Chapter 5: I promise I will not leave you

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born"

"If it happens again, I will not hesitate to kill you to save my people." Chief Tao uttered these words as coldly as possible for a trained skin warrior.

Jiang Xiaorou could not shake with fear and take a few steps back, she was just an old woman; Although she experienced that kind of hostile presence recently and throughout her life, she cannot get used to such a situation.

But life in this place is like that, the villagers live as they can, rationing the little food they have to survive in this wild place full of dangers; Although the soldiers are thugs who take advantage of their situation, they are still the people who protect their lives from possible bandits, wild beasts or other dangers, as well as providing them with tools or other things to improve their quality of life.

If in order to continue living, barely, but live, they had to kill one looking for problems with which they shouldn't offend, they would pick up their knives and stab it until they get tired.

Tears of regret ran down her wrinkled cheeks, despite the fact that she is the only one who managed to live in the town for so many years. It is a miracle, I help many women doing the work of midwife, taking care of children, among other tasks. Because of this she is loved by the village villagers, they helped her and took great care of her.

But it is a world where the law is strong and the weak are pawns, where achieving to see a tomorrow is an achievement, if to survive she must die, they will kill her without hesitation.

Seeing her pitiful appearance, Chief Tao heaves a sigh of regret, reassuring his mind, said a little kinder words.

"I'm sorry if I scared you, but you know that as a boss I must do everything possible to keep my followers alive; don't worry about others, nobody will bother you or harass you and order them not to do it, due to your favors that you have done to the village, the majority agreed; come back to your house to rest and do not forget what I told you "

Jiang Xiaorou nobs and quickly retires to her house.

When she arrived she closed the door leaning on her and I cry, I cry so much that her top dress is soaked, thinking that her life is nothing but mud, although she helped many people in her life, now they turn their backs when problems arise, but subconsciously she tries to justify them from her actions, she cannot help but cry of bitterness.

Her weeping was interrupted by tender sounds that came from inside the blankets of her bed, she quickly withdrew them to see her incomparably beautiful and unique granddaughter, especially her unforgettable eyes.

Jiang Xiaorou hugged her with all her strength, wanting to demonstrate in her embrace her love for the child. Even if everyone turned her back, she would still take care of the little girl.

"My good granddaughter, despite everything I promise you that I will never leave you, I will take care of you until the last day of my life"

Such promise is with all my heart, it doesn't matter if everyone now hates her, the girl will be her consolation, I don't care about her appearance, her origin or anything, for her she will always be her granddaughter she loved.

As she held her, she felt small hands hugging her neck, as a sign of responding to her affection. This gave her a great impulse to keep fighting to protect her and take care of her.

("While you're with me, I don't care about everything else")

And so they were embraced for a good time.

("Uhmm, if my grandmother continues like that, how sentimental is, I think I'll bother her a bit, her neck is within reach, jijijiji")

While her grandmother was distracted, Jiang Wushuang approached her neck, opening her small mouth and bit her neck to begin feeding.

("AHHH, what a delight")

Jiang Xiaorou felt the bite on her neck, so she pulled the girl away and put it in front of her.

"My granddaughter, why do you bite me every time?" Thinking more closely when an idea came to mind, but denied it couldn't help but ask "My granddaughter, do you feed yourself with blood?"

Jiang Wushuang nods. ("Denying won't help anything")

Seeing her nod, her mind went blank, but she quickly recovers. "I promised you that it doesn't matter who you are, I'll take care of you, but I hope you do not prejudice me for your unusual feeding"

Jiang Wushuang understood what she said by shaking her head quickly. ("It would never hurt you, besides because of my tiny body I don't need to drink so much, just a couple of drinks is enough and I only need to drink every thirty days").

The feeding of an average adult vampire is about 500 to 1000ml of blood every 30 days, if he drinks too much, nothing happens, but it does not help him at all. Also, being in an infant body, their diet is about 10 to 15ml. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Seeing her deny so adorable, Jiang Xiaorou smiled, raising and lowering her granddaughter while laughing, Jiang Wushuang also laughed. The environment was full of happiness.

So Jiang Xiaorou and her granddaughter Jiang Wushuang, residing in that small cabin, their lives were very calm and cheerful, avoiding the problems obeying the warning of the boss, but above all taking care not to be seen the little girl, as long as it is not seen, they could live in peace. A life of peace.

But happiness only lasted 6 years.

VladDraculMichael VladDraculMichael

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  • EvergreenGaming


    it's a she/her not he/his why cant people get the gender right it makes it next to impossible to follow

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