Types of Vampires and their similars

This chapter will explain the types of vampires that will be shown throughout this novel, I won't put everyone to avoid generating spoilers. This explanation will be definitive and much more detailed; since I have been correcting some mistakes that I have made in this novel, I won't put them all to not generate a spoiler.

I will only put a brief and concise explanation in the novel and here the detailed explanation for those who have left and those who will leave in the future


Transformation of a non-virgin man, acquires a great strength and resistance, immortality and obey any kind of order from her masteras well as being able to observe what the Ghoul sees; but it can't evolve, it can't be cured, it doesn't possess vampiric abilities and without intelligence.

If it is outside the control radius of its owner, the Ghouls enter a state of temporary hibernation, they will only move if attacked.

The control radius increases to reach sublevels and Realms. Example, if it increases a sub-level, its control radius increases by about 5 km and a Kingdom by about 10 km. But this scale is for a martial artist; if it is a cultivator it is double, 10 km a sub-level and 20 a Kingdom.

Sunlight is lethal automatically. To kill him you must cut off his head or pierce his heart.

When not feeding increases its aggressiveness and strength at the expense of defense, but does not affect your mind.

The transformation of a Ghoul by another Ghoul has its restrictions:

* A Ghoul can transform a being into a level Training with only one bite, but it takes time, it can be bigger or smaller depending on the level difference. You can not transform a Martial Artist or a Cultivator.

* A Ghoul Martial Artist can only transform another if his level or sublevel is higher and he has to suck all his blood.

* Only a True Vampire can transform a Grower and stronger beings into Ghouls

Ghouls Leader


Vampire Less


Vampire Adept

Result of a virgin woman who was not willing or was transformed without any warning. Unlocks her innate abilities she possesses with a low increase in strength and abilities, in addition to the senses, intelligence and other virtues you possess and may possess. In the sunlight her abilities will be reduced to half, but it is not lethal, except for certain discomforts and greater sensitivity. Her mental state will be altered generating conflicts and her loyalty will be at the low level, but she can't disobey the orders of her mistress.

She can only convert Ghouls, regardless of their gender and status.

If it is a martial artist, she can only convert if the difference between the Realms is 1

If it is a cultivator, she must be on equal Realms and sublevels.

For the transformation of true vampire half is required to be at the service of her mistress minimum for 30 years. After all this time, the adept vampire must go through a test of loyalty, if she manages to pass it must drink a drop of blood essence of her mistress, if not, will have a next opportunity in another 30 years, after that time still she does not show absolute loyalty, her soul will be destroyed.

Half-True Vampire

Result of the conversion of a virgin woman who was willing for the transformation, unlocks all the innate abilities that she possesses with a significant increase of the abilities that she possesses, besides the senses, intelligence and other virtues that she possesses and can possess; under the sunlight your powers will be reduced by 25%.

If she transforms others into this state, women are turned into adept vampires and men into ghouls. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

If it is a martial artist, she can only convert if the difference between the realms is 2

If it is a grower, she can only convert if the difference between the realms is 1

Only her body has been baptized under dark influence, her mind and spirit still retain remnants of her former self, which can influence her mind. For a complete transformation requires last step. Infernal Dark Christening Ritual.

The heart must be pierced by the master, the used weapon must be bathed by the blood of the Vampira Queen, since the Scarlet Dragon Lineage of the Void must be assimilated to awaken the true potential in the source of life. The soul along with the spirit will travel to the Infernum to train, meet and bathe with the true Dark influence to become a true daughter of darkness and know the truth of things. The soul and the spirit can be destroyed during the stay in the Infernum during the training, causing the definitive death. The length of stay depends on what Master indicates, but it must be at least 3 earth years and the maximum time is 300 years. (1 earth year is equivalent to 3 000 000 years in the Infernum). The longer the training, the stronger it will be. This increase does not influence her power, but rather her spirit. The time interval should always be a multiple of three.

The ritual must be performed before the first rays of light come out after the transformation.

The dark kiss produces an aphrodisiac that gives the victim a very strong sexual arousal. It's controllable

True Vampire

The dark kiss produces an aphrodisiac that gives the victim a very strong sexual arousal. It's controllable


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