85.49% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 112: I Will Always Love You

Chapter 112: I Will Always Love You

At the same moment,

Aslan was injected with a dose that can help him to get his muscle functioning again.

Aslan and Kevin being release by the man who held them both. They leave the room with only the three of them.

Once he's able to stand up, he runs to the room where Athena had been kept. He carries her body on the floor to the soft couch on the room where he had fought before.

Laying her on the couch, he couldn't hold his tears from his eyes. Looking at weak and injured Athena, his heart is really in a pain.

He trembling and hug her softly, worried that he might hurt her even more.

"I'm sorry, baby..I'm so sorry…"

Athena caresses his back of the head. She also cries as much as him. She couldn't even say a word to him.

Her heart is now totally in pain and she was so hurt seeing Aslan need to sacrifice himself just for her. She couldn't just let him go. She loves him so much that she can't let him go.

After some time, he lifts up his head and looks at her face. He wipes her tears and caresses her cheek with dearly.

"Baby..listen to me. Return to Arendell, get the cure solution and help Ralph to find the cure for others Golden V. Find yourself a good husband and live happily with him. I…"

Athena shakes her head hard. Not willing to separate with him. She clenches her fingers on his shirt.

"Baby..please...I beg you, don't make it hard for me." He tries to hold his tears.

"N…no.." With a trembling voice, she declines to leave him.

"I love you...I really love you, Athena, from the bottom of my heart, since I was five until now...I love you..with all my heart. I will always love you. So, please..just for this time..help me to fulfill my wishes. My last wishes."He kisses her forehead for a long before he moves to kiss her on the lips.

'I love you too...I really do.' She closed her eyes and absorb his love from the kiss. The last kiss.

Release her lips, he stands up and went to Kevin. Athena, on the other hand, was trembling and shaking. She cries and hiccuping. Her body was so in pain so that she can't move freely.

"Bring her back to Arendell, tell my family to not waiting for my return. From this point, I am no longer your master. And Kevin…please help my wife to go home safely. That is my last order for you." He said with a sad face.

Nods his head, he also lost his word. Don't know what to say anymore.

Aslan leaves them both and went to the door where two men have been waiting for him. They lead him to Eric's room.

"Give them the cure as your promises." Aslan said once he enters the room. His voice sounds so cold.

"Hmph." Eric snaps his finger and instructs his men to prepare a cure for Athena.

He then turns on his Television and watches at the security cam where Athena and Kevin have been there.

"Let see your wife off from here." He said and took a seat beside Aslan on the couch.



One man with a lab coat enters the room. He shows Kevin a black suitcase to tell him that inside the suitcase is a cure for Athena.

He then went to Athena and inject her with a solution where they believe is the cure for the nano solution that she has been injected earlier for torturing Aslan.

Athena which are in a despair state, couldn't even care what had happened to her right now. All she can do is crying and clenching her fist tightly on her chest.

After he injects her with the first solution, Athena sit up and throwing up. All the waste she has been throwing up is filled with the blue color nano inside her body system.

After 15 minutes she keeps throwing up, she finally finishes to let out all the nano-waste.

"This is the cure for your mutation. It'll take 24 hours to clear up all the substance that has been mutated with your blood cell. In 24 hours, you'll be in a coma and when you wake up again. Your body has turned to a normal state. But.." He looks at Kevin.

"Make sure she gets the blood transfusion to her body immediately. Her blood level in her system is in the lowest amount. She'll be in danger if you late to get her blood at the safe level. You got what I mean?"

Kevin nods.

After he was sure Kevin understand his instruction. He took out the syringe and injecting Athena with the cure on her arm. Within a minute, she passes out. Went to a coma state.

Kevin carry her in his arm and return to the jet and there is two superhuman guard his back. Making sure he was not planning on the attack again.

Put her on the jet seat, and place her katana beside her, he helps to buckle her up before he flies the jet and off from the cave inside the mountain.

"You such an obedient kid. Different from your father." Eric smiles after he turns off the television.

"So, what is your deal?" Aslan asks straightforwardly.

"Mm..not now. How about you take your rest first and we discuss this again once you wake up?" Eric squinted his eyes a little.

"Whatever." Aslan didn't even look at his face.

"Chow, show him, his room." Eric calls his assistant.

"Yes, sir." a man name Chow bow to him a little.

"Sir, follow me."

Stood up, he follows that guy to his room. Resting.


Take off his shirt and took a bathrobe on the bed, he went to the bathroom.

Under the rain shower, he closes his eyes and a bit of memory that imprinted in his mind played it back. It is a moment when Athena has been tortured and where he was so helpless to help and protect her.

The moment when he knows how he had lost his first child with her. His depression moment when he thought that he might lose Athena forever. He clenches his fist tightly and punches on the brick wall in front of him.


"I will kill you. I will fucking kill you. Just you wait." He grits his teeth and finishes up his shower.

Change his attire to his uncle's shirt, he lay down on the bed and try to get some sleep. Try to get the energy to planning on how he will kill him later. But at the same time, he was really hoping that Athena in good condition.

After a few hours, they finally reach Aslan's airbase.

Kevin contacting the receiver tower before the landing. Once he landed, a group of the medical team already lined up on the jet door.

"Bring Madam to the hospital. Immediately." Kevin instructed them and he went to fetch all her belonging.

Following them with the ambulance, they headed to the hospital.

5 minutes it takes to go to the hospital. It is now in the middle of the day when they return back to Arendell.

Athena has been put on the stretcher and push to the emergency room where Hazel and her team already waiting for her.

"Where is Aslan?" Andy asks once he saw Kevin with the blood stain on his shirt. His face and body look like he was beaten up pretty bad.


"He what?" Andy asks impatiently.

"Honey, hold that question first. Now, I want to know what happens to her first." Hazel interject them and went to Kevin.

Breathe in, he explains what had happened to them and tells Hazel what the scientist has told him about the cure.

Andy sits on the couch helplessly. He runs his finger to his hair backwardly.

"Thanks, Kevin." Hazel say and went to her husband.

"Have faith in him. It's not your fault. He's doing it for the sake of his wife. That is how much he loves her." Hazel pat on his shoulder and put on her mask before she went in back to the emergency room.

voiletevergarden voiletevergarden

: '( This is my third novel where I cry every time where I wrote such a sad moment. Hmm... be strong, Athena.

Comments (42)

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    I think she will try to make a plan to save Aslan and at the same time Aslan will try something too..... I hope they get together soon..... Please Voilet we can't see them so far from each other.

  • A11an2019


    Thanks for the great story...

  • cessey


    A had a feeling that Athena will taking all golden V blood injection and save aslan. Really hope they can overcome these challenges and stay together. Oh dear author.... For me these scene really heartbreaking 😭😭😭 plz lead them to happy ending.., Oh ya... Can't wait to read your next novel MY FIRST LOVE IS MY IMPOSSIBLE LOVE! 😍

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