86.25% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 113: About Your Mission.

Chapter 113: About Your Mission.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

The sound of the machine makes her mind awakes and she tries to open her eyes slowly.

"Ergh.." She moans a bit.

"Sweetheart, are you awake?"

Athena scrunches her eyebrow when she heard her father's voice.

"Honey, slow down. She might be still weak right now."

Now, she's hearing her mother's voice. She turns her head to the voice and tries to slowly blink her eyes and open it. Adjusting her cornea to the light in the room.

"Daddy? Is that you?" She asks.

"Sweetheart, I'm here." Richard holds her hand and brings it to his chest. Hai Rin also bends her body and caress her hair gently.

"Honey, we all are here."


Richard and Hai Rin looked at each other. They did not know what to answer her.


In a second, she suddenly remembers what had happened to her before she black out. She immediately sits up and pull off the line from her arm and want to get off from the bed.

"Athena?" Richard asks worriedly seeing her daughter suddenly moves with hurriedly.

"I need to save him. I need to save him. I need to…"


She fell on the floor. Her feet feel so weak, her body also feels so heavy.

"Hazel!" Hai Rin shouts Hazel's name and within a seconds, Hazel who standing at the outside of the room run inside and found that Athena already flopped on the floor.

She went to where she was and Richard helping Athena to sit on the bed again.

"Athena, honey...I think we need to talk." Hazel looked at Hai Rin and Richard.

Both of them nods their head. Not long after, all her family including her brother and her cousin and Aslan family gather in her room. Not only that, but Ralph's team also going inside her room.

"Athena, dear. Your baby..has gone that day when you fall on the stairs. You were in critical that time, Aslan..he was so sad and suddenly there's a massive attack at the Sun house.." She stops for a while before she continues again.

Athena wipes her tears when she remembers about her child. Continues again, Hazel said "On that attack, they had two different teams. One is Vendetta and another one is…"

"Eric Smith," Athena speaks the name who makes her separate with Aslan.

"Yes. And after that, we form two rescuing group. The other Golden V going to a rescue mission to get the hostages out from their nest and also saving Jye Yin. While another group is..Aslan and Kevin."

Athena still focused on what her mother-in-law tells them.

"For the group of my daughter and Ramon's son. They accomplish their mission, but..both of them, my daughter and Zoro are in a critical condition right now. Most of the team has been beaten up pretty bad." Hazel's eyes start to teary a bit.

Rachael still in coma together with Zoro. His injury on his chest is just three mm before the spear cut through his heart. He lost a lot of blood that day.

"The hostages have been returned to their family. Most of them have been wiped their memory about the Golden V's team that night. And for the Jye Yin…she's dead and her news has been spread to the world that she was also one of the hostages from the missing planes."

Athena cup her mouth with her palm. She was shocked to hear the news. Even though she hated her, but never she imagined that she will end up her life so tragically.

"And for what happens to Aslan's group.." Hazel turns to Athena.

Athena lowered her head. She inhales and wipes her tears. Couraging up, she looks at all of them.

"Aslan..no..me actually has been tied up into a machine where I can't change to my gin mode." She starts.

"When I met with Aslan, he was trying to discuss with that Eric about something, and when he sees me has been tied up..he went on a rampage and they fight with...the superhuman."

Ralph's eyes turn wider. Not only him but almost everyone on the room surprised by what she said.

"Superhuman? Are you sure Athena?" Ali asks her.

Athena nodded her head. "Yes, they had red glittering eyes. They…" Her tears start to flow down on her cheek.

"As…Aslan..has have been beaten up pretty bad. He..he has been paralyzed by that man and forced to watch me being tortured by Eric's men." She starts hiccuping and stammering.

"I was injected by a nano-tech solution where that man can control the pain in my body and use it to torture both of us."

Richard closed his eyes. Not able to imagine how hard they have to suffer that night. Hai Rin also hides her sadness as she hides her face on her husband chest.

"And finally, he agrees to his term. He will do his command and as the return, he asks that Eric release me and Kevin. Give the cure to me and Aslan wants me to help other Golden V to get the cure too."

All of them in the room silent for a quite some time after she was done talking.

"Athena, I'm sorry if I ask you this..but this superhuman you mentioned, did they have their sense? I mean are they act like a normal human?" Ali asks.

Athena shakes her head. "No, they just following orders from their master."

"Hmm. That's tough. How are we able to defeat a superhuman?" Jack suddenly said. He pinches his forehead.

"Athena, may I know what is exactly that Eric wants with Aslan?" Hazel asks.

"I don't know. He did not say anything about it."

"Daddy, I need to save Aslan.." She turns to look at her father.

"I know baby, that is why we gathered here." Richard pats on her daughter's shoulder.

"Athena, I'm sorry but you are not Golden V anymore. The cure is worked." Ralph said with a bit of concern.

"The only thing I can think right now is to invade the place and get the cure. There's must be any kind of drug that can make the superhuman goes inactive, right?" Jack give a suggestion.

"But, Uncle..the protection and the security are very tight. They have very very advanced equipment. The superhuman..they can regenerate after being slash. They not only have a bunch, but they have a large of the army who is superhuman."

"Then, anyone has any better idea?"



"So, grandson..have you get your sleep enough?" Eric said and sip his tea after that. He having breakfast alone at the dining hall before Aslan went inside to the dining hall.

"Just normal." He replies in short and starts to eat his breakfast. His face not showing any expression at all.

"Start to feel comfortable with this place?"


"So..about your mission.." he put his teacup on the table and turn to look at him with a serious face.

Aslan also put down his spoon and fork and look up at him. Waiting for the details of the mission.

"I want…Ang lu's head."

voiletevergarden voiletevergarden

: )

Comments (10)

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    M happy that Athena is not Golden V anymore but what's the happiness without Aslan.... I hope everyone can come to a conclusion and get Aslan back soon..... I can't see them seperated.... I wonder Who is this Ang Lu?

  • RoseWH


    Now I feel this become unbearable for me to read upcoming sad scene😭

  • jhoreen


    Yep he is:)

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