83.96% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 110: Change To The Hulk And Beat Them Up

Chapter 110: Change To The Hulk And Beat Them Up

Veron runs in the forest and follows the path to the location. While he was running, suddenly there's a giant cage fall from above him and caging him inside it.

Five men also fall from the sky and surrounding the cage. All of them is fully armed with a weird suit.

He put Jye Yin down on the ground and he changes his eyes to golden color.

He takes off his gloves and moves close to the cage steel rod.


One of the men shoots at Jye Yin's legs. She was unconscious and was shot by that men makes her flinch her body in pain.

She gasping for air while Veron also stops his pace immediately.

"Don't move or we kill that woman."

Veron grith his teeth.


Jye Yin scrunches her eyebrow when she feels a sting pain on her legs. She turns to look at the source of the pain and was shocked with the blood on her legs.

"Oh my god! Oh my god, help me…" She starts panicking and she touches her body.

Gasping and start stammering, she starts to remember what had happens to her. She touches her belly. "My baby….my baby…" She cries and looks around her.

She was in a cage with a strange man in front of her and at the outside of the cage, there are five men surrounding the cage with a weird suit.

"Who… Who are you? Who...Who are they?"

Veron didn't turn to look at her, but he still answers her question.

"I am the one who in charge of saving you and they are the one who made you like that."

Jye Yin starts to cry and shivering. Just a bit of memory of it makes her heart so much in pain.


One of the men tries to get inside the cage. He brings along a cuff which is specially designed for a Golden V fighter.

"Hmph..you looking for dead huh?" Veron smirking and this is his opportunity to turn the table.

Once he close to him, Veron changes her eyes color and with a speed, he throttles on that man's neck.

"Sayonara!" He said to that man and within a second that man turns into black ash.

All other men in suit shooting him and they also want to attack Jye Yin.

Turning his body around to covering Jye Yin from getting shot, all the bullet that went to them turn into ash.

He tries to touch the steel rod behind Jye Yin, and to his surprise, the steel rod did not melt or turn to ash.

Instead, his hand burned when he touches the steel rod.

"Argh!" He retracts his hand back and looks at it.

Jye Yin also shocked seeing his palm had a burning wound.

"That metal is designed to lock you up, the Golden V fighter inside it. If you think you can run from it, think it again."

"Really?" He smirks. His location is actually quite near to the camp and he's hoping that he might get help from other Golden V. Especially Suzan. Since she can predict 10 seconds ahead of her.

"Stop struggling and we will be nice to you."

Another two men try to get inside the cage, this time they use a big machine gun on his shoulder to attack him if he uses violence against them.

Veron stood up and put his hand on the air. While one man forcefully grabs Jye Yin's on the ground and tied her up using a rope.

Veron has been cuff with a device that can't make him change into the 'grim' mode.


Suzan, Shon, Malik and all other hostages are nearing to the campsite. Suddenly Suzan got her vision and hold them from moving forward.

"Wait! There's a bad guy over there." She said and all of them nod their head.

"Malik, come here." She called Malik which is at the last line.


Suzan calls him using a sign she makes with her hand.

Come closer to her, he bends his body a little try to hear what she want to say.

"Change to the hulk and beat them up. They use a weird costume and they also had something that they can use to bring us down. Try to avoid the things which look suspicious okay? I will try to wake up Shon and try to ask him to call for help."

"Got it."

"Okay..go now." She said and went to Shon after that. Shon has been carried by one of the men who they helped before.

"I can wake him up, right?" Suzan asks a doctor who helps her before.

"You can..but he cannot tire himself out or his injury might get worse than before."

"Thanks, doc." She smiles.

"No problem. We should thank you instead." The doctor said and all of the other also nod in agreement.

Pats on Shon's cheek a little, she calls out his name.

"Shon! Wake up.."


Malik dash to the place where Veron has been caged and he turns into hulk mode within a second.

"Grrr…" He grabs one of the men who at the outside of the cage and throws him in the air before he kicked him hard to the big tree trunk.


The man he just kicks is now dead with his suit are smash by the hit Malik use.

Veron in the cage is a bit surprised but he was a bit of relief at the same time. He smirks to the two of men inside the caged.

"You all gonna really die today."

Dashing to another one, Malik punches him on the stomach before he could even raise up her gun.


"Urgh!!!" he spouts blood from his mouth and holding her stomach with his hand. Feeling like his bowels have been smashed by the punch he gets.

He took out his tiny weapon and throw it to Malik.

Malik tries to dodge it but that thing turn around and hit him on the back.



"Argh!!" Malik kneels down on the ground. His back has been struck by the tiny device like a sharp plate and it let out a current flow which can make him weak.

"Take that! Asshole!"

Suzan flinches her body. She could see Malik has been taken down. Her eyes were a bit teary.

"Dammit!" She wipes her corner of eyes. Shon still not waking up and she can't use her abilities in fighting.

"Suzan?" A female voice comes out from another direction.

Looking at the sources of the voice, she feels so grateful. "Renee.."

"What happens? Why did you stop here?" She asks and looks at other hostages.

voiletevergarden voiletevergarden

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Comments (2)

  • norienonato


    Thank god that some of the golden v come on time to help veron

  • sharoncumaldi


    thank you miss vi for this chap...

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