91.6% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 120: Do Not Get Shot By The Arrow

Chapter 120: Do Not Get Shot By The Arrow

"Ali and the team has made a solution that can be used to weaken them." Said, Ralph. He also joins the meeting between them.

"What kind of solution is that?" Andy asks and Richard also looks at him.

"It's the same solution to turn them into a superhuman. Except, they already a superhuman. Having so much load and try to mutate into something that has been mutated will damage their cell. That is when the weakest situation for them. In this situation, our army or Golden V can take the opportunity to kill them. Especially at their important part of the body, their brain needs to smash so that they can't be revived back."

"That…so cruel." Andy said.

"I know I sound so cruel. But, do we have other choices?"

"Despite that, how are you gonna create a very large amount of that solution within a few days?" Ramon asking him back.


"How about this? Ramon, you can create something that can be used to them right? No need the big amount, as long we can make sure they get the solution inside their body system is enough." Richard give a suggestion.

"Mm...I think I can see what gadget did my boy create and change it into something useful." Ramon shrugged his shoulder.

"Good. So, Ralph. You just need to standby the solution before the attack. Like I said, no need to much, because to create it, you need their blood right?"

Ralph nod his head.

"Just enough for one or two tubes. The rest, let uncle Ramon use his brain to find us a way."

Ramon looks at Richard with an unsatisfied expression on his face. "Since you were young until now, you really enjoy on torturing me aren't you?"

Andy chuckles a bit. Yup, Richard really likes to bully Ramon since they were still young. He always instructs him to do the impossible. Unlucky for Richard, almost everything that is impossible is possible for Ramon.

"Eh, did I? I don't remember at all." He turns to look at Andy and Andy just shrugged his shoulder.

Ralph look a bit lost.

Ramon shakes his head helplessly. He went out and find something to create. While Ralph also leaves the room, to want to inform the team to prepare the solution.

Meanwhile Andy and Richard still in the meeting room. Start to sort out the attacking strategy for their army.


Three days have passed.

It is the day when they will go to the battlefield after dusk. Athena still with her business dress when she walks out from the King Corp building. She asks Kevin to send her to the hospital.

Once she arrives at the hospital, she takes the elevator to the VIP room. She brings a bouquet of flower with her.


She walks out from the elevator and meets with Raisya and Hazel at the hallway.

"Mom?" Athena greets her politely.

"Athena my dear, are you seeing them first before you off tonight?" Hazel asks.


"Hm..okay then, mom and Raisya just visited them awhile ago. We're going back home now."

"Be careful on the road."

"Thank you, dear." Hazel hugs her and Raisya take a turn too.

After both of them went into the elevator, Athena walks into the VIP room.

There's two bed inside one spacious room. Rachael and Zoro have been sharing the room since Hazel said it was much better to taking care of both of them in the same room.

She changes the flower on the vase with a new one and takes a sit beside Zoro's gurney bed.

"Hey Z...I will be going on a mission, this time I don't know if I can return back safely or not. If you're not lying here, I bet you must be eagerly want to come with me too, right?" She chuckles when remembering that Zoro always stays beside her.

"Hey..wake up Z..until when do you want to stay lying in this bed? If you wake up, Rachael will wake up too. Aren't you both looks good together? You promised me that you will find a better woman than me. So, prove it to me Z.."

She wipes her corner of eyes. "You know what? This might be the last time I see you. I hope you can lead a happy life with a girl you like if I never come back again."

Stand up, she bends her body and kisses his forehead lightly. "I'll be going now."

She then turns Rachael beds.

"Hey, Rach, I'm sorry I dragged your brother into this mess because of me. I will bring him back to your family again."

"Rachael..don't hate me, will you? If I never come back again, help your brother to go through his life properly without me. And please..wake up Rach, I feel so sorry to papa and mom. They look like they missed you so much." She holds her hand.

"I'll be going and please take care of Z in the future. He'll be like a lost puppy without someone beside him." She kisses her forehead and leaves the room.

Inside the car, Athena clenches her fist on her heart. 'Why do I have a bad feeling? Like I was gonna 'die' today.'

"Madam, we've arrived."

"Thanks, Kevin." Athena gets out of the car and went to the bedroom. Changing her clothes to a suit.

Zipped her suit, she looks at her Katana. This time, she brings two Katana with her.

Went downstairs to where all of them gathered, she asks.

"Ready?" Athena look at all of them.

All the Golden V nods their head simultaneously. They have been waiting for her at the meeting room.

"Alright, briefing before you guys go." Richard, Andy, Ralph, and Ramon walks into the meeting room.


Ramon nods his head and rolled the blueprint ball device.

"This is the cave area that you guys will be going to. Uncle Richard's and Andy's army will lead the way and open the path for you Golden V to go to the main hall." He touches the blueprint, zooms in to the main hall.

"This main hall is where Eric likes to sit. Just like a king from an ancient world. According to my judgment, he will bring a lot of his army to fight you guys. So be prepared. Another Elite squad will be giving a hand from the above floor. So Ralph and Renee will go to the lab while they are fighting. Get the cure in his lab. I already put the direction guide on your suit."

"Aslan…he will be at Eric's side. If he's not in there, go and find him with the direction that I already designed it for you, Athena."

"Get the cure, and Aslan, out from the cave within one hour."

"Why?" Athena scrunch her eyebrow a bit.

"After one hour. I will launch an arrow from the air using a stealth drone. This arrow has a solution to slow them down. Once they got shot with the arrow, the satellite will launch a mini nuclear attack on that mountain. You'll know what happens next."

"That is why you need to be out from that cave, at least 500m before the final attack from the satellite."

"Especially the Golden V squad. Do not get shot by the arrow. Do you copy?"

All of them look at each other. Feeling a bit scared.

"Don't worry, our squad will be there to lead you out and help you to go through this mission." Richard tries to give them some courage.

"I understand." Athena said.

After that, all of them nod their head.

voiletevergarden voiletevergarden

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Comments (23)

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    I think Zoro and Rachael will wake up soon. N Athena u r not going to die, u r gonna meet the love of your life. I hope everyone will get out of there safely.....

  • User248


    The plot just keeps getting exciting. 👍🏼 author!

  • User248



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