95% Fate/Inheritance / Chapter 92: Chapter 84 : William vs The Black Knight (2)

Chapter 92: Chapter 84 : William vs The Black Knight (2)

*William's POV*


The explosive sound of my reinforced kick resounded at the burning battlefield as it instantly connected at my enemy's stomach, making him fly away for a few meters smacking him to a burning boulder making it crack and crumble. I lowered my right foot as I finally examined my enemy.

An undead creature that somehow resembles a red one-horned oni commonly found in Japanese Folklore was reflected on my eyes. Looking at his blade, I instantly traced and read all of its information making me wince slightly in disgust and angered at its history.

A blade crafted originally in a standard broad sword made by dwarven hands. Given as a birthday gift to a child whom was born of a familiar female oni and a hero. Countless times was used and practiced to hone his swordsmanship, the owner of the sword fell to a powerful undead and had been reanimated and the sword was tainted and corrupted by the magic that made its owner into a walking corpse.

The once pristine sword made of an alloy of adamantium and mithril was infused by corrupted magical energy and even the bones of its wielder, it was also enchanted to repair and sharpen itself as the amount of souls it had reaped, akin to a Grim Reaper's weapon. It fought as its owner had also been reduced to such state as it cried alongside what remaining traces of its owner's soul in pain when it was wielded against the mother of its owner.

Finally, it was re-forged again into a giant butcher knife using countless souls, monsters and intellectual creatures alike. It lusts for blood as it cries in agony to be wielded by a twisted maniac that controls its owner.

Instincts suddenly kicked in, as I raised Kanshou and Bakuya in defence as a flying object was suddenly flung to me.

"Urg." I grunted in annoyance as I registered that the object that was flung to me was the butcher sword covered by that disgusting black miasma. Sparks flew as I hold the blade from reaching me as it somehow constantly increased it's momentum and kept on trying to push itself.


The married sword suddenly cracked at the strain when a shadow suddenly appeared again above me. Without looking, I loosen my hold into the ground making me fly due to the momentum of the sword and leaving where I stood before burst into an explosion obscuring my vision at the enemy.


Without making me rest, the cloud of dust part quickly as the undead launched himself again to me while carrying his sword again. Slashing at my side, I parried it with Kanshou(the black Yang sword I wield in my right hand) which quickly broke as my arm flew back due to the momentum, carrying my body with it.


My enemy without pause, quickly thrusted the blade he wields to my heart leaving me to block it with Bakuya(the white Yin sword I wield aith my right hand) which exploded in metal pieces, leaving me unarmed.

"Die!!!" As the oni's face warped in bloodthirsted glee, it stepped on the ground while it raised its sword overhead quickly and brought it down to me.

'Trace… on!' I mentally chanted, reinforcing my body as I pivoted to the right, dodging the blow and rushed at his side with a single step. Noting the shocked face of the enemy, my empty hands quickly grasps at the air as another pair of the married swords appeared. Which I quickly swung Bakuya at his knee, leaving a huge gash and leaving it stuck.

"Arrgghh!!!" It cried in rage as it withdrew its blade to swung at my waist. Twisting mid-air, I used my hold at Bakuya twisting it and worsening the wound, I dodged the sword coming from below making me float upside-down in the air. Already leaving my hold at Bakuya I swung at his cartroid artery with Kanshou leaving another fountain of black blood.


"Urgh!" I grunted as a wave of mental pollution and black wind passed through me as I was forced to flew backwards by the sudden squall. Back flipping in the air, I landed a few meters away from him as I saw it keep on screaming and releasing a continuous squall of black miasma around it, quenching the flames around him.

As I slid in the ground to erase the remaining momentum, I quickly summoned my black bow and fired a volley of reinforced arrows, as they flew and made contact with the black wind...


Exploded into blue colored smoke.

"Tch." I clicked my tongue in annoyance as I dismissed the bow and summoned another pair of the married swords. Resting it to my side, I peered at the black winds as it calmed down making me have a better look at the culprit.

No wounds, was visible as I noticed it's magical energy had dropped... and calmer. I tightened my grip at the leather handles of the blades as I checked my enemy for any openings, none was found.

"Haaaaa~… to think I would be consumed again with such useless emotions." The undead said with a sigh, which I felt an emotion of irony and nostalgia. I merely gave him a deadpanned look as I made a quick check at the Reality Marble for a lot of weapons effective to my enemy's constitution.

Noting that anti-immortal and undead Noble Phantasms/Conceptual Weapons may be highly effective, I ignored the more prana-consuming weapons and checked the once easily traceable, Black Keys used by the Executors of the Church, namely those comming from the Burial Agency will be effective. I almost started tracing them when I stopped myself when I somehow was pulling those particular copies used by a certain fake priest making me pause and stop myself from doing so as a certain emotion dug out from me.

Somehow using that moment, my enemy finally gave me a once over with 'calm' eyes and said.

"You… whatever are you, is one of the strangest creatures I have met. I'm strangely blind at seeing your soul but the familiar stench of those vile Gods cling to you like disease… and one whom I am not familiar of. And to be blessed by the fairies of the world and with excessive blessing at that…" Tired at his drivel, I threw the married blades at him as they ripped in the air in an arc, akin to propellers of a helicopter.

*Clang!* *Clang!*

"How rude! A man such as I talk of something important and to interrupt by throwing your weapons! Is one of the most unscrupulous things I had seen tonight!" I ignored the somehow familiar words as memories of pompous magi somehow crawled its way in my head while I run at him.

'I am the bone of my sword.' I let lose my presence and aura coated around me as I mentally chanted the first verse of the aria of EMIYA's Reality Marble, strengthening my body further as the sword(me) was covered by sword aura making me a literal incarnation of a sword.

Parallel thinking kicked in as it melded perfectly with Eye of the Mind(True) as calculations and experience helped each other as each step was perfectly coordinated with the deflected swords as my empty hands grasped another pair of married blades.

'Spirit and Technique, flawless and firm'

*Clang!* *Clang!*

A poem started playing in my mind as I saw him deflect another thrown pair of swords upward.

"Ungrateful brat! If you want to perish that badly… then die!!!" The undead in front of me angrily shouted as he stabbed his sword into the ground.


Countless evil spirits cried out as they ripped up from the ground and rushed to me. I charged ignoring the wave of evil spirits as they opened their maws to rip me apart when…

"What!!?" The undead cried out as I casually plowed myself into the evil spirits as they simply dissipate a few inches away from me, courtesy of Magic Resistance. I ignored the evil spirits which was actually mere spells shaped into evil spirits and not actual once.

'Our strength rips apart mountains…'

I threw again another pair of swords as another pair quickly formed when they left my hands.

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'Our swords split the water'

The undead had quickly recomposed himself as it parried another pair in a hurry. As I was merely three steps away from him.

'Our names reach the imperial villa'

"Raaargh!" The undead cried out as he swung his blade upward with an abnormal acceleration, breaking the ground carrying dirt and rocks and miasma into a strong compressed shockwave.

Two steps away

Magical energy poured into the married blades, altering and breaking them. I held as I swung Kanshou, it's blade had turned into a black feathered wing-like shape breaking in contact with the enemy's attack turning into a storm of sharp shards, stopping his momentum as they ripped the chunks and the miasma apart.

One step

The undead suddenly increased his speed further as he twisted his body to swung his large left fist to me. I, who let myself be carried by my swing is on his right side with the altered Bakuya almost parallel to the ground.

'The two of us cannot hold the heavens together'


I heard a sickening crack inside his body (making him cry in pain, his pain receptors might had been fixed properly, curious), a badly broken spine that made me subconsciously smirked behind the mask. For the first time, I saw panic at my enemy's face as I dodged the slow fist by another step, closing in as the altered Bakuya was already in mid-swing cutting the flesh on his left waist, up to his right shoulder as the blade broke and another storm of metal shards danced again.

I kicked his stomach using it as a foothold to get away from him without budging him and with a shout.

"Five-Linked Crane Wings!!! (Kakuyoku Goren!!!)"

On cue, the flying blades above that had circled above us due to a perfect coordination using their mutual attraction similar to magnets quickly like bird of preys' spin and…

*Putchi* *Stab* *Rip*

"Arrrghhh!!!" It cried in pain as the swords dived at the undead's body stabbing themselves to it, the storm of blades that was once an altered Kanshou was similarly attracted and started swarming his body ripping it further apart and with a final flare…

"Burst!" With my command, at the pommel of the blades, a rune briefly flashed (something I had easily wrote using a simple alteration) … making the blades explode akin to bombs.

Without pause, I ran at the tattered enemy who was barely alive(?) and a familiar jagged iridicent dagger appeared on my right hand, a traced copy of Rule Breaker, the Noble Phantasm of Medea, Witch of Colchis.

As the experience and skill of the Witch of Betrayal flowed in me, divine energy started apearing at my right as it glowed with a divine golden light instantly ripping the Holy Shroud made sleeve by the sheer unadultered force akin to a sun making my… glowing silver metallic arm visible to see. If I can see my eyes right now, the golden-amber eyes was quickly replaced by the scarlet red eyes I had as I gripped the dagger in a reverse grip.

"…." My mouth subconsciously chanted quickly using the Divine Words of the Age of the Gods as the purpose was infused at the dagger and the light on my right arm became more pronounced. Closing in, I stabbed the now glowing dagger at the gem-like core at the undead's chest.

[Shining Airgetlam: Rule Breaker!!!]

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!" A wretched scream echoed at the burning battlefield signaling the end of the conflict of the night.


Author's Note:

Ku ku ku~ you lots did not expect that on the end right~!?

The Regular Sunday Chapter is here~... which was late.

... ok I left just a single damn hint at the past chapter and before I am stormed by questions, in the later chapters it will be explained why he has somehow have that Divine Construct... yep it's the geniune article not the one given to Bediviere in FGO.

Also I checked some comments at a few chapter... to a certain persistent and prevailing question by a certain commenter. No, I still haven't experienced it so please don't keep pointing it out damn it!

Your annoying and tired author,

Signing out.

Sleeping_Moon Sleeping_Moon

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    Well normally Yin is dark, cold, female, etc... And Yang is bright, hot, male, etc... So it's not logic...

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    thanks for the chapter ~!

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