely doing some hacking without getting a trace back to his IP address.

Andy and Hazel and Raisya also went to Aslan's mansion. They use his house as a shelter until the mission to rescue Athena is done.

Knock! Knock!

Andy knocking on Aslan's study room. Looked up to the door, Aslan stood up and open the door.

"Are you okay, son?" Andy asks.

Aslan nod. "Yeah, come in."

Andy sits on the chair in front of Aslan's desk. He can see that Aslan still taking care of his company even though he is now worried sick about his wife who's been abducted yesterday.

"How was your company? Is there any news about the missing airplane and ships?"

"Not yet. But, the searching area has been increased to a few new locations."

"I hope you can handle all this pressure. I know it must be hard for you. Be patience, Aslan. We always support you and will always here by your side." Andy says with a little smile.

"Yeah, I know. Thanks, pa."

"I think Zoro's done with the hacking. We should gather at your meeting hall and planned on our attack. The sooner the better."

"Are Ralph's team arrive yet?"

"They will arrive in another 15 minutes supposedly."

"Oh, maybe I should ask my chef to prepared us something to eat. You guys must be hungry." Aslan intercom his chef and instruct him to prepare some food for the guest and the family.

"Let's go pa.." He stood up and went to the door with his father.

After having late lunch with all the group and family, they start their meeting in the meeting hall at the left wings of his house.

The room is so spacious and very comfortable to hold a secret meeting. The first person to start is Andy. He already got the specific group who dare to attack them and burn down his house yesterday night.

He pushes the remote button and one profile with a picture of a man shows up on the screen. A middle-aged man around his forties.

"This is Gregory or known as 'Vendetta.' He's the mastermind of the attacking yesterday night."

"What's his motive?" Rachael asks.

"That...I don't know. But base on what he took, I think it has something that he wants from you, Aslan."

"Hmm. If he wants to threaten me using Jye Yin, I'm not going to give in. He took the wrong person."

"Well, that's one thing..but why he only took Jye Yin that time while he can kidnap me? I mean, if he wants to threaten you, I am the best candidate than that bitch right?" Rachael looks at her brother.

"Why you want to be kidnaped by them?" Aslan frowned a bit with his sister question.

"Well, I want to know if you will save me or not. Hehe.."

"Of course I will. Now, back to the point.."


The huge screen on the room suddenly changes the picture of Vendetta to a live streaming video.

All of the people in the room look a bit surprised. Zoro at the corner of the room, immediately run his computer to trace the source.

"Well, hello there! Oh, so many of you have been gathered around I guess." A man with a red shirt looking at them from the screen like he was observing one by one people in the room.

"Gregory! What is your reason to attack my house and hurting my family?" Andy asks with a cold voice.

"Oh! Mr. Andy…so great to see the legendary agent. Hmm, I heard you will soon to be a grandfather eh?" He laughing.

"Well, guess what?" that man move his camera to the side of the room. Where there's a glass room.

Inside the glass room, Jye Yin has been tied up in the wooden big cross without any single clothes. She has been sedated with drugged, thus she's not aware of her situation.

All of the eyes in the room immediately lowered it's gaze to the floor except for Aslan and Andy.

"Tada!!! oh not only that.." he turns the camera to the left and there's a bunch of the people who is he believe is the hostages from the missing airplane.

"Mr. Aslan~ I think you know your captain right?" one man with a full gear suit drag an old man with a pilot suit to the front.

The old man shivering his body heavily while the man with full gear suit points his edge of the gun to the pilot's head. He even steps on the pilot's weak body.

"Well, Mr. Aslan..if you think this is the joke then.."


The man with a full gear suit shoots the old man on the head, making all the hostages behind them crying and shivering.

While in the meeting room, all of them look at the man with disgusted and furious. Aslan clenches his fist tightly and grits his teeth. Seeing live his staff being gunned down like an animal make his blood boil.

"So, Mr. Aslan..here is the requirement for you to help your people and your beloved child...I know you must be very worried about your descendant, right? Bring me…Athena! Or I kill every one of them and fed them to the shark. Do you think their family will let you go just like that? Think wisely Mr. Aslan..you've only got eight hours to do so.." he laughing and end the transmission.

Turning his body to Zoro, Aslan asks. "Did you get the location?"

"Well, if that bastard man thought that he's good enough to hide his track, then he really is stupid." Zoro smirks and press enter on his keyboard.


The screen shows a location where the hostages have been keeping. It's a hidden forest and the middle of it there is a mansion with airstrip for the jet and aircraft.

"I've put the eyes on the satellite and confirming the places. This is live streaming."

The video of a group of an army that guarded the house. They even use a barrier to hide their location. Unfortunately, the barrier they use only works on the government satellite and not for Zoro's. He is far more advanced than others.

"So, put this aside for a moment. Let us hear what another party wants." Zoro said and change the screen into a sound recording file.

"This is the one who took Athena."

voiletevergarden voiletevergarden

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Comments (8)

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    Zoro knows Jye Yin's baby is not actually Aslan's. I don't want to be heartless but if those missing people wouldn't have been there, they could have decided not to deal with that man. Athena hold on okay!? Aslan will save u soon.

  • myanthem


    Zoro..dont be a black sheep..just be the man that want to protect his woman..i didnt predict zoro will do like that..im blushing for a few second..😆😆😆 That man is an animal..why he kill innocient people? I hope they will save and also poor JY, although i hate her..still she also a victim in this man game..i hope athena and JY will be save..and JY, you better regret with the things that you have done..😠😠😠

  • Emeren


    Same here

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