11.11% Arachnids Don't Cry / Chapter 1: Origins
Arachnids Don't Cry original

Arachnids Don't Cry

Author: Reidrain

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Chapter 1: Origins

Obligatory Disclaimer : I do not own anything (except maybe OC characters) all characters, places, worlds, universes…etc mentioned here belong to their respective owners and/or companies.

This is purely a work of fiction. Not meant to offend or incite, but to entertain and maybe inspire.




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Men in quality black suits and dark glasses stood tall and straight in the hallway. The were arranged parallel to each other like human pillars, each of them had their hands crossed over their torsos, the expressions on their faces none the less fierce.

A single man in a white open chest long sleeve sat on the high seat that overlooked everything below him. His sinister gaze accompanied by an expectant mad smirk on his face, his fingers slowly tapping on the glass table before him. Standing on the right hand side of the seated man was John.

John had black short hair, in contrast to his sharp hazel eyes. His hawk like gaze roamed over the luxurious complex behind his clear glasses. His fit but slender figure significantly contrasting the chubby figure of the seated smiling man.

John was what you'd call the right hand man, the devil's advocate to the seated boss, and John had something planned for today.

'Anytime now' thought John, time seemed to move slower when he waited for it. He silently counted the clicks of his wristwatch, biding his time.

And as if on cue, figures burst through the large wooden doors.

In the grip of two suited men was a sniveling young woman and a middle aged man.

The woman had fair light skin and brown wavy hair, even as she cried her beautiful blue eyes remained exquisite and pretty. She shared some external characteristics with the middle aged man such as the brown of her hair, and her pointed nose.

The captives were both roughly thrown before the seated man, who stared at them in amusement. The boss was amused indeed. Before him was a girl that rejected his advances, she publicly rejected him time and time over. He couldn't ignore it any longer, he always got what he wanted. He took whatever pleased him. He gave her a choice and she rejected! That was the greatest disrespect to him, no one who disrespects him lives.

It's not like he was looking for that stupid thing the idiots called love, he just wanted to f#@k her. What's so great about it? Maybe she thought she had a platinum vagina. Well he would find out today.

He rose from his seat and stepped past John, not noticing his trigger finger twitch.

'Anytime soon' John thought again. His expression barely even changing. He had to stay calm. He spent six years just to get this far, he couldn't jeopardize it now. All he needed to do was stay calm for some minutes more and he would finally get his revenge. John had done a lot of things that definitely guaranteed a place in hell for him. All for this moment. All to kill this bastard he called boss. The bastard who destroyed his life, who took away everything from him. He would do his part in making the world a better place.

"Hehehe. Bitch so here we are. You must be feeling pretty stupid now huh? I bet you're thinking that you would've agreed had you known it'd turn out like this. Hehe too late for that" the chubby man pulled her hair, drawing her face to his. He slid his tongue at the sides of her cheek.

"I don't wanna give you false hope. You probably think I'll fuck you and let you go. But it won't turn out that way see when I'm done with you, you're going to my main man John here. And John, sheesh John really isn't as merciful as I am. And when John's done with you, well if you're alive then you get to have the privilege of being a cum dumpster for the boys. Ain't that right boys?"

"Yes boss!" the men responded with vigor.

"John, we don't need the old man anymore" The boss said to John.

John nodded and walked to the kneeling captive, he unholstered his gun and pointed it squarely at the middle-aged man's head. The young woman began screaming and pleading through her muffled mouth. "Ummfhh! Urmhff!!"

"Hehehe, settle down bitch" the chubby man kicked at her. John aimed, he hesitated to pull the trigger. 'It looks like I'll have to act prematurely' he sighed.

At that moment he felt a vibration in his pocket. He knew what it was and it was right on time.

"This is the Police! You are surrounded! Lay Down your weapons and get on the floor!" Helicopters hovered outside pointing searchlights at all the windows. The voice over the police megaphone very audible through all the commotion.

Everything was finally moving in action. The men set up a defensive perimeter around the door, tipping over the tables and chairs.

"Boss let's go" John held onto the shoulder of the surprised chubby man and ran with him to a metal door behind the high seat. Even as the chubby man ran he still held onto the girl's hair dragging her along. He was too surprised to let go. How could the police come here, what right did they have?! The police had always been in his pocket, his very own uncle was the Inspector General of this very precinct. So why were they here? Was he being betrayed? He pondered.

John dragged him into the fortified safe room. Not a second later and he heard the unrelenting gunshots and saw the smoke filling the complex from gas grenades, through the monitors in the safe room.

"John, my fucking bloody uncle betrayed me! Wait till my dad gets that bastard!" he seethe. "This fucking bitch! You got some fucking bad luck huh?!" he slapped the crying girl and tossed her away.

"Not as worse as your luck right now" he heard a voice so cold that it sent chills down his spine. He turned around to see John taking his coat off, and pull out a knife from his belt.

"J-John the fuck you trying to do?! Put that shit down now and I might overlook your disrespect!" the man yelled.

John smiled radiantly at the man. A smile straight from the depths of hell.

"Six years" John said as he inched closer to the chubby man. "Six years since you killed them" When John was thirteen, he watched his whole world burn before him. He reached into his eyes and pulled out hazel contacts, displaying for the first time in six years, his angry black eyes, eyes that were no different from an endless abyss of terror.

"Who the fuck are you?!" the chubby man said as he backed up to the wall.

"Of course you don't remember. But you will." six years of working from the ground up. Six years spent going from a low level thug to the right hand man, the strategizer, the brains, the most terrifying member of the criminal gang all for this moment. Six years of being a monster, of performing abominable acts towards other humans. All for this moment.

"Fuck John! My dad won't let you go! He'll kill your whole family man, you know him" he yelled even louder as he backed away in fear. He knew what John could do. The bastard was ruthless as he was cold. This was the first time he's even seeing him smile.

"Your dad is already dead dumbass" the man's eyes widened.

John's plans had come to fruition. Not only did he manage to kill each and everyone of this fat bastards family, but their associates as well. The only thing he was displeased about was the fact that he couldn't do it personally. Now the only ones left were the fat bastard and his uncle.

"You wouldn't be surprised at the number of people your family have offended. Payback is a bitch isn't it?" John aimed and stabbed at the shocked man with as much rage as he could muster. The hunter has become the hunted.

Shuck! "Arghhhhhhh Arghhhh! Haarrgghhhhh!" A blood curdling scream rang through the room as John's knife went through the soft tissue of man's crotch. "That's for June, this is Jenny" he slashed and snipped "arugh-urrghh" the man screamed and then puked as his gonads fell to the floor in a scarlet pool of blood. The girl couldn't bare to watch such hellish horror, she foamed at the mouth and fainted. The shrill bone chilling screams continued behind the closed metal doors. Blood flowed like an open fountain, creating a small pool of red.

The screams quieted down as the gunshots did.

"Maxwell Riolo, come out with your hands in the air!" a voice yelled outside the safe room. The Inspector General held a megaphone as he shouted for his nephew to come out. Of course he would still kill his nephew, that was the reason he personally came here was to see it done before his very own eyes, the loose end needed to be tied up. Tonight his rule over his dead brother's empire would begin. He smiled thinking of all he power that he would come to have control over.

Clang! The metal shot open as the bloody chubby figure that was his nephew flew out of it. The dumb bastard thought he'd escape this way, what an idiot. But the chief was mistaken. His nephew was the distraction.

John suddenly dashed out of the room when they were all distracted by the dead fatman. John knew he wouldn't survive this, there's no way for him to, he was surrounded and he was a loose end. But all he needed to take was one more life and he'd be done.

The inspector was horrified, staring at the mutilated disfigured corpse of his nephew, he pushed down the bitter bile that threatened to rise. He blinked, and recoiled back in fear, he was terrified to the point where his heart nearly gave out when another bloody figure bursted out of the room and dashed at him. He tried to draw his gun but he was too slow. The slender youth who he remembered as John held onto the IG with his gun pointing at the chief's abdomen. John didn't speak, he let the gun do the talking.

Blem! Belm! Blem! Blem! Blem! Blem! Blem! Blem! Blem! Belm! Blem! Blem! Click - click

Bullets tore through the inspectors chest, John emptied the all the contents of his gun into the man. The police men acting in kind, pumping John full with hotlead, the barrage of fire turning him into a human sieve. His blood flowed, wetting his body and the ground beneath it. He pushed away the inspector as he fell powerlessly to the floor, he could barely even feel the pain. His whole body numb and paralyzed.

John tried to smile, he'd already sent the proof of all the crimes they'd committed over the years, to the right people and put out the rest online. No one involved in this case would walk free, not a single person will walk free.

He could finally rest, he knows Jenny wouldn't have wanted him to take revenge, but she was dead. It was what John wanted that mattered now. He was going to hell anyway. 'It's not like I even believe in hell. I'm a scientific guy' He had the brains for it, it's just that he went down the path of vengeance, crime and schemes rather than that of academics. He felt nothing as he slowly drifted off, he thought he'd feel satisfaction, he did at first. But now he felt nothing, 'It's good I'm dying now, I don't know what else I'd have done with my life after this'.

He eyes became heavy and his thoughts incoherent. 'Guess I was a hero in the end, I did the world good by taking these guys out with me. Heh, I'm not that self absorbed'... 'sorry I couldn't protect you Jenny, you too June. But I got payback for both of you. If there's a heaven, too bad I don't get to go to it' his eyelids coming to a slow close. His breath slowing to a stop, ceasing forever.


Broken voices kept talking in my ear. I was groggy and could barely even see clearly or hear. And there was a crawling sensation on my stinging arm.

"M..iles...mil...iles...Miles!" A loudspeaker at max volume yelled in my ear. I shot up and tried to rolled around when I heard the shout, squashing whatever it was crawling on my arm. I fell off a platform and was about to slam face first into the floor. My arms moved faster than should've been possible. And they fully held my body inches away from slamming into the floor. Why was everything so suddenly clear? My sight was beyond clean, I could make out each grain on the wooden floor at such clarity that it baffled and honestly terrified me. It's like moving from 3gp quality videos to 4k HD quality. It was absolutely intense.

No wait, wait a minute. I'm missing something important here, aren't I supposed to be dead? The hell is going on?


"ugh!" The voices were too many, too loud! It rattled the insides of my skull, making my ears ring and buzz, no the buzz was from the wings of a fly on the other side of the large room. How am I even seeing that? A feeling of nausea overtook my senses, I had no choice but to puke out. And I saw every grain and chunk of digested food I had eaten in picture perfect quality driving me to puke even more. I can't even seem to calm down! How do I calm down when I just died and now this! Whatever this is? Where am I?

And who is Miles?! If you've ever taken a bat to the back of the head, then you'd know that the shock comes first before the pain that makes your brain feel like it's on electricity.

That's how it felt when these images, sounds, names, colors, shapes, figures, numbers, lights and everything else slammed into my mind. My body shut down to protect itself, as my mind did.


I've been staring at the white hospital ceiling for hours now. The smell of disinfectants and antiseptics lingered in the air and on me. I just kept staring ahead, when my eyes stung I blinked. The door was pushed open and the woman walked back in again to check up on me. She was a nurse working here, and she was also this body's biological mother. She had brown almost chestnut curly hair, matching her that of her eyes. A cute mole hung beneath her eyes right atop her cheek, and when she smiled, it was one full of pure love. I don't know what came over me when tears just involuntarily started dripping down my face as I stared at her. She approached me.

"Esta bien niño. Miles I told you, it's ok" she said patting my head full of black hair. She just looked so similar to her, she looked like an exact copy of her, and everytime she comes in here to check up on me I try hard to hold back my emotions, but I just couldn't anymore. I felt like a bastard, I wasn't even her real son. I'm the bastard who was shoved into his body for reasons unknown. How would she feel if she found out.

The door was pushed open again and this time a police man walked in.

He was large, fit-type of large not fat. The worry on his face subsided visibly when he saw me.

"Miles, son are you good?" he asked coming closer to my bed and putting his palm on my forehead checking my temperature. Each one of his actions was full of love. I never really had a dad, it was just me and my sisters. Parental love was something new, foreign. I was a man who has been through hell for crying out loud, why am I crying?!

"He's fine now Jeff, all he needs is a little rest"

"What actually happened?" he asked more worried.

"It' was an allergic reaction to the spider bite. He should be good as new in the morning"

"Why's he crying?" he asked, playfully poking my cheek.

"Hehe, he's just too happy to see me" she chuckled. "Go to sleep mi ser querido, see you in the morning" she said, kissing my forehead.

He asked her"Where's mine too?" he laughed rubbing my head. "Be strong tough guy, you'll be up and running in no time" I just nodded with a shallow smile. I couldn't speak, I didn't know what to say. I was too shocked for that. I had the memories, I knew where I was. Too many things were running around in my head for me to clearly focus. My emotions were in a mess, my mind was in a mess. I calmed down, closed my eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep. It was oddly familiar to dying, but without the terror.


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I have no idea what this app does to my stories. And what the hell is a 600x800 pixel image! I've tried so many times!

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