87.78% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 115: Your Biggest Weakness.

Chapter 115: Your Biggest Weakness.

The next day.

"Daddy, I'll be right back once I've done."

"Be careful." Richard hugs his daughter to send her off today to Lu's Island.

"About Aurora.." Athena feels a bit sad when her sister is not around. He knew her family did not want to trouble her by coming here. She just starts her new life, so in her financial state, there will be a bit constraint.

"I didn't tell her anything. I don't want to trouble her by coming here. Once we settle this thing, I will tell her." Richard assured her daughter. Knowing what she was thinking.

"Mm...I hope she will not mad at us."

"Not to you. She will never hate you." Hai Rin caresses her hair gently.

Athena hugs her mother. "Okay, dear. Now get on the chopper. You'll be late."

Release the hugs, she went to the helicopter with Ralph and Clark. This time, Kevin not coming with them. His injury is still not healed yet.

"We almost nearing the target's location."

"Good. I'll drop here and you both stay at the back of this island." Aslan said with a cold voice.

Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!

The sound of birds makes Ang Lu's heart feel so calm. He went to his garden and watering the plant.

He has been taking care of the garden ever since his wife dies a few years ago. He lives in this glass mansion alone. Sometimes, his daughter and son-in-law will visit him and sometime his grandchildren will also coming and accompany him for a few days if they're not busy.

He misses the day when they're still kids. He missed the moment when he and his wife will play with the kids and prepared them the food and see how they eat. They're a noisy child but they enliven this glass house long ago.

After watering the plant, he walks to the back of his mansion. There's a beautiful tomb fill with flower surrounding it.

Ang Lu went to his wife tomb and place the flower in front of it.

"Honey, today is your death anniversary. When will you come and take me with you? I've been so lonely these past years. Aren't you missing me too?" He chuckles and squatted down.

"I had a weird dream today. I dream that I met you. You were so beautiful as the day when I first met you on a rainy day. Do you remember? You were holding my arm and we running at the side of the road trying to find shelter where we would not be wetted by the rain. That memory makes me…really miss you.." He wipes his corner of eyes.

"Wait for me, okay? I will come as soon as possible so that we both will not be lonely anymore."

Fwoooosssshhh! Thud!

"Ah~ he's here. Honey, today might be my lucky day. Our naughty grandson has Aslan visited us today. I'll see you again, dear."

He stood up and turn his body around. Aslan just landed behind him. Looking at his suit, he was sure Aslan not coming here for a couple of tea.

"Aslan." He smiles.

"Grandpa." Aslan looks at him with a serious expression.

"Who send you?" Ang Lu asks. He did not make any move to attacking him at all. Rather, he still greets him properly with a gentle voice.

"Eric Smith."

Ang Lu stops his pace for a moment. He then sighs and continues to walk again.

"Him? What nonsense did he spout this time?"

"Scarlet. Did you kill her? I learned that she was papa's mother." Aslan also did not do anything, he follows him from behind.

"He said that?"


"Do you believe him?"

Aslan turns silent. Of course, he did not believe him.

"What he need from me?" Ang Lu asks again when there's no answer from Aslan.

"Your head."

"Pffftttt..hahaha.." Ang Lu laugh.

"My head? Then today is really my lucky day." He went inside the house.

"What do you mean?" Aslan scrunches his eyebrow.

"Aslan, I never doubt about your skills. You've surpassed me years ago. So, come on. Kill me. But do not chop my head off. I still need them so that I can meet my wife with a complete body."

Again, Aslan was dumbstruck by what he heard.

"What are you planning?"

"Kill me. Take this with you. He will let you go if you bring this to him." He takes off his necklace and throws it to him.

Catch the necklace, he looks at it with a bit frowned.

"Open it, if you curious."

With a bit hesitate, he opens the locket.

There's a picture of a woman. The photo is quite old but the woman face inside the photo is very beautiful, she had the same smile as his papa.

"This is.."

"Scarlet. We exchange the necklace with a photo inside it. When she died, there's no trace about the necklace that I gave her. Thus, I thought that it might at Eric's hand."

Ang Lu took a dagger that he hid under the sofa and throw it to Aslan. With his instinct, Aslan catches the daggers and shot his grandpa with a sharp glance.

"What? Aren't you come here to kill me? Come on, let's have a good fight." He took out his gun this time and start shooting at Aslan.

"Dammit." With a speed, Aslan took cover behind the sofa.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He then uses the dagger that his grandpa throws to him earlier and throws it back to him.


The dagger went straight struck to the gun and Ang Lu finds his machine gun at his cupboard.

He went hiding and peek at Aslan's shadow before he pointing his gun to where's Aslan has been hiding.

"Shit!" He bristled a bit and rolled her body on the floor after noticing that his grandpa has been lock his target.



'Oops!' Aslan duck his head. The bullet almost hit his head. He crawling on the floor and went to the corner side of the room. He looks at the thick book and throws it to attract his attention.

Take another book, he kicks it and the book went straight to his grandpa's forehead.


Ang Lu falls on the floor He groans a bit. "Ow." He flips his body want to take the machine gun.

Aslan saw what he try to do, he kick the machine gun far from him so that he can't fetch that machine gun.

Ang Lu laughs a bit and he took another dagger under the table and flip his body in speed, throws the dagger to him.


Aslan uses both his hand to stop the dagger before it hit his face. While he was focusing on the daggers, Ang Lu slacks his legs and makes him fall down on the floor.


He moves his body and stands up in instant.


Stomp on his chest, Ang Lu said with a smile on his face. "Come on As..don't be so chicken. Just kill me. You're too soft-hearted. That is your biggest weakness, you know.."

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Comments (15)

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    So because of that necklace Eric thinks Ang Lu killed Scarlet..... What will happen if Athena came at wrong time!?!?

  • Ahmodu


    Same here

  • Ahmodu


    I really hope Aslan will not kill that grandpa? Ad his wife is also heading to d same place, OMG

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