82.44% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 108: I've Got It Covered

Chapter 108: I've Got It Covered

Once Rachael and Veron reach the terrace entrance, she could see Jye Yin was hanging on the wooden cross. She has been tied up and naked. Her face looks like she was just beaten or maybe she was..r*ped before that.

Even though she doesn't like that Jye Yin but her situation right now..is so...pitiful.

She looks around the terrace but she did not find anyone on guard. She wants to step out but suddenly there's a dagger flying straight to her and luckily she manages to dodge it.

She throws her spear to the direction where the dagger's coming.


One man with a full gear suit falls down on the floor after getting struck by the spear.

Veron who still silent behind Rachael went to the man and retract the spear from the body before he handed it over back to her.

"Thanks." Rachael thank him with a smile.

Veron nods his head.

They both carefully went to the cross wanting to help Jye Yin. Untie the rope one by one, she helps to carry her and Veron take off his leather jacket to cover Jye Yin's naked body.

Took the jacket from Veron, she helps to cover Jye Yin's body. Looking from the way it is, she was sure Jye Yin has been r*ped again and again and Jye Yin even has been beaten up. Her beautiful face is now covered with a bruised and cut.

Vendetta's minion surely likes to **** a woman. She also almost have been raped by those men. If her father did not come at the right moment at that time, she also has been their prey.

She clenches her fist tightly. Just when she wants to go out of the place, there's someone clapping his hand from behind of them.

Turn her body around, she and Veron look at the man with a furious. 'Vendetta!'

"Well well..look like my trap doesn't work eh? Where's Athena?" He asks with a smile on his face.

"Who do you think you are that she needs to go looking for you?" Rachael asks rudely.

"Young girl, didn't your father teach you how to talk with an older man than you?" He smirks. His men lift up his gun and pointing at her.

"My father taught me to not talk nicely to a man like you. Evil and cruel like you."

"Oh..such a nice face that you're showing there. You must look even better than that artist." He looks at Rachael like he was scanning her body.

"Bastard!" Rachael turns around back and wants to leave, but then, his men shoot at the door, warn her to not move.

Veron looks at her like asking for permission. Rachael shakes her head a little. Not wanting him to start a move yet.

"Okay, then let me put her down first." Rachael said and put Jye Yin down on the floor, leaning her on the wall.

While she does that, she clicks on her back of her waist on the suit. Her secret weapon. A small dagger in active mode before she uses it.

"Little girl, since your brother did not show up with her wife, I guess you must be at least has a value to your brother huh?" He signaling his men to catch her.

Do as per request, his men start to firing at Veron. They thought Veron is just a mere man like him.

Veron able to dodge the bullet and change his eyes color. Once he is in the active mode, he dashes to them and takes off his gloves.

All the bullet that intended to him meets a failure when all of it turns into a cloud of dust once it touches him.

One by one Vendetta's men turns into dust. Vendetta itself was so shocked after knowing that Veron is one of the Golden V. Seeing his abilities, he was even more surprised.

He got an evil plan on his mind. He took out his phone and send a signal to his elite squad.

While he was focusing on Veron, watch him fight with his men, Rachael secretly attacking him from behind.

She smacks him on the back and takes out her dagger. Ready to make a second counter-attack.

Just when she wants to stab him on the chest, Vendetta flipping her hand and pull her body close to him before he broke her arm.


"Ahh!" Rachael frowned. She retracts her body and took out her spear. Throw it to him using her left hand. He dodges and catches the spear rod before it hits his face.

"You're quite tough huh?" He smirks while Rachael already leans against the small tree on the terrace.

Just after he said that. A group of elite squad ambushing them at the terrace. They used a full equip body suit. They even bring a bazooka with them.

What's more shocking is, the elite squad seem to surrounding Veron rather than her. She also has been surrounding by a three-man while Veron most like he has been circle up with more than ten men.

Veron will be in real pain if he uses his abilities for too long. Rachael also at the loss when she was run out for her weapon and she only had left with the last option.

"Urgh..no choice." She groans for a bit and starts to fight again. This time, she not using her hand. She more focuses on the kick and dodging the attack.

Fighting with one hand is quite hard for her since her source of skills is more on the hand.

While Veron wears back his gloves. He can't just keep taking their life just like that. He has been sworn that he will not take any life more than it should.

He uses his skill in a fight and fights with them. Even though they are quite brutal to fight him using full equipment, he still able to catch up with them.

Rachael able to make an opening to Veron. She went to him and lean on his back. Huff a bit.

"Veron, I can take care of them. We running out of time. You need to take Jye Yin to the safe camp outside."

"Miss Rachael, I can.."

"No..they intending on getting your blood. You must go. No, you really really need to go." She meant what she said.


"Don't worry. I've got it covered. I have one weapon left." She tried to assure him.

Inhale, he nods his head. Indeed, his blood is precious. If he continues to stay and in the end, he was caught, he only brings destruction to the world. His ability can be used to create a world destruction weapon. Thus, he needs to think ahead before he acts.

He believes, Rachael had a plan.

While actually, she really had planned. But her plan is to hold them until his father's army blow up the places.

"Go now, while I make the path." Rachael said and start to fight again.

She's quite fast and with her speed, she able to create a path for Veron to escape from the terrace.



"Huff! Huff!" She now runs out her energy. Kneeling down on the floor with a dozen men still surrounding her.

"Can't fight anymore huh little girl?" Vendetta smiles at her.

He already instructs his men to hunt them down once they fled away from the terrace. This time, his squad bring a weapon which can be used to fight with a Golden V.

"Fuck off!" She cursed him.

He squatted down his body and cupped her mouth. "You have such a beautiful face, but unfortunately nothing good can come out from your mouth. Such a waste."

"That's because you stink old man. You're nothing but a useless crazy man whose obsesses with a Golden V." She deepens her voice and looks at his eyes with disdain looks.


He slaps her face hard.

"You know what? The more cursing word you say the more excited I get. I really want to hear your voice when I do nasty thing to you. Will you moan? Will you scream? Or will you curse just like now? Ah~ I like it better if you can do all of that." he smiles.

Even though Rachael is a bit brave, but when it comes to something like this, as a woman she also would feel a bit scared of the imagination getting raped by a psycho like him.

voiletevergarden voiletevergarden

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  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    Zoro, come soon and help your Rachael from thus psycho b*stard.

  • jhoreen


    4 more chapter to go. Hehehe

  • sharoncumaldi



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