78.62% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 103: Shake Your Body To Us!

Chapter 103: Shake Your Body To Us!

"I think, your shamelessness can't be cured."

Rachael chuckles and she tiptoeing to kiss his cheek.

"Just admit it if you fall in love with me." She whispered after she kisses him.

Zoro face turn red and he immediately pushes her away and went downstairs in a hurry.

Rachael still smiling looking at Zoro's cute action just now.


She flinches a bit and turns around with a blushed face. "Err…..Pa.." She said slowly once she knows it was her father who standing behind her.

"So….That's the one who you've said before huh?"

Rachael scratches her chin a little. "Er..you accept it?"

"No!" Andy said with a serious tone.

"What? Why?" She also asks with a serious tone.

"We'll talk after you finish your mission. Right now, just focus on saving those people, okay?" Andy went to her and hugs her tightly.


"Meet your mom before you go. She might be worried about you. Tell her, you'll be just fine. I know you'll be fine. I am the one who trains you.."

"Okay papa.."

12 am.

The aircraft landed on the private camp at Andy's base. Rachael hugs her mother tightly and shifts to her little sister after that.

"Take care of mom, don't make her sad again." She smiles and went to her father.

"Be careful. I'll be watching your back."

"Mm." She releases the hug and went to her brother.

"Bring back my lovely sister-in-law. And you…be careful." Rachael teary a bit when she remembers what just happened yesterday. The dark day for her brother and family.

"You too.. don't get hurt anymore."


She waves them goodbye. All the group members also do the same. Veron was kissing his girlfriend. Renee also hugs Ralph while others just saying goodbye and waves their hand before they went inside the aircraft.

After a few minutes, the aircraft takes off from the camp. Aslan and Kevin also get their backpack and ready to go with the jet.

This time, Aslan's chauffeur is the one who flies the jet. He is actually a very good driver. He can drive any kind of vehicle and he even has good combatant skills. All of his trusted servants are qualified in every angle of skills.

His flight will take a few hours to arrives at the destination. While in the jet, he holds on Athena's katana. 'Wait for me, Athena. I will come to you.'

"Ms. Silver Fox, Our destination is five minutes ahead." the pilot speaks through the aviation headset.

"Got it." She replies and turns to look at all of them. "Line up."

All of them line up on the aircraft door. Rachael put one device on their suit and check on their parachute.

"Remember, tap on your device five seconds before you go through the barrier. Pull your parachute once you inside the barrier. Your landing point has been set by the GPS on your parachute. So we won't be landing at the same point. Use this opportunity to take them down. We should meet up at the center of his mansion."

"Got it?"


"Then, get ready to jump." She turns his body back and once the carriage's door open, she jumps down followed by others behind her.

5 seconds before she hit the barrier, she taps on the device and a magnetic current covered her full body and she can pass the barrier without making the alarm turns on.

Pull out the parachute, she guided by the parachute to her landing point. Release the parachute, she landing on of the brick wall.


Rachael looks up at the sky using his night vision. All of the group has been invading the barrier without any problem.

She sighs of relief and went down from the wall.


Just after she went down, there are knives almost hit her face. Luckily she was faster and ward the knives using her back of her hand.

Thud! The knives stuck on the wall.

The one who throw the knives to her dashing to her and nuzzle her down on the ground.


"Ouch!" Rachael almost yelled. While the man was still on top of her. He slips his hand on his back and wants to retrieve his gun.

Before he could retrieve it, Rachael already opens up her spear right at his chest.


"Take that! Who ask you to butt me down. It's hurt you know." She nags while removing the body to the side.

Brushing off her suit and hair, she continues to went inside the mansion.


Renee look around her. 'Shit! Why I went straight to their camp?'

She is now surrounded by a group of men with soldier tank top and pants. They took out their guns and some of them even lick their lips seeing her with a tight suit.

"Wow! An angel falling down to our base huh?" one of the men said and smirking looking at her.

Renee did not bring any weapon with her. She just stands there and glances at them with a disdained look.

"Come on doll, show us what you've got. shake your body to us!"

"Yeah..come on!"

Squinted her eyes a bit, she said. "What if…"

"I shake your brain?"

"Ooohhh...She can talk.." Most of them mocking her.

Smirking, she said again. "Fine, I guess you want to know what it feels right?"

She closes her eyes and within a second when she open it back, her eyes color has changed to the golden color.

"Arghhhh!" Most of them shriek because of the pain. They kneel down while holding their head.

After a minute, all of them turn silent as the body still lying on the floor. Some of them died with eyes still open and some of them had blood coming out from the nose and the ear.

"Ergh!" Renee also kneels down on the ground.

She finds her syringe on the backpack she brings with her and injects herself with her dose.

voiletevergarden voiletevergarden

: )

Comments (5)

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    It's time!!!!! Mission Rescue. Hope nobody gets hurt and they come back safely. M waiting for Confrontation between Aslan and Grandpa Smith. And reunion of Athena and Aslan.

  • atiq1795


    Me too

  • atiq1795


    Waaa action parts are coming 🔪🔪🔪

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