66.66% Warriors of the Hilton / Chapter 7: Chapter:6 - Days and stars

Chapter 7: Chapter:6 - Days and stars

It was about 6:45 pm in the evening. Jimmin sense a sound, quite clear it was a river nearby. He asked his comrades to come along as he was thirsty his neck and tongue were dry. They move toward the sound.

About half a mile they found a place to rest the night near the river. It was a pleasant place having a small size waterfall. Water falling above about 5 meters. The effects of twinkling light of fireflies and the bell ringing of the insects make once heart relaxing and sole more comfortably and peacefully.

The lake spread its ambrosia all around and giving life force to every cell. It's a habitat good enough to full fill basic needs. The sky blesses the place so well to see it's beauty under the light of the full moon.

Yes, such a place exist. For them, this is the most precious thing to preserve. As per their tidiness speaks they want to have a bath to purify and heal themselves. And they deserve it too after a stressful hard work.

Sitting on the rock attached to a plum tree Under the night sky near the lake, Mizuki was worrying about their mission but she was unable to share with anyone. Her pale face gets the attention of Kazu, and he takes his steps towards Mizuki. Speaking off his words he asked whether she is all right or not. Mizuki tensed a bit but she keeps smiling. Her vocal Express her insecurities while saying. Kazu can understand so he tries to calm her down.

"I must admire, this place is much peaceful, ah! I got relaxed and lazy, what do you think ?"

"Yes, I admit that it just so fresh and free in here." 

"Kazu do you remember? How our days back in Hilton, you, me and Rosie were together. You two are always like my family and be thankful to God for giving me, caretakers.

Rosie was one of the kindest people I have ever know, she was good, brave, strong, and have so many infinite qualities.

Her angle like a smile was way more hard to express in word."

"Yup, true I also appreciate your feelings it's hard but even she is in heaven her true sense of presence always blessings us deep down inside our hearts."

"Still her words revolving around my mind that gives me hope to be good as I can and do well things not for aprication but for self-satisfaction. For the love that can create happiness is way more worth then money or power. That's why I love to give, so it's my way of living."

At the time of Rosie's end days, her vocal tales are pure gold. Blessings in her hope and to reunite with Kazu her few sentences are scribbled "Even the darkness inside of you follows, I definitely wipe them out with the love and tears we share will make this world more communicative so you will never feel alone." 

I guess once he married her, with a kiss they became one. But what kind of fortune they have, she died from cancer. It was hard to get himself out of the pain. And the memories of Rosie make Kazu cry. It was a pang of guilt that he can barely move on from. But he was trying his best.

A sudden sound came from behind the bushes "Mizuki" it was Himoto to ask for her. Apparently, Himoto was outing for getting some supplies. As she heard the voice of the river, she follows the sound and finally they meet she was happy to see them. Mizuki asked for Rin as he was not with Himoto. She explained the situation, and the team follows the lead of Himoto to see for Rin. They have no time so After the approach to Rin, they move towards the plum town. 

It was about 4:30 am in the morning they appear as the angels of the god.

The town people were so happy to see them. Mizuki asked for the center of the town so they can burn the flower to let all free from this curse. One of the people in the town shows them the way. Along with the team the town people also move toward there and gather around making a circle in the center.

With a flash Jimmin through the flower upward and Mizuki bunt it with single short of the spear. 

The town's people were very thankful to them to let them free forever from this curse.

Meanwhile, Rin was little curious about a fact so he asked the counter boy "while we were in here we haven't sense any beast coming towards the town. And I'm sure that the beast guarding the temple can't leave the flower. Then who was it? "The counter boy replied with a smile on his face" I'm sorry that I haven't told you everything I should tell you the truth first. It's a story long about 8 years ago. The sole of the man that has killed himself was the beast. That came at every night to encounter. And he can't be stopped until every human in this town will disappear." It was shocking news, but Himoto asked: "what do you mean by that?" 

Sadly counter boy said "Actually it was a great battle. Every sole in this town was disappearing day but day. Without any effort to protect ourselves. Well-known fact do something then sit around and let be killed. It was worse than death to live in fear. So at night when he appears, we all took a chance to encounter the beast and let ourselves free from the curse. Every Nobleman and women took their spirit around and whatever weapon they have and stand against it. But we fail with the cost of our lives. It didn't stop until the people of this town all dead. When that happened, it disappeared in the air."

 It was very shockingly sad but true, the people of the town were actually the soles. The dead soles trapped in the grounds of plum. There is only one way to release them from the prison i.e. the flower. 

With the end of the pretty flower petals and it's flown Ash every one will disappear. 

As for them, it was their sin to back off and do nothing to protect the man that died due to helplessness.

While thanking them in tears the town people wipe out slowly and slowly. One thing for sure they were free. At the ending, counter boy's emotions are presented through the word "thank you for everything" with a little droplet of a tear in his eyes he and all merged with the wind.

Faded and flown into the morning sky. Such critical sentences the life to live on its sin it's far more painful than death itself. It was a living hell that has encountered every single one. Even though it's not even any fault for them but can't deny the fact that the battle tells them an important lesson to learn to leave a fearless life rather than die with it every single day.

The sun has grown big, move upwards into the sky it shows the town in a different way this time. Old and shabby buildings tell the sins story of the town leaving behind some witness with some sad faces remembering the smile that can never be back...

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