81.67% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 107: See You Guys At The Outside Of The Barrier

Chapter 107: See You Guys At The Outside Of The Barrier

At the same time,


Rachael flips down one of the men on the floor. She locks his body with hers and interrogates the man with a cold tone.

"Where's Vendetta?"

"Ugh..you'll never see him!" He tries to let go of his body

"Oh? Really?" She pointing her spear on his private part and ready to strike it with her spear.


Rachael lift up her eyebrow and look at that man face.

"He…he…is on the terrace, second floor, west building." He stuttered.

"Hmph! What a chicken." She mumbles and knocks him out before she stood up.

Once she looks ahead of her, there's a man standing at the door. Looking at her with disbelief face.

"You really want to do that to that poor guy?" Zoro asks.

"What? He has it small, no use anyway. Can't satisfied any girl later on." Rachael said nonchalantly and she went to the door.

In return for what she just said, Zoro knocks her head using his knuckles.

"Why you say something so shameless? And how you get an idea about the 'size matter'?" He asks and follows behind her.

"Hmm..I'm not that young, mister. I know about it a little." She still on alert mode while they passing by the corridor.

"You know? So, you've done it before?"

Rachael turns her body around and she uses her hand to cover his mouth.

"Shh! You're too loud! They will hear you!" She whispers to him.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Zoro grabs her waist and hide on the small alleyway between the wall. Their body is now so close and they can even feel the bulge on each other body.

"Hey, got lighter?" One man asks his partner and stops in the middle of the alleyway. Since it was dark and both of them wearing a black suit, they did not spot them there.

"Yeah..here." The partner passes him the lighter and they smoking at the area.

Smoke from cigarettes makes Rachael frowned and she turn her face to the other way.

Zoro tilts his head and looks at her with a question face.

She makes a sign. 'I can't stand the smell of cigarettes smoke.'

Zoro makes an 'Oh' sign and nods his head. He then gently push her back of her head to his chest. He whispers to her. "Hide your face on my chest. I used my Davidoff before we go."

Not resisting him, she does as he says. The smell from him was so fresh. His soft and fresh perfume makes her feel safe and her heart beating more faster than it should. His hand is still on her waist, holding her and hiding from them.

Just after they finish their smoking and went to another direction, Zoro releases his hand on her waist. Holding her too long will make him wakes up another thing.

"I know you like me, but can't you control your heart beating? You might get a heart attack if your heart beating so fast for too long." He complains.

Rachael immediately looks up to him and push his body away from her.

"It's not because of you."

"Uh-huh? And then, because of what?"

"Because of our situation just now. What if we get caught?" She tries to divert his attention.

"Like we gonna caught."

"Whatever, let's finish this mission first and I will think about dating you." Rachael said.

"What? Since when did is say I want to date you?" Zoro walks behind her.

"Didn't you just flirting to me just now? Holding my waist? Touch where you shouldn't touch and you even rested my head onto your chest."

"Wait, that's not it."

"Hmph." She walks faster not wanting to hear him out anymore.


Finally, Rachael, Zoro, Veron, and Renee meet up at the same place. Veron looks like he not bumping with anyone yet, well, that's a good thing too.

His abilities are a bit difficult to handle. If they touch his hand while his eyes in golden color, for sure they will turn into dust within a second.

Renee looks a bit pale. Maybe she just finishes uses her abilities against so many people before. Rachael thought. There are a stairs lead to the terrace while ahead of them there's a room look like they hid the hostages inside the room.

Rachael instructs Zoro and Renee to save the hostages while she and Veron will deal with the one who in the terrace.

Nodding their head in agreement, they split into two groups. Rachael went upstairs with Veron behind her while Zoro follows Renee to the suspicious room.

Once Renee and Zoro reach the room's attic, they can see a bunch of people has been tied up and some of them already dead. There's a lot of cylinder-shape glass where there's a human body inside it. Some of it also looks like a baby who in the process of life.

"What is this place?" Renee asks. She feels sick just because of the look in the room.

"I think this is where they test their illegal experiment. There's a mad scientist who eagerly wants to make a baby using the DNA. I found out, he has been sponsored by this Vendetta man to test it on the Jye Yin."

"What?" Renee was so surprised to hear that.

"That artist?"

Zoro nods his head.

"What a stupid woman."

"Yup. So, are you ready?" Zoro asks.

"Mm..I'm ready."

"Then, in three.."

Renee changes her eyes color and within a second she jumps down together with Zoro to the room full with crazy scientist and hostages.

Thud! Thud!

Zoro took out his bow and arrow and shoot at one of them, while Renee uses her abilities to control their mind.

Half of them start to do her instruction controlled by the mind. They step on the stairs where there's an experiment subject inside the huge cylinder glass.

One by one start to jump into the experiment water. They have been drowned inside the huge cylinder glass.

While Zoro was busy fighting with half of the crazy scientist, Renee went to the hostages and untie them one by one.

"Help me to untie the others too and get ready to leave this building." Renee said and the teenager nods his head.

He helps her to untie the other hostages. Most of them are still in trauma after being held in here for a few days. They have experience hell in the past few days. Some of them even die because of this.

Once they're done. Renee turns on the GPS on her device. The new route to the safe camp where the army has been waiting for them outside the barrier.

She looks at Zoro who just finish his fight. "We should go. There are only 15 minutes before they blow up this place."

"You go first. Lead these people to the safe camp. I will go upstairs and back them up."

"Okay..uh..here." She throws him a small tube.

"This solution is for stopping the bleeding. Just in case."


"Don't mention it, see you guys at the outside of the barrier."

Zoro nods and went to the other direction while Renee starts to lead those people to the safe camp.

voiletevergarden voiletevergarden

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Comments (5)

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    I can see a beautiful ship in making for Zoro and Rachael but m so worried about Athena and Aslan. They have lost too much and now they are on verge of loosing each other.

  • sharoncumaldi


    zoro and rachael are cute together....

  • RizaBontilao



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