Chapter 9: Feast of Blood - Part 1

Rain fell on Ymylol village, spreading blood all over the earth. The atmosphere was filled with moans of agony, pleading and crying.




But their pleas were ignored, the soldiers showed no mercy and killed without batting an eye.

Men, women, children and the elderly; no one escaped cruelty and death. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Chief Tao was still fighting along with a few men, as a retired soldier he managed to fight even against two, but he was still fighting a losing battle. He watched as his companions, neighbors, died one by one in a kind of futile resistance. Although some of them fought with wild animals, it did not compare to fighting with trained soldiers.

Armed with sticks, trenches, handles, and axes, the blows of swords broke low. Degollados, stabbed from the front or from behind. The smell of blood permeated the air.

Chief Tao could only regret inside, his friends and neighbors died before his eyes without being able to do anything, the only thing he could do was fight trying to kill as many soldiers before he died.



While fighting against a soldier, blood splashed on his face, when he turned his head in search of where it came from, I noticed that one of the soldiers had decapitated one of the villagers, the blood was coming out like a fountain and part of it fell on him. Chief Tao's face.

Due to the moment of distraction, the soldier took advantage of the moment and a cut, the hand of Chief Tao came off.


Chief Tao, bends over one knee while using his remaining hand to compress the wound. Biting his lips to withstand the moans, I watch as the soldier prepares to kill him.

("Is this my end?)

Seeing death approaching, he close his eyes.

"Stop, bring him here"

Chief Tao opened his eyes and his mind went blank, he did not understand why they let him live. The welder listening to the order under his sword and dragged the Chief Tao to his captain.

Chief Tao was thrown at the feet of the horse where the captain was.

"Well, so you observe your combat prowess you must be the chief of this village, I suppose you are a retired soda, you are very good" The captain praised Chief Tao, but his expression maintained his arrogance, his good opinion was not more than hypocrisy.

"Why are you doing this? We are an agricultural village, we do not have gold or treasures, why are they attacking us? "Chief Tao exclaimed, but his voice became weak due to fatigue and wounds.

"JA! We already know that this shitty village does not possess anything of value, if you are looking for a culprit, it is your useless feudal lord and yourselves who are nothing but inept worms. "The Captain responds arrogantly.

Chief Tao trembles for having failed to protect his people, he knows that the law of the jungle prevails all over the world, he thought that since the village is far away and has nothing of value, they could live in peace, but now they are condemned to suffering.

Gathering courage, look at the captain and say. "I guess they will not give me a quick death, right? He knows that if they let him live it was not because of something of mercy, they wanted to torture him.

"Smart, at least you're somewhat cultured. Well, our main viewer is here, I want you to look like I kill all your people and in the end it will be your turn "The captain speaks with a sadistic expression for the killing he will perform.

Chief Tao could not help but tremble and panic, although he had killed people in his time as a soldier, I never enjoyed it, seeing someone enjoy torture, lamented for being weak and having to observe such a massacre.

"Bring the survivors here, fast" The captain orders his men to bring the villagers. In a few seconds a total of 6 people are brought, there are 3 women, a child a pregnant woman and an elderly woman; the others died trying to defend themselves and their bodies scattered throughout the village. The survivors showed signs of terror while begging for mercy.

"Look, we have here, a pregnant woman" The captain approaches the woman, while holding a dagger.

The pregnant woman recoiled while crying, but quickly the captain grabs her and throws her to the ground.

"Please, no, my child, leave me, please." The woman begged for the life of her son even in her womb.

The captain smiled when he saw her beg and cry. "They say that there is no better time for a woman to see the birth of her child, why I don't help you to be born at once?".

The captain sotiene and uses his dagger to stab the woman's belly.


The woman screamed as the captain opened his belly slowly, enjoying every moment as he cut gradually and delighted in the lamentable cries of the woman, bathing in blood.

The boy could not help but vomit and the women trembled and cried in absolute terror.

"Bastard, RELEASE HER, I WILL KILL YOU" Chief Tao shouted, tried to avoid such cruelty but two soldiers held him firmly as chains.

After opening it, it removes the fetus even with the umbilical cord connected to the mother.

"Look, it's a girl, it's a pity that she will never be a beautiful woman like her mother, hahaha." The captain laughs, while the mother is dying looking at her little girl.

"There's your daughter." The captain throws the fetus next to the mother, then steps on its small head scattering flesh, blood, bones and gray matter in the face of the mother.

The mother shed her last tears while still looking at the small body of her daughter, in a moment of lucidity appeared scenes of her husband taking care of her, of how she sang and caressed her belly; Another scene of her dead husband trying to give her time to escape.

"Li-ttl-e Yu" weakly uttered those words before dying while still looking at the body of her daughter.

"Beast, monster, they're damned bastards." An old woman with a swollen mouth and bloody hair insults the captain.

The captain turns to see the old woman "Hey, hag, what did you just said?". In the captain, he spoke as he approached her.

"The gods will punish you for this, you will soon be judged by your wild and cowardly actions" Jiang Xiaorou continues to insult the soldiers, while showing a firm and courageous look.


The captain laughs, the soldiers accompany him, as if they had heard the funniest joke of their lives.

"God is not here, you hag fool, and justice only protects the strong." The captain responds and immediately stabs him in the stomach with the sword that pierces him. Jiang Xiaorou collapses.

Chief Tao watched while the captain withdrew his sword from Jiang Xiaorou, could not help shedding tears, she was like a mother to all, good and charismatic, always showed goodwill for everything, although the punishment for that event, still not help it the best you can; He regretted all the evil he had done to her that time.

Chief Tao continued to watch as the others were tortured, the child was impaled with a spear, a woman was cut from the belly and grabbed her intestines to put them in her mouth. To another I cut her limbs and let her bleed, and the last one crushed her skull with her hands.

One of the soldiers realizes that his partner was not found and left in Jiang Xiaorou's hut.

"You, go to that hut and tell that idiot to get out of there at once."

The soldier nods and goes to the hut.

After finishing his violent tortures, the captain approaches Chief Tao.

"I would have liked to have more fun, but because of this damn rain I had to be fast, very well, some last words?" The captain places the dagger in the chest of the Tao boss at the height of his heart.

Showing a look of hate says "I hope you have a slow and agonizing death, bastard."

"Humph" The captain snorts coldly ignoring his threats, slowly stabs Chief Tao.


But before the dagger finishes piercing in heart, a scream is heard coming from one of the cabins.

Everyone looks at their eyes while maintaining a defensive posture.

After a moment, the door opens and the two soldiers leave.

Everyone could not be surprised by what they see. The two soldiers have wounds in the neck, one by a stab in the throat and two holes in the jugular and the other showed a bite that took a good piece of meat, both were pale and deformed, their mouths were open showing some lines of sharp teeth like blades and four long fangs. His eyes are red, shining with crimson light.

His eyes shone like blood.

VladDraculMichael VladDraculMichael

I hope you liked it, I will continue to improve my descriptions of the scenes for better enjoyment, thank you very much for following this novel, share your friends

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