79.38% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 104: Are You Awake, My Dear?

Chapter 104: Are You Awake, My Dear?

"Why are we landing in here?" Suzy asking Shon and Malik after they landed.

The three of them had the same point landing. In the forest. "Maybe there something we can do in here." Said Malik.

"Shon, can you communicated with the animals and tell us what is awaiting us ahead, in this forest?" Suzy looks at Shon.

"Hm. Wait, I ask those owls."

"Owl? No, don't. They are a lazy species. You just wasted your time if you ask them."

"Relax...I can handle it." He assuring Suzy and went to the tree where there's an owl there.

After a few minutes, he went back to Suzy and Malik. Suzy was playing with her nails while Malik was guarding up around them.

"So?" Suzy asks.

"Erm. As you said."

"See? I told you.."

"So, what now?"

Suzan sighing, she changes her eyes color and uses her abilities. "There a wolf at that direction. We can try and asks the wolf." She pointing her finger to the side and she changes her eyes color back to her original.

"Okay. Let's go." Malik and Shon start to walk to the path that she shows them and Suzan follows behind them back.

As per predicted, there's a wolf and Shon uses his abilities to ask the wolf. He has been communicating with the wolf for a few minutes before he went back to the two of them.

"Mr. Wolf said, there's an old arsenal there. For a few days, they've heard a sound of human crying and screaming coming out from that place. They afraid to go there and the place has been guarded by a few men with complete armed."

"I guess that may be their hiding spot to keep the hostages." Malik said.

"But in the video, aren't they being held in a room. Like a glass room?" Suzan frowned her eyebrow like she was thinking.

"Hey, the hostage's number is almost up to hundreds of people, right? So maybe they separate them into two groups or maybe more than that?"

"Oh..you right. So I think we just found one of their hiding spots."

"Yup, gear up, guys.."

They went to the way that the Wolf mention. After walk for a few minutes, they saw a medium-size abandon arsenal. As the Wolf said, there is man guarded the arsenal with a weapon.

They wear something like a soldier uniform. And not only that, but they also saw a few people wearing a lab coat.

"Do you think what I think?" Malik ask.

"Huh? I don't have any telepathic power with human, so no. I don't know." Shon reply to him and Suzan nudges him.

"He meant, there's must be something fishy about that arsenal. Can't you see there are a people wearing a lab coat?"


Malik sigh…he then turn to Suzan. "Now, we should be planning our strategy on how to ambush them without getting hurt."

"Erm, wait." She changes her eyes color back to the golden color.

"Okay. You guys need to listen to me. Got it?"

Both of them nod.

"We start from Malik, make that tree fall down. And Shon, call out the ant army from the forest. You can command them right?" Suzan takes the in charge of commanding these two.

Do as she asks, Malik uses his abilities to make a big and old tree fall down and hit the front of the arsenal. A few men, run to the tree with a weapon. Once they arrive at the spot, they have been attacked by the colony of Asian needle ants.

"Where did you find those ants?"

"Uh, I think I asking the help from the queen." Shon said.

"Well, good job. That's the stingiest ants we can use for help right now. Let's go. Call the bats as a backup." Suzan pats on Shon's shoulder and calls out Malik to follow her.

"Malik, open this door." Suzan said when they reach the steel door.

Kick the door, all the people inside the arsenal turn to look at them. They want to Shoot at the three of them and Shon instructs the bats to attack the one who holds the guns before they start to firing.

A group of bats from the forest attacking all men with guns. The loud sound can be heard from afar with screaming sounds from the men who were attacked by the animal.

They run to the bunch of people who are tied up with a rope and has been hostages for these thugs. Some of them are dead and being a lab rat, while some of them has been traumatized by what they've gone through for a few days.

"Shon, there is too many of them. We can untie it one by one. Use help from the rats." She looks at Shon and turns to look at Malik after that.

"Malik, behind this Arsenal there is a path we can use as our runaway exit. Make a path using your ability. Throw anyone who blocks the way."

Nods his head, he runs to the way she said. Making a path for them to run away along with the hostages.

While she was busy untie the rope, she suddenly saw something unexpected.

"Shon! Call the wolf!" She yelled.

There is a man with blood on his face went to them and pointing their gun at Shon. Ready to shoot.


Thud! Thud!

Shon falls down on the ground with his shoulder bleeding. Suzan immediately runs to him and find the syringe to help him stop the blood.

There are so many people. She was afraid that they will see their blood color. She crying and shivering a bit. Afraid they will become the target from the hostages instead.

While the man who shoots him is now being dragged by a group of the wolf.

"Hey Miss, are you okay?" One of the hostages looks at her with a pitiful expression.

"Miss, we're not gonna hurt you." Another one said.

"Excuse me miss, I am a doctor. I can help you to inject him if you can't." One of the hostages went to besides her and took the syringe from her hand.

"It's okay..we're not going to harm you. Instead, we are so grateful to you that you come and save us." The doctor injects Shon on his arm.

They help to wrap his shoulder using a cloth and then Suzan lead them to the forest. With help from the hostages, Shon has been carried by one of the hostages.

Malik also has cleared the path and meet back with Suzan. "What happens to him?"

"He passes out. He has been shot by one of the men. Now, how are we gonna out from here?"

Malik tap on his earpiece. "Err, Miss Rach...I mean, Silver Fox.. we already got the hostages around one hundred people."

"Good. I'll send the safe location to you now. Follow the guide and they will be waiting there."

"Roger that."

Malik turns to look at Suzan and she nods. She taps on the device in her wrist and a new location has been set on it.

"Okay, peeps..let's follow this way." Suzan leads the way, while Malik guards the back of the line.

"Erghh…" Athena starts to open her eyes slowly. Her head feels a bit dizzy. She feels like something hit her hard and she couldn't remember clearly what happened to her.

"Are you awake, my dear?" an old man standing in front of her. She squinted her eyes because of the light make her hard to look clearly.

"Wh…Who are you?" She asks with a hoarse voice.

"Me? Well, I am your husband's real grandpa."

Athena tries to wriggle her hands, but her hand was tied up. Scrunch her eyebrow she tries to move her legs, also the same as before. It's been tied up. She is now has been tied up in a huge white color circle look-like-device. With the electric current bind the cuff on her hand, she can't move at all.

"What did you do?" She tries to changes her eyes color but she can't.

"Can't change into 'gin' huh?" He walks around her.

"Where am I?"

"You'll know later. Behave and I'll let you go. Wait for a bit huh.." He smirks and leaves her on the room.

voiletevergarden voiletevergarden

: )

Comments (3)

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    Oh thank goodness at least some people are safe. I think Grandpa Smith is not gonna go something to Athena except for stopping her from using Gin form before Aslan comes..... Please Aslan come and save her.

  • elinor



  • mrsrichie


    Athena with grandfather in law.......

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