89.31% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 117: You've Changed Too Drastically

Chapter 117: You've Changed Too Drastically


A helicopter sound from the sky makes Ralph and Clark turn their head to look at the above.

After the helicopter landing, Richard, Andy, Hai Rin, and Zi Fei get down from the helicopter.

All of them are a bit surprised by what they see. They help to untie them both.

"Where's Athena?" Richard asks.

While Andy and Zi Fei immediately run to the body which is lying cold at the ground beside the tomb.

"She may be inside the house. Last we saw Aslan is.."

"Aslan?" Richard scrunch her eyebrow

Ralph and Clark look at each other before they both nod their head.

Richard turn around and look at where his wife and others go.

"Dad! Dad!" Zi Fei cries beside his father's dead body.

Andy tries to find his heartbeat but to no avail.

He shakes his head to Zi Fei and Hai Rin.

"Oh my god! No! Dad!!" Zi Fei cry even harder on his chest.

"Zi Fei...Let him go. we should prepare a funerary ceremony for him. Let him rest in peace." Andy tries to calm her down.

"Why? Why he kill him?"

Andy lost his word. He knew, his son will never kill his father. He taught him well, he also a soft-heart person. He will not kill if it is not necessary.

"It's not him. Uncle Lu has been sick since two years ago. After auntie Hai Yin's death, he's been sick and a few days before, his condition getting worse. Maybe this is was his wishes to die in hand of someone he knew better than he died in a tragically way." Richard said to try to clear up the misunderstanding.

He knew about Ang Lu's condition. He did ask him to get treatment in the main city, but he refuses. He said he wants to spend the rest of his life on this island. With his wife.

Hai Rin also knows about this. She wants to tell both Zi Fei and Andy, but Ang Lu makes her promise to not let them know. He did not want to worries them both.

Hai Rin hid her face on Richard's chest. Crying.

"Honey, Athena is still inside. Let's finds her. She must be shocked and sad right now." Richard said gently to his wife.

Nods her head, she follows her husband to the house. Richard turns on the switch to make the house lit up a bit.

It's quite messy in the house like there's a fighting scene at the living hall.

Both of them went to check on one by one room and they finally went to Aslan's room.

Open the door, they found that her daughter is on the bed, tied up and she has been crying the whole time.

Richard and Hai Rin went to the room, untie the rope and Athena immediately hugs them both.

"Mommy! Daddy!" The only word she said and she keeps crying after that.

"Let's return back."

Walk into the hall, he throws him a necklace where there's a blood stain on it.

"I've accomplished your mission." Aslan said without even kneeling down to him as what his two guards do.

Catch the necklace, he opens it and smiles widely.

"Very good. Better than his head." He utter happily.

Seeing his happy face, Aslan clenches his fist and leave him at the huge hall. He went to his room.

Taking a bath. He kneels on the bathroom floor under the rain shower.

His tears start to flow down as the rain shower cleanse it.

"Now look at what you did to me, grandpa..she's hate me now."

"Are you happy? You must be happy to see your wife again, while me? This is fucking killing me."

He still remembers Athena's face when she saw him carrying his grandpa on his arm. She was clearly shocked and she looks so disappointed.

He had to tie her and ask for two guards to tied them up too. Because if he just leaves them like that, that Eric must be questioning his action. It's better for him to act like he was so over with her.

While in his heart, he really wants to hugs her, kiss her and run away with her to where there is no disturbance at all. But he also knew, running away will not solve this matter.

What he can do right now is to find what can defeat the superhuman with him find their weakness in this cave. Pretending to be one of them.

Few months have passed.

Athena still living at Arendell, Aslan's mansion. While Ralph team also stick with her. Use the mansion as their base.

Zoro and Rachael still haven't wakened up from a comma. While whole Arendell is shocked with the news about King's Corp. president went missing and vanish just like that after the hostages have been found.

As his legal wife, Athena takes the responsibility to conduct his company with his father's help. Because she was not in the right field as Aslan, she let her father handle the company.

Thank god, his company revived and now are stable back. Jye Yin's dead still becomes hot topics. However, they did not blame on Aslan after the revealing news about her wrongdoing.

The night before they went to a rescue mission, Zoro set a timer to the server. After they accomplish the mission, the news about her also spread out around the world through the power of the internet.

Athena is also changed a bit. Since she is now a 'normal' person, she led a life where there is no Aslan beside her.

"Madam, your car is ready." Kevin said to her.

"Thanks, Kevin." She gets inside the car. Tonight, there's a gala night at the Arendell's City hall.

As the temporary president of King's Corp, Athena need to attend this party. They also got a piece of news, that Aslan might be there. Targeting someone from the party. It's a masquerade party. No one will notice his face.

After fifteen minutes of driving, they arrive at the city hall. Kevin went to open the car door.

Athena walk out from the luxurious car. Her evening gown makes all of the guests turn to look at her.

She wearing a black slit dress where it shows her beautiful leg and backless, showing her smooth bare skin. With her hair which has grown a bit longer than before, she brings a similar aura as a very alluring queen.

With a red lipstick on her lips and makeup, most of the people can't take their eyes off of her. She smiles and gives the invitation card to the reception guy.

"Madam. This way, please." The guy guides her to the hall.

"Do not forget the mask, madam. Have a nice day." He bows his head a little.

"Thank you." She took out her mask and put it on before she enters the grand hall.


"Oh my.."

"She's so beautiful even though she put on the mask."

"Isn't she the president Aslan's wife?"

"She is not human, she must be an angel who falls down to earth."

Athena keeps smiling to the people who greet her. She takes the champagne glass and sips it a little.

At the corner of the ballroom, there's a man standing there with a champagne glass in his hand looking at her.

He smiling and turn to another way.

"You've changed too drastically."

voiletevergarden voiletevergarden

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Comments (7)

  • cessey


    Who have changed drastically? Athena or aslan? Both I think🤔

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    Athena doesn't hate you Aslan. She can never stop loving you!!!! You finally see wifey. Let her see you too and become happy for once in past few months.

  • vejhay


    You made me cry 😢

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