84.73% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 111: Her Last Word

Chapter 111: Her Last Word

"What happens? Why did you stop here?" She asks and looks at other hostages.

She also brings the hostages behind her to the campsite. Once they bump with another group they start to reunite back to their family and friends.

"Renee...Veron and Malik have been taken down by the group of men wearing a weird suit. They seem has a tech that can be used to attack us." Suzan telling her with a trembling voice.

"I can't fight.."

Renee nods her head. "That's okay Suzan..lead all of them to the campsite using other direction. Our location is not that far from the camp. I will help them, we are running out of time. So you lead them, okay?" Renee pat on her shoulder.

Suzan wants to help them out but she also needs to bring the hostages to the safe place first. She finally agrees with Renee suggestion.


"Go now."

Suzan nods her head and she leads all of the hostages to the other way.

Breathe in, she changes her eyes color.


The sound of a stick crushes makes the three of the men in the suit to turn around.

Once they saw Renee, their mind immediately being controlled by her. They start to open up the cuff on Veron's wrist and untie the rope that they use to tied up Jye Yin.

After that, one of them took out the device from Malik's back of the body and throw it to the man who throws it to Malik.



One man died because of the sharp plate struck on his head after being thrown by his own team.

That man then turns around and took out a dagger from his pocket and went to his another friend.

Grabbing his hair hard, he slit his own friend's throat.


Jye Yin's eyes turn wider. She immediately turns around and throws up seeing the scene.

Veron and Malik just turn their head around not able to look at the scene.

Once he was done killing his friend, he lifts up the daggers high and stabs on his chest before he also falls on the ground, lifeless.


Renee fall on the ground, unconscious.

"Malik!" Veron call him when he heard a thudding sound.

Malik turns around and immediately run to her. Searching for her dose and inject her with it.

After a few second, Veron wears back his gloves and went out from the huge cage together with Jye Yin.

"How is she?" He asks Malik.

"Still unconscious. Maybe she used up her abilities for too long."

"Hmm...Let me carry her." Veron bends his body and carries Renee on his arm.

Since Jye Yin has been woken up, she can just walk by herself. Just when they want to leave the place, they bump with Zoro and Rachael who is his arm, injured.

"Are you guys okay?" He looks at the place where there are a few men laying on the ground. Dead.


"Let's go then. We're running out of time."

"Mm." They nod and running to the campsite direction. Since all of them is an elite, Jye Yin has been left behind a few steps from them.

Once they arrive at the campsite. All of the hostages are currently now getting treatment by a team of medics.

Veron and Malik run to the medics tent bringing Renee while Zoro was looking at the medics tent he has instruct earlier, suddenly there a loud thud sound from his back and it also hit him.

Thud! Thud!

Vendetta chases him after he got off from the terrace, he was able to take off the arrow that hit his shoulder and throw it before it exploded.

He was in bad shape when he opens his eyes. But he still holding Rachael's spear on his hand. Not able to accept his defeat, he chases Zoro and Rachael from behind and when he arrives at the scene where his men also had been taken down by the Golden V, he becomes more vengeful.

Once they out from the barrier, He change the shape of the spear into a thin and light shape. He throws it and the spear went through the barrier.

Hearing a loud screaming from the outside of the barrier, he smiles and just when he turns around…

Booom!!! Booomm!!!


Zoro hand couldn't hold Rachael for any longer and she fell down on the ground while Zoro kneeling down with a spear struck on his back of his body.

Jye Yin behind him also falls on the ground. Her chest has been hit by the spear and it goes through her body and hit Zoro's back in front of her.

She closes her eyes with tears. Her last word is "I'm sorry.." before she died.

Fwoooooooo Boom!!!!! Booommm!!

All of the places inside the barrier has been blown up by the air fighter. They launch a mini bomb which can go through the barrier.

The explosion cannot go through the outside of the barrier. Thus, there's no escaping exit after the bomb has been drop on the nest.

"All unit, take a last stroll to confirm the nest has been clear up." the chief of the air fighter instruct his men to do the last checkup.

"Captain, there's no single life detecting from the nest." One of his men said after taking a closer check.

"Confirming the report, Sir. All have been swept up by the bomb." Another one reporting to the chief.

"Alright then, return back to the post. Let the cleaning team do their job." The chief satisfied with his men report and instruct them to return.

"Help him! Hurry up!!" Zoro could hear the voice and his eyes start to blurry. He can't focus on what happened to him.

He tries to lift up his hand, searching for Rachael.

"Rach…help her..please.." He said with a slow voice before he falls on the ground.

All of them has been brought to the hospital and all other who also heavily injured like Rachael, Zoro, Shon, Malik, and Veron has been prioritized to get on the helicopter and go to the hospital first.

Jye Yin's dead body also has been brought to the hospital.

In the hospital, Andy, Hazel, and Ramon have been waiting for them together with Hazel's team and the team from Ralph.

They got the news about them and already prepared a room for them to get the treatment as soon as possible.

Ramon takes the flight once he knew about his son condition and luckily he was at the neighboring country at that time.

The rescue mission is done, the only left is….a mission to bring Athena back.

voiletevergarden voiletevergarden

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Comments (14)

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    Yes please Athena be safe and come back together with Aslan. I don't want them apart now

  • fairy_love


    isn't to nice make JY just died in the rescue mission ? 😒😒

  • cessey


    Yes plz plz plz bring Athena back...

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