87.02% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 114: I'll Go To Lu's Island

Chapter 114: I'll Go To Lu's Island

Aslan grip on his spoon and fork. However, he keeps his face expressionlessly.

"Why him? Did you have any grudge against him?" He asks and still staring at Eric.

"Why? Humph..finish up your breakfast and I'll show you why."

Aslan did not reply anything after that. He continues to eat his breakfast, while Eric took a newspaper and read it while waiting for Aslan to finish his breakfast.


Aslan put down his spoon and fork and finishing his tea after that.

"Done?" Eric put down his newspaper and Aslan nods his head.

Standing up, he makes a sign using his hand for Aslan to follow him. Without saying anything, Aslan also stands up and follow Eric leaving the dining hall.

Eric brings him to visit his 'palace'. He introduces him to his servant as his heir. They keep walking until they arrive at the huge iron door. Just like an ancient kingdom's door.

Two superhuman servant help to push the door for him and they enter the room once it's been open.

Inside the room is filled with the sulfur smell and there's also a bit trace of camphor smell. The room is also dark and only lit up by the flambeau.

At both sides of the room, there are a few tombs with a name on it. Aslan scrunches his eyebrow seeing the inside of the room.

"This room is where my beloved family and my enemies rested." Eric said and he starts to go to one of the tombs.

"This is your grandmother tomb, Emily." He blows the dust on the tomb and he moves to the next tomb.

Aslan keeps on the walkway and watches his grandfather went to one by one tomb. Introducing him to the dead family member.

"Ah~ this is your uncle, my favorite child. But he was so arrogant and that's what makes him die in a pathetic way. Killed by your fake father and I think you've met him in your childhood no?" He smiles and laughs a bit.

Aslan did not say anything. He still remembers the day he was kidnapped by his uncle and has been beaten up pretty bad that time. Luckily his papa comes and rescues him after that.

"Mm..your father didn't have any tomb here because he was running away from home and he is a rebellious son. Thus, I never put his tomb here. Same goes with your mother." Eric changes his tone like he was angry toward both of them.

"Whatever." Aslan murmur.

Eric turns around and changes his direction on the other side.

"And that…" He walks to one of the tombs behind Aslan.

"My enemies tomb." He smiles.

Aslan runs his eyes on the tomb's name one by one. Most of them are quite famous thugs and some of them is a government special unit force from many countries.

Despite that, there's one tomb at the end of the hall at the center of both sides.

Eric went to the tomb and caress the tomb like he was caressing someone.

"This is Scarlet's tomb. My precious someone."

Aslan scrunches his eyebrow. Not understand what he's talking about. Aren't the one who name Emily, is his wife? Why he looks more in love with this person named Scarlet?


Eric turns around and looks at his grandson.

"Yes, Scarlet. That bastard Ang Lu who takes her life. And you know what? This is actually your fake father's mother."

'Papa's mother? I never knew about it. I always thought that papa had a happy family when I was still at grandpa Ang's island.'

"What makes you so angry with Ang Lu? Is it because he kills your lover?" Aslan tries to make him eat his bait.

"Kill? No, he makes her kill herself. That bastard doesn't deserve her loves at all."

'Grandpa Ang may look a bit scary when he was in a rage, but he will never kill a woman who bears his child right? Why he still wants to raise up papa if he kills his mother? Is it because of grandma Hai Yin?'

"Then why you did not save her while you can that time if you knew he doesn't deserve her love?"

Grith his teeth, he stands up and wants to leave the room. "You kids will never know what its called love. You also abandoning your wife, so don't act like you knew what is love." He said once he passing by Aslan.

Aslan clenches his fist. If he did not threaten him with Athena's life, he will never let this man alive.

"Bring Ang Lu's head. I'll give you at least 48 hours to do so. If not, your wife has to suffer more than what have you seen last time."



"Yes, sweetheart."

"I think I want to meet with grandpa Ang. I want his advice regarding this." Athena gives a suggestion.

"But grandpa is old enough..we can't burden him with this kind of situation." Richard try to reason with his daughter.

He doesn't want his daughter to disturb him. He is very old and living alone on that island. Close with his wife's tomb. He refuses to stay at the mainland. Not wanting to leave his beloved wife.

"But daddy...I promised I will not disturb him. I just want some advice. He's been raised up Aslan since he was a kid. He trains him, so I'm sure he might have any idea about this."

"Richard, she's right. Let her meet with my father. Even though he's old, he still has a good view of this. Like Athena say, he is the one who raises Aslan in that island." Andy who just comes in the room said after he overheard their discussions.

Sighing, Richard finally agrees. "When did you plan on going there?"

"Tomorrow. But I might just go with Clark and Ralph since Zoro and Rachael are now is still not waking up yet."

"Are you sure you'll be just fine?" Richard asks her again.

Nodding her head, she says. "I will. Even though I just a mere Athena right now, I still had some skill that I learn from Aslan."

"If you say so, then, be careful. I'll arrange the helicopter for you and we'll start to sort out our plan on attacking after you return."

All other family members nod their head in agreement. They need to plan this thing very carefully. This time their war is not the same war as before.

They're dealing with a creature called superhuman. Thus they need something that capable enough to destroy the superhuman army.

"Thank you, daddy." Athena hugs her father and shifts to her mother after that.

"But, before you go..finish your medicine first," Hazel said and that makes Athena remember that she pulls out the line on her arm before.

She gives her arm to Hazel and her mother-in-law start to insert the line back on her arm.

"After dinner, you are free to move freely." Hazel smiles to her.

"Thanks, mom."

"Mm..I'm glad you're healthy. Be strong, my dear, we will help you to get Aslan back okay?"

She nods her head.

'What are you doing Aslan? Are you okay? I'm so worried…'

"I'll go to Lu's Island tomorrow."

"I will send two of my people as your guard. They will send you there." Eric said plainly.

"No thanks, I can handle him by myself." Aslan wants to go by himself, but it seems like it was a bit difficult to deal with this man.

"Hmmph..they will not interfere with your fight. They just there as my eyes. You think I trust you enough?"

Not having a choice, he just nods his head. He needs to gain his trust in him.

"Fine then, make sure your monkey did not interfere with my fight." Aslan said and leave Eric's room to go to his own room.

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  • voiletevergarden


    Hahah... sorry..🙏🏻😅..I glad you enjoyed it.. thanks for your support..✌🏻🤓

  • MyqueenNingXi


    It's almost 1:10am here but you know what author Nim my eyes are fluffy from crying hard....I start reading it this evening I reached this last chap now.i HV a strong headache from crying haha So u need to hv responsibility and do upload more😉

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    They are both going to Lu Island.... They gonna meet each other finally. Even though the circumstances are not the best but atleast they will be able to see each other. I think Aslan has some plans and of course he is not gonna kill Ang Lu.... When Aslan and Athena are together, they can defeat anyone.

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