90.83% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 119: What Can Kill All Of Them?

Chapter 119: What Can Kill All Of Them?

"Are you ready?" Ali asks her for the last time before they started.

"Yes." She nods his head.

She is now being tied up on the gurney bed. With her parent beside her, she is not afraid like when the first time she gets the injection years ago. This time, she trusts all the people beside her.

"Athena Lee, I will inject you with the serum that will turn you into a superhuman. With this, whatever effect that you'll have, please remember your true intentions and be yourself again. Keep in your mind about people who are still standing behind you and support you."

"I will."

Ali injects her with the serum and after a minute, the same feeling she used to feel years ago start to fill her body system.

The feels of hot and burning inside her veins, the feels of thirsty and all she can see are now crumbling and the vision starts to blurry. Her heart beating feels like it wants to burst out from its position. Everything..everything is a pain to her.

Hai Rin grasps her finger tightly. Not able to look at her daughter suffering and struggling once again to fight the effect of the mutation.

Richard also looks a bit worried. He was so scared that the test will be failed. However, this is what his daughter wants. And this is also the only way on how they gonna use to fight with the superhuman.

They need to changes into a superhuman to fight with them. The next person who willing to change into a superhuman is Renee.

She kisses Ralph before she also takes the injection. Same goes with Athena, just after she takes the injection, she starts to have a difficult time to mutated again.

Athena opened her eyes slowly. Her head feels so dizzy. Her throat feels so thirsty and her body also feels so hot right now.

"Mm..water.." She said slowly.

Hai Rin beside her immediately lifts up her head once she heard her daughter voice.

"Honey..are you awake?"

"Mommy." She turns her face to the side to look at her mother.

"Oh honey, I'm so happy." She wants to hugs her but Athena said again.


"Oh! Sorry. Sit up, dear. I'll bring the water to you." Hai Rin went to pour the mineral into a glass and handed to her.

Take the glass, the glass broke.


"Huh?" She looks at the broken glass.

"It's okay honey, I'll bring another one. Be careful with the shattered glass." Hai Rin helps to clean up the mess and bring a new plastic cup for her.

Took the plastic cup slowly and with care, she drinks it slowly.

"How are you feeling? Any better?"

"Mm...I think I'm okay." She replies to her mother.

Hai Rin took out a mirror from the bedside table and handed to her. "Look at yourself in the mirror."

Take the mirror, she looks at her face. "My eyes…"

"Erm..it changes into a golden and green glittering color." Hai Rin said.

"Did Renee wakes up yet?"

"I'm not sure, I've been here since after you finish your mutation and pass out."

"How long did I went into slumber?"

"Hmm..not that long like the last time. Just a few days."

"Ermm..mommy...I want to take a bath. Can you wait for me here until I'm done?"

"Sure, honey."

Athena went to the bathroom and took her shower. She looks at her body and sees nothing had changed. When she looks at her nails and stare it...

Her nails can change its shape. It can change into a very sharp and long. She tries to run her nails on the shower curtain.


Like a sharp blade, the curtain is cut by her nails. She changes it back to its original. Having a doubt, she tries to cuts her arm a little using her nails.

Again, she was surprised. Her flesh merged again within a second. That's mean..this experiment has been successfully reached the goal.

She still had her sanity. Her eyes didn't have to be changed since these new abilities are always in a standby mode. She can revive her wound back and it'll make it easier for her to defeat the superhuman army.

"Well, let's train you, 'gin'. It nice to have you back in my body." She mumbles and finishing up her bath.

Wearing her training suit, Hai Rin looks at her with a question in his mind.

"You just woke up and now you wanna go for training?"

"Mm...Yes, mommy. I need to train so that I can beat them up."

"Haih.." Hai Rin shakes her head. "Then, do your training after you had your breakfast first, okay?"

"Okay." She went downstairs together with her mother. Once they went to the dining hall, Renee and all other Golden V already at the dining hall.

"Athena, you're awake?" Ali asks and turns to look at Hai Rin. She smiles to him assuring him that Athena had control on her own mind.

"Yes. Just woke up. How about you Renee?" She asks and takes a sit.

"I woke up yesterday night." Renee replies to her. Both of them had the same color eyes.

"Oh great. I was thinking about doing some training in the backyard. Wanna join me?" Athena ask. She was excited wants to know more about her abilities.

"You have a backyard to do the training?"

"Yeah, I forgot to tell you guys my husband had a secret backyard. We'll go after this."

"Well, it sounds fun."

Once they arrive at the secret backyard. All of them is a bit shocked by what they see right now.

"Wow! How can he's been hiding this place?" Shon asks.

"This is amazing."

"Well, we can keep training here for the moment before we go to the real battlefield."

"Yup. I agree with you. So guys, train well. Use your power and don't overuse it." Renee gives them instruction.

"Now, Athena...Let's have a fight." Renee smiles and that also makes Athena smile back to her.

They jump to the forest under the rock mountain and start their training.

In the meeting room inside Aslan's house.

"So, did you get the blueprint for that area?" Richard asks and Ramon lay down his blueprint map.

"This is the latest update I got from Z's satellite."

"Okay, so Andy..how many men do you have at your base who can go to this mission?"

"Two thousand. You?"

"If I combined with Jack's and Yu Lin's army, we have at least ten thousand. But to send many men to this place is like announcing the war to the world."

"So, what's your suggestion?"

"Minimized the army. Send only the qualified and the best fighter. Make a way for Golden V to go to the main subject and kill them with an instant. But, the problem is..what can kill all of them?"

voiletevergarden voiletevergarden

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Comments (17)

  • cessey


    Yehh... Finally Athena... Finally... Super human... Its time to save ur husband... Chaiyookkk....

  • pheen


    Thanks for your update..😘

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    Athena is willing to do anything to save her hubby, Aslan. Even risking her life by trusting an unauthorised Experiment. I hope after all this, They get together soon. They don't deserve to stay apart.

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