31.81% Tales of Demons and Gods: reincarnation / Chapter 14: Departure and Arrival

Chapter 14: Departure and Arrival

After three days, I went to the meeting spot to meet with Chen linjian group for departure. When I reached there, I saw Xiao Ning'er waving hands at me. I waved at her and went towards her. I then gave a small peck on her lips and hugged her to which she returned it. We then met with Nie li and Ye ziyun. She was shocked to see Ning'er coming with them. I couldn't see Shen Yue within this group. He was still in his room afraid to come out. I sighed for creating butterfly effect but never regretted for it. It was necessary to protect my family.

After a while, Chen linjian and his group came to the spot. I saw Chen yue who took a fight with Nie li, Lanruo one with demon sakura demon spirit and tried to flirt with Nie li and Chen linjian the leader of the group. Chen linjian was honest person and firm believer of justice. Even in the novel he killed some of the sacred family members when they escaped from beast tide. It was a good idea to form a friendship with him. If possible, I could take him with me to the draconic realm.

We then started our journey with others from the glory city. I then saw Nie li with ye zhiyun and was flirting with her. I saw she was slightly annoyed but enjoyed his company. I then silently hold my wife's finger, intertwining finger. She was blushing but held it firmly. Since Shen Yue never came out, he never tried to beat Nie li in the city and Ye Ziyun still had a pity for him. Nie li discussed some inscription technique with her impressing her by his intellect.

I was then silently walking with her, enjoying the scenery. We travelled for 2 hours and took a break for rest. Ning'er took a bento and gave it to me saying, "I made lunch for you with your favorites inside. I even improved my cooking for you.". She pumped her fist on air. She has this childish habit even in last life but I love that side of her. I kissed her cheeks making her blush hard. No one saw that scene to their luck.

Many were envious of Nie li and Tian for flirting with two goddess of orchid institute. Some had jealous look at them cursing them under their breath. A girl with pink hair and mature body looked at them with envious expression. She was looking gorgeous with mature appeal. many men tried to court her and would act as slave for her. But these two never even looked at her. She was frustrated by this action. She planned to make them fall for her.

I then saw Hyuan lanruo coming towards us. I knew she would cause trouble and try to make us fall for her. She came to us and introduced herself, " Hi, I am Hyuan lanruo from Hyuan family. I heard many things about you two in the institute. Genius they say. Can you help this big sister in the inscription field?". I was able to deduct seduction in her tone. I just sighed for her antics. To her dismay, we answered diligently and cleared her doubt. She was shocked and was slightly angered. Xiao Ning'er was silent through the entire conversation. I knew something bad would happen to lanruo if she tried to flirt with me again.

In her previously, some girls tried to flirt with me in the market. Feng Xiu was silent throughout the conversation. When one of the girls bold enough to tried to touch me, feng Xiu crushed her hands and fought with them utterly destroying them. She kind of having possessive tendency and if someone without her consent tried to reach me, hell break loose. I immediately held Ning'er hand tightly calming her.

Suddenly, a man with a crooked face came towards them. He was Chen Yue, one of the followers of Chen linjian and was lusting after Hyuan Lanruo. He went towards us and asked, "What were you guys discussing about?". He was jealous of Tian and Nie li, since lanruo took initiative to speak with them.

I could see disgusting expression on Lanruo when she saw him. She answered him, "We were discussing about inscription patterns.". He then said, "If so, then I will also join since I also specialise in the inscription.". But to his dismay, lanruo never gave any comment on his words and continued to talk with us. He suddenly picked a fight with Nie li since I was from higher ranking family from him.

The fight was made in front of others. Chen was defeated in three moves and lost half of the soul force to nie li, when he tried to bombard Nie's soul realm. Finally, he fainted, and Nie li broke through bronze rank without noticing others. After the fight, many were astonished by Nie li's tactics and his physical strength. Hyuan lanruo then tried to seduce Nie li but failed. She used her demon spirit to charm us.

We three looked at her while smiling. I saw a hanya mask behind Ning'er and her smile was that of a predator. Nie li shuddered at smile of her. To our surprise, She said, "Sakura demon spirit, a rare one you got. It was said to charm the spirit beast and eats them while the beasts were in charm.". I saw lanruo shocked expression but Ning'er next action made her pale. She sent a small soul force to bombard lanruo's demon spirit.

Lanruo went pale and small trickle of blood came from her mouth, which went unnoticed by others. She sent this to warn her, "Be careful about the power you are using. Some might destroy the demon spirit by bombarding the soul force on it.". Ning'er knew that I hate when someone tries to manipulate me. She hastily nodded her head and went back to her place. Before going I gave the revital potion to treat her wound on soul force. She took it and went back tending her wound.

At night, all of us camped in the forest, and we had our tents next to each other. I knew that this was the territory of the demon beast which woke up from its hibernation. I saw Nie li going towards Chen linjian and was whispering something. Chen linjian immediately woke everyone and announced to move forward to the orchid. Even though they had their doubts, they still complied to Chen linjian's words and started to move.

Suddenly they heard the sound of a beast in the forest where they stayed. They went pale but immediately went happy since they moved out of the forest. I saw them praising Chen linjian, but being a humble man, he told the truth to them about the information provided by nie li. Everyone reevaluated Nie li, and Ye Ziyun had a good expression oh Nie li. Next day morning after arduous travel they reached the ancient orchid city.

Madara1996 Madara1996

Hi guys. new chapter here. made few changes in the old draft of this chapter since the flow was same. Saturday and sunday wont have chapters mostly, since I lack laptop. I am typing this in my office laptop. so please bear with it. Hope you enjoy reading.

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    So far so good. The story is very intersting.

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