(+18) Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Matriarch of the Scarlet Dragon original

(+18) Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Matriarch of the Scarlet Dragon

Author: VladDraculMichael

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Prologue 01

Last day of the month of June, year 4022

In a rental apartment, department is a lot to say, close to a compliment, it is only a quarter of the lowest category, a simple room of 4m on all sides and its bathroom, which is no more than an ill-fated toilet , full of the excrement already rotting and full of flies and worms; the fourth more resembled a prison room in a Third World country, but from the poorest places that could exist, a real rat hole, full of chaos, hunger, death, where discrimination is well marked.

A winter night

A cold and dark night, in the bitter solitude where a deep hatred consumes her.

Many people when they find out that the deadline of their life is coming to an end they panic, they regret things they could not do or things like that; others who have fulfilled their goals have a quiet death, if you can call it that; but for a woman who was cursed by humans even before she saw the light; being persecuted inside her mother's womb; her father dying to give his wife an escape route, being cannon fodder for the executioners. She constantly traveled to remote places to hide, small towns; trying to stay away from cities and civilization; the few friends they had, risking their lives helped them by providing food, shelter, and information; but as always there is a betrayal in this story to take away the last remaining family member in this world; the other friends managed to escape but others, persevering to their friendship, were rewarded with torture in order to know their whereabouts.

Without relatives, without someone close to whom to trust; when death looms; she felt a mixture of emotions; on the one hand, the blessing, a longing for freedom, the peace that she so desired; but on the other, only pain, an infinite remorse.

(I do not care to live, I do not want to continue living in this way, in this damn and rotten world, all human beings are only parasites, selfish and greedy, THIS CONDEMNED WORLD AND THE GARBAGE OF ITS INHABITANTS CAN GO TO HELL).

The forces leave her little by little

(And to think that in the past, my ancestors were treated like heroes, saviors of humanity, respected by all, admired ... ..hmm, now their descendants treat them as if it were an aberration, as if we were the demons, those who my ancestors expelled at that time, now, to me and my friends, to any close or distant relative, all of them are persecuted, tortured, who knows what else they will do to them, I only hope that they give them a quick death ...).

"Cough, cough", (I cannot speak anymore, I can only write my last words in this diary, I cannot move my body just a little, but it suffers …you like to write ... bir ----_____)


The piece of paper together with a pencil falls from her fragile and bony hands.

(Shit, I lose my strength, what a weakness, that's how I'm going to die, like this.)

Death is the beginning of the next life; of our actions and decisions taken throughout life, it will be decided if I go to heaven, purgatory or hell, this is what the Bible says; for some it is a trip to another world or to nothing.

The old woman whose skin is as pale as a sheet of paper, so thin, her bones could be seen because of the lack of nutrients, her eyes lose their focus and brightness; from her dark eyes, from an opaque gleam, tears of bitterness come out in their sockets; a deep remorse to humanity arises from which their ancestors protected without the slightest doubt, sacrificing so many things; but now she didn't understand why her situation, although she had an idea, could not believe it; only after all that had happened did she have to accept it, like the endless darkness that filled his withered heart, little by little her heartbeat became slow and the sound was more and more tenuous.

(My great-great-grandfather and his comrades saved humanity and all living beings by orders of the so-called God, by ... orders ... they saved ...... if with death I see it, I swear that I will destroy, I will not forgive you, this is the reward ... promised, shit, ... ..by your fault kill, kill, kill ... mat ...... m ... ar ... ..)

Inhale a great breath of air to scream as loud as you can give your withered lungs and dry throat.

"I'LL KILL THEM ALL ... cof, cof, I DO NOT RECEIVE AN ORDERS FROM ANYBODY, I DECIDE MY FUTURE, MY DESTInyyy ...", recite each word could feel like the throat was torn, spilling blood from her mouth, using her last strength, she raised her hand, then stretched her index finger to aim the dark sky without stars, and recited her last words.

Darkness, the infinite darkness.

Dull eyes.

The last breath.

The arm falls.

The candle goes out forever.

A shadow in the shape of an ancient beast looks at the decrepit body.

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Observe an invisible light for the eyes of the living.

The beast takes control.

Her soul, full of darkness, rancor, hatred, anger, revenge; but a faint light of hope, emits a feeling of love, a love inherited from her mother.

ROAR ... The eyes of the King of the beasts, leader of the "Twelve mythical beasts".

Analyze your soul, your essence, your nature, with unique eyes, the left, mix of red and black and the other, blue and green.

"She is, without a doubt, worthy, ah I finally found it, perfect" An old and deep voice spoke





"Where I am"

A place where there is nothing, pure white, in a space without limits.

"This is heaven, hmph, I thought it would be something more pleasant as some religious books describe it, well it does not matter right now when I see that ... .."


VladDraculMichael VladDraculMichael

This is my first novel that I writes, so forgive me if there is an error, comment it; the chapters will come out according to the time.

Thank you very much for your understanding


Comments (3)

  • DevilCharms


    I loving it so far and maybe it's just me but I'm a little confused. I want to say that the MC is def. a female, but there is a lot of "he," "his," and "him"...so... .-. Possibly a typo? If so, you might want to read it once over and fix those. Or am I wrong and the mc is a male?? Or is this possibly a gender bender? -.- idk anymore

  • Night16


    That was really good!!!

  • Live_A_Legend


    Thx keep it up

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