88.54% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 116: Do Not Come For Me Again

Chapter 116: Do Not Come For Me Again


Stomp on his chest, Ang Lu said with a smile on his face. "Come on As..don't be so chicken. Just kill me. You're too soft-hearted. That is your biggest weakness, you know."

"Stop this nonsense, old man!" He grabs on Ang Lu's feet and throws him at the side.


He locks him down with him sitting on his body and grab his collar shirt.

"What the hell are you thinking?"

"Hahahaha...I had my fun, kid...Ah~ so nice.." Ang Lu laughs and not long before he coughs up blood from his mouth.

Scrunch his eyes, he releases his collar and helps him sit up. "Are you not feeling well, grandpa?"


Ang Lu punches him in the face.

Cover his nose, he shouts a bit. "The hell!"

"It will not look real if you return and had no injury in your body or face." He wipes his blood on his hand using his handkerchief.

"Did you see him?" Eric asks one of his men who is secretly monitoring him from afar using a binocular.


"Did he fight with that man?"

"Yes." His men could see that Aslan is fighting and see that old man holding a machine gun. Even though he can't hear clearly what they say but by the action, they really had a big fight in there.

"Good. Let him kill that old man." Just after he finished said that and suddenly there's a loud sound from another helicopter.

"There's another bug here."

"Kill the bug."

"Yes, master."

When Ang Lu want to stand up, his heart suddenly feels so tight and he feels so much in pain. He flops down on the floor.


Huff! Huff! Huff!

He tries to breathe in. His face turns red and his chest feels so much pain.

"Grandpa! Grandpa!" Aslan went to him and want to help him.

But Ang Lu stops him and his hand starts to search something on the floor.

"This..take this.." He shoves him a dagger.

Aslan look at the daggers. He hesitates to take it.

"Hurry. Stab me. I'm nearing my death. They will not be noticing it if you stab me and say that you kill me."

"No! This is not what I planned."

"Take this, As! And kill that monster once you've had a chance. I know you a good person." He forces Aslan to take the dagger.

"I can't."

"Stupid! Stop being so soft. I just want to rest with my wife, don't make me hated you even after I died."


Ang Lu clenches his hand on his chest. The pain makes him suffer a bit.

"Do it!!" He shouts at him. Not able to hold on his pain anymore.

With a trembling voice, he closes his eyes and says "I'm sorry." Aslan stabs him using the dagger.

"Pfftt.." Ang laughing a little when finally Aslan stab him with the dagger.

"That's my boy..don't feel sad. This is what I want. I'm sorry I can't help you to kill that bastard." Ang Lu says and he wants to try to touch Aslan's face. A face that he always sees when Aslan was still a little boy.

Aslan's eyes were a bit teary and red. "Grandpa…"

Thud! Ang Lu finally exhales his last breath. His face looks calm and there's a bit smile on his face. Maybe his wishes have come true. To meet his wife again.


Athena and Ralph landing at the back lawn. Just when they want to go to inside the house. Suddenly there are two men with a big body try to attack them.

"Superhuman?" Athena jolts her body a bit. She still had her trauma with what happens to her because of them.

"What?" Ralph asks and Clark behind them also a bit surprised.

"That's mean…"

"Aslan is here too." Athena wants to go inside the house to meet with Aslan but she needs to find a way to defeat these two first.

Take out her katana, he starts to dash toward them. While Ralph takes out his gun and shoots at them both helping Athena from behind.

Clark also uses his skill to fight with one of the men.


Athena's katana has been thrown to the side. She gasping for a bit. She has been slashing up these two men at their vital point, but there's no use when they keep merging their wound back together.

Clark also huffing a bit. He was exhausted fighting with them to a point of no chances of winning. They seem like they're not even tired.

One of them men grab Athena's hair and pull it closer to him.

"Ergh!" She tried to release her hair from that men.


Ralph shoot at the hand of that man and that makes him throw Athena to the side and run to him instead.


"Ouch!" Athena grunt a bit when her body thrown to the ground hard.

"Fuck!" Ralph shoot at his head a few times and he still running to him.

Not having a choice, he wants to run but he was a bit late when that men grab him and want to crush his head.

"Stop!" Aslan who just walk out from the house with Ang Lu's dead body on his arm shout a bit when he sees that Eric's men trying to kill someone.

Squinted his eyes a bit, he saw that man who is about to be killed by Eric's men is Ralph and he turns to the next one not far from Ralph. Clark!

He then turns to look at the right and found that Athena already stares at him with a pale expression.

He then lowered his gaze and lay Ang Lu on the ground near his wife's tomb. While Athena still froze at her place.

He took the necklace that his grandpa gives him and shove it to his pocket.

He stands up again and went to Athena. Holding her arm, he said to those two men.

"Tie them up."

Athena immediately regains her conscious. Together with those two.

"Wait! Wait, Aslan! We're here to help you!" Ralph shout when he was dragged to the tree using one hand by one of Eric's men.

"Master! Master!" Clark also tries to call him trying to get his attention.

Aslan dragged Athena to his bedroom. The bedroom that he used to stay when he was a kid.

"Why?" She asks with a trembling voice.

Aslan's face was so serious. He did not say any single word to her.

"Why you kill grandpa? He was so nice to you! He treats you like his own grandson! Give you shelter and he even raises you up!! Why?!" Athena couldn't hold her tears anymore.

He just looks at her wet face and tied her up on his bed.

"I do what I had to do." Aslan replies to her. After he done tied her up he stands up and says again.

"Do not come for me again. I am your enemy and please..just live your life as a normal person." He said and leave her alone.

"Aslan! Aslan!!"

voiletevergarden voiletevergarden

: )

Comments (14)

  • mrsrichie


    Dear Violet you break my heart am sad

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    Wish Aslan would have told Athena the truth. I know he did so because he wanted Athena to move on and live her life. But Aslan don't u know u r her life. Do u think after making her believe that u killed Ang Lu, she will never want to see you again and hate you!? No that's where u are wrong. Voilet please get them back together please.

  • kyrie0821


    screaming....(violet.....violet....violet....) what have we done to deserved this.... aaahhhhh.... my ❤ bleeds none stop... i cried like there's no tomorrow... pls....have mercy... im begging..... enough of heart breaking moment.... anyways..thanks 😞

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