50% Books of Chrona (discontinued) / Chapter 4: Volume 4: After Page One is Page Two

Chapter 4: Volume 4: After Page One is Page Two

Jaegar thought that he had enough time to save both the man falling from the tree and the girl that appeared from the cave. Since he was closer to the man, he decided to jump and grab him while in the air. After catching the man and landing on the ground, he immediately dropped the man and looked at the giant wild boar charging at the girl. He instantly realized that even with his speed, he won't be able to reach her in time. The wild boar's tusks were close to the face of the girl. Then, a cloud of dust burst from the ground. Jaegar didn't see what happened. When the dust cleared, there was a thick wall made of earth protruding from the ground. The giant wild boar's face was crushed into the earthen wall.

"What just happened?" Jaegar wondered to himself. "Wait, what happened to the girl?" He rushed to the side of the wall opposite the giant wild boar's body. He saw the girl standing, her arms on her waist.

"I wonder what I should call that spell." The girl was talking to herself. "Well, 'Instant Wall made of Earth from the Ground' sounds like a good idea!"

"That sucks."

"Huh?" The girl looked at her side to see a knight standing there. "Who are you?"

"I was supposed to be your knight in shining armor, but now I see you're a very capable mage."

"Capable? I'm the greatest mage alive!" She proudly smiled at Jaegar.

"I've never seen a mage cast a spell in an instant! You must really be the greatest mage alive!" Jaegar was amazed at what happened. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"I don't want to say it was easy, but it was!" She started laughing.


Jaegar and the girl decided to return to Yuberden together. While walking through the forest, he was carrying the guy that fell from the tree who was unconscious the whole time. The girl was dragging the giant wild boar's body by its tusk.

"So, what were you doing here in the forest?" Jaegar asked the girl.

"Oh, I was hunting the wild boars in the area, but recently their numbers were decreasing for some reason. I haven't seen as much as before."

"That must be because I've been hunting them for the past few days, although I couldn't get rid of all of them."

"I see. So that's why. I've been wandering around here for days, too!"

"You haven't returned to town... in days?" He looked at her, anticipating a logical response.

"No." Jaegar took a few steps away from her, keeping a healthy distance between them. "I haven't avenged the parents of the young restaurant owner yet." She had a sad expression on her face.

"Oh, so you were the sucker who got fooled by that cunning brat." He looked at her with an expression that was a mix of amazement and disbelief.


"Nothing." He looked away. "By the way, why were you inside the cave?"

"Well, I got lost and slept there. When I woke up I saw the parent monsters mating. I guess they didn't like being watched, since the mother boar ran outside. I chased after her to tell her I was sorry, but she attacked me."

"If I was the one being watched while doing it, I'd be pissed too."

"I know, right? That's why I wanted to apologize."

"I think she got the message, since she's not making any fuss now."

"You think she forgave me already?"

"Are you being serious? The boar's dead, thus no fussing."



They got back to town and decided to go their separate ways. Jaegar went to the tavern to drop the son of the barkeep there. The girl decided to go straight to the restaurant. The townspeople she passed by were all amazed at what she was dragging. They have never seen a wild boar that big. The giant wild boar wouldn't fit the door of the restaurant so she left it outside. She then went straight to the owner that was behind the counter.

"Hey there, Avila."

"Oh, Tany! You're alive!" The young owner jumped over the counter and hugged the girl wearing a mage hat.


Jaegar entered the tavern while carrying the unconscious man on his shoulder. The barkeep didn't look at the person who just entered his place. Jaegar dropped the man on the counter and the barkeep was surprised and dropped the glass he was cleaning.

"That's... my son! Where did you find his body?" The barkeep was shaking from the shock of seeing his son that he couldn't approach and touch the body.

"After killing the parent monster, I saw him being attacked by zombies. I tried to save him; unfortunately he was bitten by then. He's been unconscious ever since."

"Zombies? There aren't any zombies in this area before... What is the world turning into...? My poor son..."

The body that was facing the floor while lying on the counter suddenly moved. The barkeep fell to the floor in surprise.

"His head... moved! He's turning into a zombie!" The barkeep then stood up clumsily and grabbed an empty alcohol bottle and smashed it into his son's head.

"Ow…" The man on the counter continued to move about. He then touched the back of his head where the bottle was smashed into. "That hurts…"

"No! Stop moving!" The barkeep was pressing himself against the wall behind the counter, away from his now standing son.

"Why did you hit me with a bottle? You damn old senile geezer!"

"You… you were turning into a zombie! I had to stop it!"

"Zombie?" The man was still rubbing the back of his head, while confused by the situation. He looked around and saw the knight he met earlier. "Hey! You're alive! What happened in the forest? Why are we here?" The knight was covering his face to prevent himself from laughing. "What's so funny?"

"Oh, don't mind me." Jaegar then turned to the barkeep, who was still scared and attached to the wall. "I guess he didn't turn into a zombie. Good for you, then, old man." He looked back at the son and pointed his finger at him. "You've fainted from just falling down from a tree. I guess the Warrior Guild did the right thing for you. Don't wander by yourself again, ok?" He turned around and then left the tavern. The son looked at his father.

"Please don't eat me!" The barkeep begged while closing his eyes.


"So, did you see any knight in the forest?" Avila asked the girl.

"Oh, yeah. He was with me until we entered the town. I don't know where he went."

"I see. But I didn't think you'd be the one to kill the parent monster, Brit."

"Well, it took me a few days, but I fulfilled my promise to you." The girl smiled at the owner.

"You did… even though I told you not to." She crossed her arms to demonstrate her disappointment. "But seriously, thank you." She smiled gently. "Now, we'll have to start building a farm to raise livestock and plant fruits and vegetables, since the amount of monsters will start to dwindle down." Her hopeful tone put a smile on the girls face.

"Yeah, it'll be much safer now—" The ground started to shake. "What's happening?" Some plates and glasses started to fall from all over the restaurant as the shaking continued.

"What the heck is this?" Avila shouted while grabbing the counter. The girl wearing a mage hat stood up and ran to exit the restaurant. "Where are you going, Anya?"

"I'll check what's happening outside!"


Jaegar ran towards the gate where they just entered from the forest. The ground was still shaking when he saw large figures coming from the direction of the forest. The one leading the pack was a giant wild boar, and they were heading straight to the town.

"Damn it! That must be the daddy." Jaegar looked at the strange pack of monsters The large boar was followed by a pair of giant lizards and a pair of giant mushrooms. "He brought some friends over, huh?"

"How did he invite his friends to help him avenge his wife?" The girl wearing a mage hat appeared beside Jaegar. She was looking at the pack of monsters heading their way.

"I guess he talked to them."

"So monsters can actually talk?" The girl then curiously looked at Jaegar.

"That's not the issue we should be discussing right now."

"You're right." She looked back to the monsters.

"I'd need to hit monsters that size maybe two to three times to kill it. I don't think I have enough time to kill all of them."

"Oh, you're pretty strong then."

"I wouldn't say strong is the appropriate word to describe my best trait."

"Really? Then what is it?" She looked at Jaegar.

"They're coming. Can't you do something with your magic?"

"I can." The monsters were starting to get nearer to the town.

"Then why are you not doing it?"

"I'm talking to you so it seems rude to just cast my magic and –"

"Just do it!"

"Fine!" She then punched the ground and a large fissure appeared that headed straight to the monsters. The giant wild boar and a giant lizard were able to evade it but the others fell into it. The lizard went to the left side and headed to the wall of the town instead. The wild boar still headed straight to the town gate.

"Nice! But there are others left! I'll take care of that lizard and you take care of that wild boar." Jaegar then ran towards the lizard and kicked it. His speed coupled with his heavy armor caused the lizard to blow up when the kick landed.

The girl then scooped up a large chunk of the ground and held it in one hand. Then, she threw it with ease towards the direction of the wild boar, as if she was just throwing a small pebble. The wild boar was crushed under the large piece of the ground. Jaegar went back to the girl's side.

"I thought I needed at least two hits to kill them. I guess I don't know my own strength."

"Wow, so you're fast!" The girl was astonished by Jaegar's speed.

"I guess. And you're pretty strong… for a mage." The girl's face went from all smiles to worry.

"Well, I'm—"

"You are the greatest mage alive!" Jaegar smiled at her. She was surprised at what he said to her.

"I am, right?" The girl forced a smile.

"Yeah. And you know what? I just had a great idea! Why don't you join me in exterminating monsters? I could surely use the help of the greatest mage."

"Are you sure that's what you think?" She sounded like she had no confidence in herself.

"What are you talking about? If you can find me a mage who can cast her magic as fast as you, then I'll take them instead."


"And I realized I can't take care of the monsters all at the same time. It's nice to have someone that has your back. So, are you in, greatest mage?"

"…Yeah!" She seemed genuinely happy.


They went back to the restaurant to tell Avila what happened.

"Hey, what happened out there Rita?"

"Oh, the other parent monsters tried to attack the town. This knight here and I stopped them."

"My name's Jaegar, by the way."

"Oh, so that was your name." Avila looked surprised to hear his name.

"I told you my name before!"

"I'm bad with names. Don't blame. So um, what was your name again?" She looked at the girl.


"I see. Well, now I have two slaves I can call by their names." Avila smiled wryly at them.

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