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84.37% 13 Enigmas of Chaos / Chapter 26: Heart's Aura

Heart's Aura - 13 Enigmas of Chaos - Chapter 26 by StormEliteVII full book limited free

Chapter 26: Heart's Aura

"I should have guessed." Kallen spat some blood on the ground before holding his stomach. The amount of people the sect sent this time was too much for him to handle, yet he slowly stood up and kept a calm face while looking.

A old man followed by Elder Han walked out from within the group of disciples. The moment Kallen saw the old man his face turned even more pale.

Letting out a strange laugh the sneered. "Gegege, I didn't expect we would meet again Grand-disciple. I thought instructor Chilon said you were killed a few months ago. Well it doesn't matter, soon both you and your senior brother will meet on the other side."

"Senior Brother?" Kallen stopped, he thought everyone in the sect had betrayed him so why is his senior brother being hunted as well. Still, he felt a lot better knowing his senior brother wasn't a part of that.

Elder Han who was watching everything was confused for a moment before realization downed upon her. "Ohh, so he is the young man I heard so much about. I remember the ancestor thought highly of him, saying his soul was special and maybe would be able to help Elders Senior Brother to breakthrough into a higher realm. I see, however he's turned so much powerful when he isn't even cultivator."

The old man also had strange look on his face. "I know it. I didn't expect he would grow so quickly to the point of killing that beast with that last attack of his. Chilon said he was his heart was pierced by a spear and he fell down the abyss. While the means he used to survive are unkown, we can't let him escape or he would become a huge threat to the sect." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-aura_53671944544910489">;s-aura_53671944544910489</a> for visiting.

"Understood, but I want some time alone with him. I must learn the techniques he used." Elder Han nodded.

Both of them stepped forward, an incredible dense aura pressed down on Kallen who was already in a weak state making him feel dizzy.

"Men! This man before you is the traitor of our sect, he's responsible for the death of several of our guards. Just remember to take him back to the sect alive."

The hundred men army shouted loudly before marching forward, already infusing vital power in their weapons.

"I must get up!" Kallen spoke to himself as he gathered all of his strength, he also firmed the grip on the revolvers. He believed at this half of them would go down with him if he needed to fight.

His left hand slowly rose as he prepared to took aim, but he was too late. A hand came out of nowhere and grabbed him by the neck.

"Let me see how you survive this now." The old man shook Kallen's body as he felt threads of vital power invading his body and blocking his movements.

"Stop, he's innocent!" From within the crowd of Sacred Soul Sect members, a pair of females wearing Blacksmith clothes shouted to the cultivators as they saw Kalllen being held by the elder.

Kallen didn't have much strength, but his eyes still caught sight of two females and his eyes widened. " NO! Xian, Erin, run away. They are here for... Urg."

Kallen tried to warn them, but the Elder increased the strength on his hand on Kallen's neck. The Elder when seeing the reaction Kallen had towards the two girls his eyes shone. "Ling'er, bring those two to the sect as well, wait, no. Only one is enough."

Elder Han Ling immediately realized why he would want so and signalized to the sect disciples. "Luk, Pong take the white-dressed girl and kill the other. Alright, let's leave now. All the high level cultivators aren't here at the moment so no one will know it were us."

A orange-haired youth followed by dark-skinned man headed towards Li Xian and Erin who only now realized they walked in a situation they didn't understand.

"Alright!" Luk formed a energy claw as he moved at extreme speed. Erin and her friend felt the immediate threat, but there were too many of them for the two to escape now.

In the blink of an eye, Luk appeared on the other side, his claws dyed with blood. Li Xian held her neck, but she couldn't make a sound and Kalled could only watch as she collapsed right next to her friend.

"Xia Zhong, I will kill you!" Kallen couldn't explain what he felt at that moment, his whole head felt as if on fire, it felt as if magma flowed in his blood vessels. in the sky above VI city the countless specs of light the huge demon beasts had turned all rushed towards the center of the city forming a huge vortex of invisible light right above Kallen's body.

"Huh?" Xia Zhong couldn't see the specs of light like Kallen, but he felt an ominous atmosphere cover the city almost like the demon beast was still alive.


The voice of the demon beast that terrified the whole world forty thousand years ago ressouned once more, but this time its source wasn't the specs of light and neither the vortex, those words slowly left Kallen's mouth.

"Kill!" [KILL]

The two voices sounded in perfect unison as "Kallen" waved his hand releasing himself from Elder Xia's grasp.

Inside Kallen's mindscape the spects of soul of the spectral demon beast were quickly refined, becoming a part of his soul.

Strange runes and glyphs appeared on the surface of Kallen's skin, almost imperceptible.

All the accumulated emotion of the hundred plus souls within his both caused Kallen to radiate a omnious crimson aura.

As for Kallen he saw himself immersed in a vast and dark plane, a huge path extended forward before him yet it was too dark to see what was beyond him. A wheel appeared in the air, all the portions of the wheel were empty except for the Crimson portion of the wheel. Numerous crimson gryph were organized into strange word Kallen had never seed before yet knew its meaning.

[Heart's Aura: HATRED]


Within the great abyss where the Leviathan slept calmly. The huge creature who was in deep sleep felt the intense emotion of Kallen through their connection.

"What is happening? It can't be, why is his Enigma awakening? It wasn't supposed to happen this soon."

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