77.09% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 101: Dear My Love

Chapter 101: Dear My Love

Aslan's heart beating faster. Just the thought of his wife makes him so sad.

Zoro played the sound recording.

"Hello my grandson, Aslan Smith."

All of the people on the room dumbstruck and turn to look at Aslan. Aslan also frowned his eyebrow a bit. He was surprised. As far as he knows, he doesn't have any relatives from the Smith as Andy told him that he had to kill his uncle, years ago.

"I've heard you are now married and have a wonderful wife. I really want to meet your wife. I know you will never visit me or knowing about me. So I decide..I'll invite your wife to my castle."

Aslan turns to look at Andy who also looks confused. Hazel pinches her space between her eyebrow.

'Sam..who are you exactly?'

"Ah..I've also heard that your wife is one of my creation and she is now in the process of finding the cure with that prince huh? Well, guess what? I have what you want. The Cure. Come and meet me at Tibet. You know where to find me."

"Oh, please tell Mr. Ralph..thank you for the idea of his technology." the voice recording ended.


Aslan throws the chair on the wall. All of them flinch a bit when seeing Aslan in rage mode.

He went to Ralph and grab his collar.

"What does he meant by your idea?" Aslan tries to hold his voice as he tries to hold his desire to kill him right now.

Renee immediately changes her eyes color once he saw Aslan try to hurt Ralph.

Aslan's head felt pain. His brain feels like it wants to blow up. He slowly loosens his grip on Ralph's collar.

"Renee..enough!" Ralph try to stop her from killing Aslan.

Aslan kneeling down on the floor holding his head. His face turns red.


Rachael spear touch Renee's neck.

"Stop. Or I have to kill you." She said in a serious tone. Andy took out his gun and point it at the other group, they put their hands on the air. Not having any intention to fight.

While Zoro took out his gun from his back pocket and point it at Renee. The situation in the room becomes more intense.

"Okay! Calm down. I will explain." Ralph in a state of guilty. He looks at everyone.

"Renee..baby, please. He didn't mean to hurt me..I'm fine, okay." Ralph try to calm Renee down.

Renee is a bit hard to calm down once there's someone trying to hurt him. She will surely kill him.


After a few moments, she turns to Ralph. Blinking her eyes a few times, her eyes color change back to the original color. She hugs him and buried her face on his chest.

"I'm sorry, she's a bit difficult to handle once turning to the mode." He caresses her hair gently.

"It's okay.." He then looks down at Renee before he looks at Aslan.

Rachael retracts back her spear, while Andy and Zoro also put down their gun.

Aslan gasping for a bit. Trying to endure the pain he felt. Ali immediately rummages his bag and after he found the syringe, he went to Aslan.

"This can reduce the pain you felt right now." Ali injects him with the syringe and after a minute, the solution start to works as his head start to feel a bit okay.

"Now, explain yourself Mr.Ralph." Andy start.

"How do I say... it's happened years ago when I still a student." Ralph started.

"I am actually a genome analyst and also a biotech student. I create the ideology of 'Superhuman'. But one day, my best friend stole my idea and he sells it to that Smith man. The man buys it and incited him to do the test illegally. I change my study field to botany because I don't want to take responsibility for the cause that my friend may create in the future."

He looks down on the floor, sighing before he starts again.

"And the day when I met these people.." he turns around and looks at them with a smile.

"I decide I want to help them to find the cure. My studies about the substance are actually not complete and it has been changed by the one who stole it, thus it's difficult to reverse it back."

"Who? Who sold it?" Aslan speaks up after he silent for a long time.

"He's dead. That Smith guy kill him." Ralph said.

The hall turn silence. All of them in their own thought after hearing what Ralph just reveal to them.

After a few minutes, Andy pat on Aslan's shoulder.

"I have something I want to gives you. It's your biological father's belonging."

Hazel turns to look at her husband. "You keep his things?"

"Yes. Aslan has the right to know about his real father." Andy remains his gentle voice.

Nods his head, Aslan stands up and leave with Aslan.

"We'll continue again, once they've returned. You guys should take a rest first before we start to sort out our mission this time." Rachael said and smile to them.

This is the first time the group has been gathered together like this. Mr. Veron here is so tall and handsome too. Even though he wears gloves and always hide his hand in his pocket, he still looks cool. And his guardian is his lover. Ms. Crystal. The chemist in the group.

While Malik is a quite bulge man with a side cut hairstyle. He looks a bit young and cool too. He lives alone without any guardian by his side together with Suzy. Malik, Suzy, and Shon are the youngest victims. They blend so well even though they're not seeing each other so often.

While waiting for Aslan and Andy to return back, Rachael and few of them are busy with arranging the weapon from Aslan's vault.

The weapon has been brought by the head of butler. He helps Rachael to check on the magazine and bomb device.

Drive back to the Sun house, Andy leads Aslan to the area where he hid his vault.


The vault door opens and Andy went inside it. "This is all your father's belonging."

"How did you.." Aslan was dumbstruck a moment when seeing the clothes and a few boxes in good condition.

"Well, your mom wants to throw it out but I think it may come in handy in the future. So I place all his belonging in here. This is what he left for you. It was your decision to what to do with his things." Andy went to one box and take out Sam's last scroll that he left for Hazel.

"This is his last will. He meant to give it to your mom, but your mom refuses to read it. So I keep this will so that you can read it when you're ready."

"Pa.Thank you." Aslan said it slowly and take the scroll.

"Take your time, I'll be waiting at the outside." he pats on Aslan's shoulder before he leaves him in the vault.

Aslan unties the scroll slowly. He closed his eyes and inhale for a bit before he opens up his eyes again. Ready to read the content of his father's will.

"Dear my love,…."

voiletevergarden voiletevergarden

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Comments (21)

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    Damn y do Friends betray.!?!? Right now, i feel so sad for Aslan as he is the one who is most affected by everything. His company, missing people, Father Sam's Will nd most importantly His Love Athena. Hope he takes care of everything soon so that he cn rest and live peacefully with his Love nd Family.

  • Lplm


    I can't express what I'm feeling right now .... It's so sad... N author can we get extra chps cause I can't wait for whole another day plzzzzzzz

  • Emeren


    Poor Aslan. Can't wait to know what is Sam's message for Aslan & how it will help him plan his strategy.

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