80.91% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 106: I'll Kill You!

Chapter 106: I'll Kill You!

Athena opens her eyes when the room seems like it starts to move up. She's a bit surprised when she sees Aslan was there with his chauffeur and there's also a man from before. The one who said that he is the real grandfather of Aslan.

"As.." She tries to call out his name. The window glass is soundproof, thus her voices can't be heard by Aslan.

She looks at the situation on the room which turns into a fight scene between Aslan and a group of men.

He slashing one by one of the men but what she can see is how they're able to merge their body back through their blood which is splattering on the floor.

Athena's eyes turn even wider. 'They can revive back!' She struggling to moves her body try to get out of the weird machine and help Aslan.

She almost cries when seeing Aslan has been defeated by them. He's been dragged to face her in the glass window.

When their eyes met, her tears start to flowing down. Aslan makes a sign with his eyes to Athena for her not to cry.


Eric Smith stands up from his seat and went to the window glass too. He looks at both of them before he starts.

"I am impressed with your skills. You can fight with my superhuman army. That old man really taught you something useful huh?" He chuckles.

One of the men brings him a chair to sit. Once he sits, he instructs his men to show Aslan the real show.

"Since you are so stubborn then I guess I had no choice except to using force." He said once his men go.

Next few moments there's is a man with a lab coat went inside the room where's Athena has been cuff up.

Athena turns her head to the man and she clenches her fist tightly. She can't change her eyes color nor moves her body at all. All she can do is looking at the man with a disdained look.

The man with a lab coat took out a syringe with a clear solution and there's a tiny bead with a blue color inside it.

He went to Athena and he tries to inject her with the weird drug on her neck, but Athena with furiously biting his hand until his hand bleeding and the syringe falls down on the floor.

"Argh!! Stupid bitch!"

Outside of the room, Eric was laughing seeing the furious Athena bite his own men.

"Your wife is sure a fierce one huh?"

Aslan just ignores his word. He can't even speak right now. Only his eyes still can move and watch it all with a raged feeling inside his heart.

"Call Simon to handle her. A beast needs a beast too to make them bow down." He instructed his men and not long after there's a big guy like a muscle builder went inside the room.

Aslan is a bit worried. The man has a red glittering eye just like the army before, but he's a bit different in the form of his body. He really looks like a beast.

"Inject her." Eric instructing him using a comm device.

Without any delay, he took the syringe and looks at Athena who is being cuffed up right now. Her mouth is smeared with a blood stain from the man with a lab coat before.

He then turns to look at the man who still on the floor. Scrunch his eyebrow, he stomps on the man's head like it was ants.


Athena's flinch a bit, her body starts shivering a little when seeing that man head has been crush like a peanut.

Aslan in the outside of the glass window also starts to beating his heart fast. His face turns a bit pale with a worried thought of Athena's life right now.

He shut his eyes and scrunch his eyebrow for a second before he opens it again and stare at Athena's face right now.

Athena looks at his eyes. She stuttered to him. "I…I am sorry.."

Once she's done said that her hair has been grabbed by the man and the force from that man makes Athena in pain.

"Ergh!" She tries to moves her head but then she was strangled by that man using his muscle arm from her back of her body

Athena really can't breathe and at the same moment, she was forced to get the injection.

Aslan on the outside tries to moves his muscles. But to no avail. His eyes redden and teary a bit because he saw how Athena is in the pain right now.

After she gets the injection, that man releases her from strangling and went out from the room leaving her and the dead man laying on the floor.

She gasps for air once he releases her. But not long after her body starts to feel like in hell.

"Now, let see what you will do, Aslan." Eric said after Athena get her injection.

He signaling his men to release Athena from the cuff and inject Aslan to at least let him speak.

His minion does as what he said. They release Athena from the device cuff and she falls down on the floor. She crawling to the glass window and touch the glass where Aslan has been facing her from the outside.

Once Aslan has been injected and be able to speak again, he said "Athena, baby..I'm sorry. Please hold on a little bit.."

This time even though she can't hear what he say, but she understands his mean. She nodded.

"Not so fast Aslan..the show just begun." Eric laughing and he takes a small size remote and pushes the button on it.

Once he pushes the button, Athena's body feels like she was electrocuted by something inside her body.

"Stop it!" Aslan shout.

Eric just watches her like a deaf man.

It's hurt her so much until her body trembling and her body even start shaking heavily. Her face is now wet with tears as she trying to endure the pain.

"Stop!! Asshole!! I said stop It!!"

Eric smirking. He looks down at Aslan on the floor. "Well, I will do if you agree to my condition."


"She will not last any longer. Even though she is Golden V, but she just a mere defect mutation. She can't revive her own life. So basically say she is like trash. No use at all."

"I'll kill you! I will fucking kill you bastard!!" Aslan clenching his teeth.

"Sure sure..kill me..if you can." He smiles and continues again.

"Oh! Let hear how she's screaming in pain. The sound of people in nearing death is the best sound ever. I like to hear those begging sound and the curse sound before they die. Hahaha." He turns on the speaker and Aslan could hear she's screaming inside the room.

"Urghhhh!! Stop….it….it's…hurt….Erghhhhh!!"

Athena in the inside of the room couldn't hold her energy anymore longer. She feels like she wants to die because of the pain.

Not able to hear she was in pain anymore, Aslan lowered his head. "Fine! I'll do what you say. But.."

"But?" Eric sits up straight, ready to hear him out.

"Let her go, give her the cure and let her with my pilot go home safely and I'll do as you say."

"Hmmm..are you sure you will be able to do as I say?"

"Let her go!"

"Okay…don't back off from your word." He warns Aslan and pushes the button off from the remote he held before.

Athena is almost faint on the floor. She had no energy left. In two days, she lost her child and now..she was about to lose her husband too.

But as for Aslan, in order to keep Athena safe and not being the target again, he willing to do whatever that old man wants him to do. As long Athena can be safe.

"I give you two a little moment for a goodbye. I mean, a real goodbye. Once she gets the cure, you can't see her ever again."

voiletevergarden voiletevergarden

:'( so sad for both of them...

Comments (44)

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    My god!!!!! No separation please. I hope both fathers can come and help Athena and Aslan. After loosing their baby, they don't deserve loosing each other too..... I hope for a miracle.

  • jhoreen


    Cruel grandfather. I want to kill him:) my heart pain for Athena n aslan. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • farhana00


    Soo sad.please author dont give them more pain

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